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    Here's my VIP Demo Friend Code link. It's good for three uses, so first come, first served! https://www.ea.com/games/anthem/anthem-demos/redeem?token=MXBIUm1ubz0jTSMxMDAwMDIwODA0ODgy edit: One use left!
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    I've spent my free game time this past week finally catching up with this one. I'd gone all this time knowing it was highly regarded, but little more. I'd assumed it was something in vein of a lower budget God of War come Tomb Raider/Horizon with a lot of emphasis placed on the lead character performance. It certainly raised an eyebrow the moment the game opened crediting not only a historical advisor but a mental health advisor. Immediately the sound design caught my attention too. Lamenting my lack of 5.1 I rushed to grab my headphones, and you can imagine my delight at what a good decision that was as the game seems tailored for such an experience. Had I known about the game's challenging exploration of psychosis and depression I'd have picked this up long ago, but I have to say going into this completely unaware made this all the more special for me. I have second hand experience with psychosis, and first hand experience with depression and anxiety, so to say the game's tone struck a chord would be an understatement. What's remarkable is just how well researched and thoughtful the depiction of these illnesses are. I honestly never would have imagined such a thing to be possible in a game, and while the game on a technical level is itself a superb achievement from such a tiny dev team, it's that sincere care in exploring these issues that I honestly think makes this game an immensely important contribution to the history of the medium, marking a radical turning point for what's possible with narrative and character development in interactive media that deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as The Last of Us. In the games closing moments, I felt something I'd not felt in a game since Shadow of the Colossus back when it first came out on the PS2, and that is this unbreakable connection I felt between myself and the character, willing them to push on to the point where I am practically yelling at the screen. It takes a lot for a game to get that kind of reaction out of me. It's an essential game of this generation as far as I'm concerned, and for those with Gamepass access there's no excuse to let it pass. I dearly hope that Microsoft recognise what they've got having acquired Ninja Theory. They deserve a bright future and, nurtured properly, there's every chance they could become MS' equivalent of San Diego Studio or Naughty Dog. It was fascinating to discover that Senua was played by Melina Juergens who happened to be the dev team's in house editor and photographer, who was initially supposed to be a stand in. BAFTA did a nice interview with her which I've attached below: BAFTA also conducted a Masterclass on the game which I will make a point to watch tomorrow: I'd also highly recommend watching the making of featurette included with the game too.
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    So I’ve played a few hours of the VIP demo now and it’s not bad. It’s definitely Destiny-like but, the player remains the same - you change class based on the Javelin you take out which is a good way to do it. The Javelins and specifically the jet packs on them are pretty awesome that has not gotten old in the demo so far. Graphically, the game looks gorgeous but, it’s a little weird playing in 3rd person but, being in 1st person in the hub city (the opposite of Destiny). I think the movement feels a little too “floaty” but, that may be just an issue with the demo version. The gunplay is ok and there is a lot of variety even in the demo but, the guns and the shooting does not feel up to the level of Destiny IMO. Will play some more later today but, so far impressions are good - not great but, this is an early demo.
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    This has something to do with web cams in the bathroom doesn’t it.
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    Those footsteps are going to haunt my dreams...
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    Glass - It's a well-woven tale of what became of David Dunn and Elijah, as well as the conclusion to The Beast story, began in Split. Once again, M. Night Shyamalan induced a jaw-dropping twist I never saw coming. I have a few problems with the pacing, and the action sequence could have used a little more super-human elements to really sell the ending, but all in all, this trilogy deserves a lot of respect. This third movie does not detract from my love of Unbreakable, easily in my top 10 movies of all time, and in fact will make you see David's origin story in a different, but remarkable, light. I give it 4 out of 5 Minds of M. Night. Carlos.
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    We have no idea what marvel movies are officially happening next year at this point . I would expect for marvel to announce their future slate right after end game comes out as filming needs to begin ASAP. Though I would expect Black Widow to be the earlier one in the year as it would be less special effects driven. They can then release those limited series on Disney + middle of year filling the gap. Will be interesting if they try and get a movie made with a returning property **cough** FF**cough** right away.
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    Still can’t decide on this. “Destiny, but you’re Tony Stark” is a great idea, the world looks gorgeous and it’s all clearly very well done. But I haven’t found the time to go back to Destiny 2 in months and still don’t have Forsaken, so I don’t need another one in my life.
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    Redeemed! Thanks. I’d downloaded the demo tonight forgetting it wasn’t open yet. I’d go ahead an pre-order but I’d just bought RE2.
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    OMG Metroid Prime Trilogy in HD would be my gaming dream come true. RELEASE IT NOW, DANIEL!!!!
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    And regarding the Prime Trilogy on Switch: If accurate it will be interesting to see just when they now decide to release it.
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    I've gone back to B&H a few times to check out tripods, and today the BeFree Carbon (v1) showed up as a used item for $170, so I grabbed it. Seems ideal for travel at 2.4lbs and 15.75" folded up. In other news, I got the Kingston MobileLite and it works flawlessly. Connect to its WiFi on my phone, put in SD card, connect portable USB drive, use phone app to copy photos from card to drive. Easy. And you can create folders on the destination, so I can put each day's photos in a folder on the portable drive. That it will also function as a portable phone charger is a nice bonus.
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    I don’t believe it can do that, no. But it’s ok I think. Btw I’ve been calling it Kensington, but it’s actually Kingston (Kensington is an old Mac accessory maker from way back)
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