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    Beyond is fantastic, and I just saw it again recently.
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    Can I rant? I’ll watch Star Trek Beyond ten times over the forgettable rehashed nonsense that was “Into Darkness”. Beyond felt like an expanded episode but at least it was a good episode as opposed to the nonsensical Wrath of Khan ripoff the second movie was. I too enjoyed the original but it’s sequel gets worse with every viewing while the third movie gets more entertaining with its superior character interplay and focus.
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    Bungie just announced they are taking over all publishing control from activison.
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    2nd year anniversary! Still keeping at it, nearly daily. Missing a few more days than before, but that's because my grandson has been staying with us, and well, he's adorable. Songs I've added to my repertoire of late (all on acoustic): Oh Well by Fleetwood Mac My My, Hey Hey by Neil Young Oh Pretty Woman Over the Hills and Far Away (acoustic beginning) Currently working on Life by the Drop by SRV, and Mr. Jones by Counting Crows. Carlos.
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    Got my Vizio P-Series 65-F1 on Monday, and I adore it. Got a great panel with little to no DSE, except in the corners where it's barely noticeable. Now I have spend a good amount of time with the settings and get the picture set up for TV/Movie and Gaming, but it looks spectacular with very little fiddling already. My wife even admitted it was money well spent (she was dubious, until I fired up the demo program on the set when I got it put together.)
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    For me, Bird Box was just... there. Not bad, but not really good, either.
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    Indiewire and Mashable didn’t like Split either while the other two were ok with it but hardly glowing. So yeah...movie reviews. About as useful to me as game reviews these days in determining what I go see or play. In other words, I’m going to see Glass regardless and I’ll judge for myself. If it’s shit, then so be it but I’ve liked plenty of movies reviewers hated.
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    I’m still glad they’re doing all these rereleases on the Switch, but I just wish they wouldn’t be at full price. If they were $30 US/$40 CND, they’d be much more tempting.
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    The new 4k restoration of Alien will have its premiere next month at the Glasgow Film festival before receiving a two-week engagement at the BFI in London on 1st March, then a rollout to other cinemas in the UK. That probably means April/May for the disc.
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    I didn’t even know this existed until I picked it up today! $25 for a whole lot of wonderful Kirby games. It includes the soundtrack as well.
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    If you have amazon prime turn on Marvelous Mrs Maizel. It is one of the best looking 4k shows.
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    Heh, I'm actually watching this video right now. 😊
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    The overblown reactions to the final “wild ones” predictions (at around 1hr 54min mark) in the 2019 Predictions podcast are wonderful. I’d make gifs if I knew how.
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    MARY FOX Decided to release my MARY FOX saga as two books. Been reading that people like shorter stories rather than one huge volume, and since the cost for such a large story would probably turn people off, released the first book today. The paperback edition price alone would have to be ridiculous just for me to make a few cents! Just sold a copy of my holiday paperback and made a whopping 84¢ against a $5.99 Amazon price. Oh, well. Putting the rest of MARY FOX aside for a while, working on a new story called PERFECT HOLIDAYS, which is about holidays in a small town throughout an entire year.
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    Of course. Didn't mean to imply that you shouldn't see it or would't enjoy it. Just doing what we all do when reviews come in for something we're looking forward to. I'll also be going to see it.
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