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    It really doesn’t matter. One thing to keep in mind is that “The Frozen Wilds” is a lot more difficult than the main game. The new machines they added in the expansion are really tough, and you want to level up Aloy as much as possible. I would definitely save it until near the end of the main storyline.
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    The Kid Who Would Be King - thoroughly a kids movie in the wheelhouse of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, etc. Kid has a hard time, kid finds a sword, kid finds out he's a secret hero, kid goes on a quest, kid saves the world, etc. A lot of the messages in it are quite subversively dark - there is zero adult that has any affect on anything going on and have turned the world into a dark, meaningless place, so just literally act like they're not there. I laughed a lot & thoroughly enjoyed Merlin. Definite thumbs up from me, though the kids were a little less enthusiastic because of the length & denseness to it.
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    I feel like Anthem is more about the Abilities, rather than the gunplay. Playing as a Storm, I really only use my guns when the abilities are on cooldown, or to finish off a combo. I'm loving it so much right now...
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    Grab it now. It’s integrated into the story and will be worthwhile as you play through.
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    Somehow I never finished this and dove back in this weekend. Forgot how much I love this game. Quick question: Do I grab the DLC now or wait until I finish the main storyline or does it matter? For reference I only recently got to Meridian and am working through some of the sidequests there.
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    Oracle of Seasons/Ages Fun. It’s cover band Zelda. Really good cover band, they do the hits well and all, but they can’t match up with the original. Like I said above, it cribs too much from Awakening and even Ocarina of Time and what it does add is often incredibly silly, particularly in Seasons which is definitely the weaker of the two (and was allegedly designed as the more action-oriented one versus the puzzles in Ages). I find these titles are also of the time in that they’re incredibly stingy with clues. There’s a conundrum where you're given the rules and then there’s being left to flail around like you’re assembling IKEA furniture in the dark. The controls are starting to hamper these portable titles as well. Some boss fights you have to use different ammunition and different weapons and it’s a pain in the ass having to swap them constantly. Couple extra buttons are really missed. Before I go positive I will also point out that Ages, which I overall liked, is nearly sunk by what is, to date, the worst Zelda powerup ever - the bloody mermaid suit. It lets you swim underwater, yay. Unfortunately they kneecap you to one button because they have to use B to surface and change the controls so you have to constantly tap in a direction to swim, which is very NOT FUN. Ahem. That said, I mostly enjoyed my time here, especially when it came to Ages and the linked quest that gives you a Ganon fight at the end of both. The linked quests bring a bunch of characters over from the game you play first and they mention your previous exploits and it’s a really nice touch. It makes the plots mean more and has a Mass Effect feel minus any choices. Dungeon-wise, the best dungeons are in Ages and special praise to the dungeon in Ages where you get the Cane. That’s one of my least favorite items in Link to the Past and they use it SO creatively in the dungeon that it’s one of the few cases where Capcom improved on Nintendo’s work. There are a couple more that stand out, so Ages is the clear winner, but Seasons isn’t bad, just really mediocre. Most annoying enemy award goes to the candlesticks that you set on fire and then turn into high speed bombs that are hard to avoid and clobber you for health. And don’t look like candle sticks so I had no idea what the hell to do with them for a long time. And that’s halfway done. Next stop is Wind Waker and oh I am not sad to be heading back to play that one again... Current Ranking: 1) Link to the Past 2) Ocarina of Time 3) Link’s Awakening 4) Oracle of Seasons/Ages 5) Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link 6) Majora’s Mask 7) The Legend of Zelda
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    I feel like I dropped out of Destiny 2 too long ago now, and I should just wait until D3 at this point. Besides I think I can only manage one of these type of games at a time. Maybe I do go back to destiny after seeing how the other two play.
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