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    I should be in the Division 2 demo this weekend, and will see what happens. I played a metric shit-ton of Division, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this one shakes out. I know I'm definitely tired of all the snow and cold in the first game...
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    It’s one of the best values in gaming right now, if you ask me. I thought I got a pretty good deal on it when I paid $40 for the main game and $15 when I preordered “The Frozen Wilds” (it was normally $20 upon release). In a way, I suppose I did since I bought and played both the same year of their release. Still, $15 for the entire package is one amazing deal. The people who held out are really lucky bastards.
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    Don't beg. Begging is a ban-able offense.
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    My general point of this thread was to say that we take ourselves too seriously sometimes. We need to be comfortable making fun of our selves and having other people make fun of us and what we love. I'd like to generalize this to the best Super Bowl Ad last night: I KNEW that including a "Vegan Dinner Party" in the list of unpleasant things was going to cause a stir. I've learned that I have to be careful not to assume that just because "someone" on the internet takes offense to something, doesn't mean that everyone in that "demographic" also took offense. I bet plenty of animal loving vegans thought the ad was funny and did not take offense. But some offense-taking stories are making the rounds. When they showed the alleged murderer they needed to be very ... careful ... Being a bruiting tattooed white blond bearded jean-jacket-wearing thug is still fair game. But I'm sure there will be some protective social group for them in the future.
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    *resists posting Transformers box office numbers* Plenty of terrible shit makes money. I get why they make them. People want their candy. It doesn’t make it look any less ridiculous and downright stupid, IMO. But then I’ve hated just about every Fast and Furious movie I’ve sat through so I’m clearly not the intended audience. More insulting? We get this nonsense instead of Statham in a “Spy” spinoff movie as Ford.
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    Can’t believe we’ve all been here that long already. Seemed like yesterday the “Free Romier” event was happening, back in our days at the Home Theatre Forum. Lol. Anyone ever visit the old video game forum over there? I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I’ve been there over these years.
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    We made it through Year 7 last week on our first try. It definitely gets much harder, and there were a few points where I had to stop myself from just telling her what she should be doing all the time, but it's a co-op game, so offering "suggestions" is at least encouraged. It gets to the point of there being a lot to keep track of.
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