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    DONE! The bomb mission videos were very helpful (thanks for sharing that, Romier). After those I went for max score on the three stealth missions and one of the combat missions which got me the remaining challenge tokens that I needed. Finally I just had to grab some base tokens which didn’t take long. Won’t be investing in the DLC unless it is super cheap later in the year. Too much other stuff begging for my attention.
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    Spider-Dan, Spider-Dan, does whatever to platinum, man... Replays shit, beats up thugs, probably drinks marmite from his mugs... Etc
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    Saw Won’t You Be My Neighbor? yesterday. Quite a lovely documentary, where the filmmakers stay out of the way and allow the subject of the film to shine through. It’s a portrait of a remarkable man with a remarkable outlook on the world. It’s the latter point that stuck with me most after watching. Particularly at this point in history when so many in power aren’t even hiding their selfish motives and inward focus, Fred Rogers shows the courage and power of being radically open.
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    OK, I’m getting there. Have maxed out on the bomb and stealth missions. I need just one more challenge token so I need a max score on either a combat or drone challenge. Then I need about a half dozen more base tokens and I can buy up the remaining suits.
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    Little Mermaid artwork: 26th Feb release date for the US. Hoping the UK gets this too like we did Lion King but haven't seen any indication from retailers here yet. If memory serves, unlike Lion King which had a CAPS workflow, this should be a 4k scan (the Blu, initial reversed shot errors aside, was probably one of the most film like and faithful Disney animated catalogue titles they had released).
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    It just doesn't feel that long since the PS4 came out. I haven't finished, or even started, most of the games I've bought. It's a wonderful machine with a solid catalogue, but I just don't have as much time to play of late. PS5 may be the first Sony console I don't buy at launch. It would be a dream if it were backwards compatible to several generations, so I can clear some shelf space.
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    I completely thought of a much different genre...
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    I heard Ike Turner just signed Bungie!
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    Can I rant? I’ll watch Star Trek Beyond ten times over the forgettable rehashed nonsense that was “Into Darkness”. Beyond felt like an expanded episode but at least it was a good episode as opposed to the nonsensical Wrath of Khan ripoff the second movie was. I too enjoyed the original but it’s sequel gets worse with every viewing while the third movie gets more entertaining with its superior character interplay and focus.
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    For me, Bird Box was just... there. Not bad, but not really good, either.
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    The new 4k restoration of Alien will have its premiere next month at the Glasgow Film festival before receiving a two-week engagement at the BFI in London on 1st March, then a rollout to other cinemas in the UK. That probably means April/May for the disc.
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    My one year anniversary is here today! Feels great, at my age, to have picked up something new, and very difficult, and to have stayed with it through the highs and lows, thrills and frustration. There's no doubt guitar playing is a daily part of my life now, and the improvement is coming in. Naturally, I still play like poop, but it does sound like music, mostly. One thing I "solved", or at least made an incredible leap in, is strumming. This is one of the embarrassing things that, if I had had an instructor, would probably have been solved a lot sooner. I was leaning the top of the guitar in toward my body, so I could see my fingers on the strings more easily. Because of this angle I was creating, it was making it difficult for my arm to follow that same angle while strumming, particularly on the upstroke. It was a random YouTube video where the guy stressed how important it was to keep the guitar straight that finally made me realize what I was doing wasn't helping my situation at all. I'm having fun right now learning Hey Joe (simple version), Twist and Shout, and the guitar solo for Let It Be, which just brings joy to my soul. I've also devoted a lot more time in the Blues area, and paying much more attention to music theory, all from YouTube. I'll get the courage to put up a video one of these days. Carlos.
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