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    Bill M. is incredibly quick-witted and well-read enough to cover tons of topics and go toe-to-toe with politicians, artists, political zealots, etc. I therefore give him a lot of credit. And maybe even too much credit because he is funny. If you're funny or British I give you extra credit. Not for Scottish people certainly. Definitely not them. I guess I have a pet peeve for people calling other people stupid or crazy if they don't like or agree with them. Especially since none of us will agree on everything. And we even dislike one another temporarily. You might retort that sometimes people are actually dumb. That's true. I just see people dismissing other people as morons all the time and it bothers me. Because it is always in the context of them disagreeing. Everyone worshiped at the alter of John Stewart including my brother-in-law. And then Stewart made a joke that was critical of Israel and Stewart was dead to him. Similarly lots of liberals love Bill M. as long as he is only beating up on conservatives and not being critical of Islam or in this case videogames. He is such a naturalist that he says stupid shit about vaccinations quite a bit. I'd love to personally talk to him about some of these things. But that will never happen. So whatever. I sometimes agree and sometimes disagree. I just enjoy him saying unexpected things because that is my favorite.
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    I'm sorry, I just now saw this. I will work on taking photos of the codes.
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    When X is, in fact NOT gon give it to ya.
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    Both Mega Man 11 and the X Collections have sold well. Nearly 1 million units for both. https://www.rockman-corner.com/2019/02/capcom-reports-strong-sales-for-mega.html?m=1 They also released some numbers. 11 sold 870k and the X collections 920k. These are cumulative sales across all platforms. This bodes well as I'm ready to put down some more money for MM 12. I enjoyed 11 immensely.
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    It was a close call between the Epson and the Optoma, but I've owned Optoma projectors and went with my comfort zone on this investment. Dang it. Midwest severe weather delaying my projector delivery, on top of what is supposed to happen here tomorrow/Saturday, bet it won't come until Monday now. Bummer.
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    The epson projectors are very good.
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    Karate Kid formally announced for 16th of April from Sony. Speaking of Sony, they have opted not to release Girl in the Spider's web on UHD in the US this week. They are however most definitely releasing it in overseas territories (UK release is 25th of March). Lack of US release has possibly dented plans to put out Dragon Tattoo and Panic Room anytime soon, however. We'll see. It's really interesting that we're seeing major studios that hold rights for a film internationally only doing discs in overseas territories. This I think would be a first for Sony, but Paramount have had discs for Shutter Island, Hansel and Gretel, first of the reboot Ninja Turtles and the two GI Joe movies available in the UK an elsewhere for ages now, but no US equivalents. Meanwhile Universal still not yet releasing the first Mamma Mia in the UK is utterly baffling.
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    As a follow up, we've been huge fans of Mitchell & Webb and then Armstrong & Miller as a result of this post.
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    Getting one of those "fake" 4K projectors. I don't care if it's fake, as long as it looks good. and will have 3D in my HT, so there's that, too! It also has Alexa built-in, so I can scream at the dang thing like I do the Echoes around the house. "DAMN IT, ALEXA! TURN. OFF. PROJECTOR!"
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