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    Games: For me, this year was all about discovering and falling in love with VR. I got a PSVR in June and have hardly played anything that isn't VR since then. It is, by far, my favorite entertainment thing in years. The experience is just beyond what a game on a TV can provide. I've had a ton of fun trying demos, games and experiences for months. Because of that, I haven't really played any of the big "flat" games this year such as RDR2, God of War or Spiderman. Top VR Games: Astrobot: Rescue Mission - Despite some mild disappointment with the game at the outset, I completely fell in love with it by the end. This game really shows just how different a platformer in VR can be, and how great of an experience it is. My only complaint is that I wish there was more. Farpoint - Farpoint is like nothing I've experienced before. On the surface it seems like a straightforward, run of the mill shooter, but the immersion added with VR and the Aim controller cannot be denied. It just takes everything to another level. The later parts of the game get really intense, where I was hiding behind cover, peeking out to shoot an enemy and continuously looking around to make sure something wasn't from above or behind me. It's one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. Moss - The "Other" platformer on PSVR. While a fairly simply game, the VR adds so much depth to the environments and characters that it's really gives you some "wow" moments. Quill as a character is completely charming too. This was the game, before Astrobot, that showed off how great a platformer can be in VR. Firewall: Zero Hour - Despite some ongoing technical and network issues, this is THE online VR multiplayer shooter. Similar to Rainbow Six (but slower paced than Siege), this is the game that really shows what a tactical shooter game in VR can do. It's intense, it's fun, and is the best online game I've played in years. Beat Saber - THE VR game right now. I've only played the PSVR version, so no custom songs, but it doesn't matter. This is a fantastic rhythm game that can only exist in VR. Just like Guitar Hero and Rock Band before it, it lets you live out a bit of a fantasy (being a light saber master) while it challenges you to keep playing to get better and better. With more songs coming, this one is sure to remain relevant for awhile. Honorable Mentions - Tetris Effect, Job Simulator, Superhot VR, Thumper, Statik Non-VR Games: Monster Hunter World - This was practically the only non-VR game I played this year. I got quite hooked on it for quite awhile and was playing practically every night for weeks. With that said though, I hit a wall in the story, didn't really like the grind to get past it, and had pretty much moved on when I got my PSVR gear. Tacoma - Played this early in the year. Really enjoyed it and the story it told. Games like this in VR would be amazing. Movies: I ended up watching more movies than I thought I had this year. Most of it though, was getting somewhat caught up with movies from 2017 or beyond. I watched every Marvel movie from Avengers 2 up to Infinity War to see everything finally. I also got caught up on the Mission Impossible films, and some of the awards contenders from 17. Thor: Ragnarok - The most entertaining movie I've seen this year. Funny, good action, decent story.... crazy. Probably my favorite Marvel film since the original iron Man. Icarus - A powerful and thrilling documentary. I started watching this late at night and just HAD to finish it before going to bed. The twists and turns are incredible. I, Tonya - Funny, entertaining, great performances. A great look at this crazy incident in sports history. Andre The Giant - I'm not a big wrestling fan, but I love documentaries about wrestling. The behind the scenes and real lives of these people are much more interesting than what is told on the screen. Andre the Giant is a love letter to the sport's "biggest" star. Avengers: Infinity War - I don't particularly like the Avengers movies, or for that matter the last two Captain America movies which might as well have been Avengers movies. They're impressive feats, but they feel too bloated, have too many characters, and rely too much on the viewer remembering past events in previous movies. Infinity War has all that and then some, but it works much better than any of the previous attempts. The ending had been spoiled for me since I didn't watch it for months after its release, but it only softened the impact a bit. I'm more excited for End Game than I have ever been for any other Marvel movie. Honorable Mentions - BlackKKlansman, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Molly's Game, Game Night, The Darkest Hour, Ant-Man TV: In my list I made of all the TV I've watched this year, there certainly seems to be a pattern of a lot of true crime documentaries. The success of Making a Murderer seems to have launched a new genre, and it's one that I've gotten into. With that said though, the tops of my list, are not that. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S1 + 2 - I'm not a fan of Gilmore Girls. What I've seen of it, I actively dislike. This show has that Gilmore Girls, fast talking pace to it, but it works perfectly. This is like Amy Sherman-Palladino's West Wing after doing Sports Night. A show that absolutely suits her style. I love it. I love the setting, the cast, the humour, just about everything. S2 seemed to have a couple episodes that brought everything to a halt, but they aren't bad, just different. Glow S1 + 2 - Another quirky comedy with an interesting premise. It's actually very similar to Mrs. Maisel in a lot of ways now that I think about it. Alison Brie is amazing in it, as is the rest of the cast. I can't wait for more. Manhunt - I could NOT stop watching this. I remember the Unabomber, but don't really remember the details surrounding it, just that infamous picture and his name. Watching it all unfold was just gripping TV. I can't wait to see what they do for season 2. Killing Eve - Another gripping show, with very interesting characters. Sandra Oh is fantastic in it, and I love characters like Villanelle that just do whatever they want, and you don't know where their line is (if they even have one). Last Week Tonight - In this crazy world and the times we live in, this show is what I need to make sense of it all. I love how it presents its facts and how it informs us of issues we may never have known about, but which can affect us all greatly. The only problem I have is, I wish it was on every week, and it can make things feel a bit hopeless at times. Honorable Mentions - Making a Murderer S2, The Innocent Man, American Vandal S1+2, The Toys That Made Us, Evil Genius, Westworld S2, LA to Vegas.
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    That Mortal Kombat one is enticing as hell. Hopefully they got some of the QA quirks worked out.
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    Made additions. I’m really going to regret doing this lol.
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    If they release an NBA Jam one, I may break.
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    Lost all the holiday weight, and then some! Hit my lowest since I started trying to lose the weight almost 2 years ago. Funny thing is, I don't feel lighter than I have in the past at a slightly higher weight. Onward. Want to lost at least another 17 pounds!
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    For comparison, the only consoles that have sold more units are Wii with 101.5 million, the original PlayStation with 102.5 million, and PlayStation 2 at 155 million+
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    This past Christmas, I finally can remove something off my bucket list: I had moonshine for the first time. The company kind and the distilled in the mountains in the backyard kind.
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    I'm glad you started the thread. I've been a little out of the loop, but this thread is still the only mention of it I've organically run into. I hope it can get more attention.
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    Or more. I read no DC on release, when I used to read most.. It’s cheaper buying physical copies of them all dcbservice by a huge margin but I do not want a ton of long boxes. Digital Pricing is pathetic
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    Interesting tweet from the makers of this game.
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    Yeah, "hey look, I'm sweating, i did a really hard workout." The future of hot yoga is a room full of morbidly obese people sleeping on a floor in a hot room.
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    For me 8K is the least interesting feature of the 2.1 spec, if manufacturers implement the other 2.1 features in a semi-2.1 spec that would be great, I guess we'll have to see how that pans out. I wonder what bandwidth is required to do 4K 120. There's a lot of chicken/egg scenarios here, sooner or later something has to come first.
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    Lots of new Sony TVs coming, with a a heavy push on their full array LED sets. AG8 OLED - 55" AND 65" XG95 Full array LED - 55", 65", 75" AND 85" XG90 Full array LED - 49" XG85 standard backlit LED - 55", 65". 75" AND 85" AG8 OLED and 9 series LED sets all have X1 Extreme CPU and support for the recently announced, and very vague, 'IMAX Enhanced' a/v which some UHD discs and Sony's streaming service will soon feature (it's a variation on the DTS spec as far as audio is concerned, with Denon/Marantz having previously announced firmware update support on select 2018 receivers, with more manufacturers expected to do the same this week. What it means for video is still somewhat unclear). At the top of Sony's range will be their AG9 OLED and their new ZG9 85" and 98" full array LED TVs, the LED two being 8k TVs which will have an HDMI 2.1 patch in future.
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