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    I don't even know why.
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    Finally got a damned Sega CD today. A really good quality model 2 for $90. I have a model 2 Genesis for back-up and that has been installed. I ordered up a separate SCART cable for it and I’ll be adding it to the setup once it arrives alongside the standard Model 1 already hooked up. Here they are post cleaning and installation with the included RF shields.
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    Um where can I pay. My child hood weekends in one cabinet.
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    Last night, I completed my first official playthrough of Resident Evil 2 remake. I did the Claire campaign with Leon 2nd run on Standard difficulty. Today, I started a Leon run and got through most of RPD. I’m debating whether or not I want to do another full run through the game including a Claire 2nd run. I’m having fun with it, but worry I might burn out if I play it too much in such a short period of time. As for my official write-up on the game, I’m thinking I might wait until after I have a chance to play “The Ghost Survivors” DLC, which is due next week. I’d like to see what it is like so I can include my thoughts on it as well. I may also dip my toes into “The 4th Survivor”, which is something I never played on the original version. Overall, I’m not in a big rush to finish this game up. I want to savor this game as much as possible given that I’ve been waiting for it for so long. That’s all for now. More updates soon!
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    Public Service Announcement: Tetris Effect is currently on sale this weekend on the PS Store for $29.99 (regularly $39.99). Tetris Effect on PS Store I bought it myself and played a bit tonight. It’s... very trippy. Looks cool and has some pretty great music.
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    I have a proper, full-sized Mortal Kombat machine in my living room, but I will be the first in line to get the Arcade1Up version the moment it gets dolleyed off the truck. That lineup of new announcements is stellar (note Karate Champ has Burgertime, which should have been the marquee title of that set imo). At the last CES someone took a pic of what looks like an NBA Jam cab inside the Arcade1Up VIP room (see below). Rumors are that The Simpsons, X-Men, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game will be included as well. People are expecting a slightly larger control deck to accommodate 4 players as the Rampage cab supports 3 and the formfactor is pushed well to its limits there. Some people have modded Rampage A1U cabs to play NBA Jam and have opted to add a USB port to the front of the unit to accept standard controllers, so that's a solution that might work too. Regardless, that one is definitely going in the collection when it hits. The trackball on the Golden Tee is a proper Happ unit. Expect it to last through the zombie apocalypse. I picked up 3 units to have in the game room, complete with risers, Rampage, Street Fighter 2, and Centipede. Arcade1Up sent replacement deck graphics and plexiglass covers within a few weeks free of charge (as the units were new, I didn't need to replace the graphics). I immediately replaced the ball top sticks on the SF2 cab with bat top because I'm not a heathen, but other than that they are all stock. I like them so much I might just go full-on crazy and line the other wall with a lot more of them. And if the rumors are true, I'm going to run out of space quickly. For people of a certain age, there's just something about walking into a room with upright arcade cabs. I am of that age.
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    Officially broke the 1k mark today.
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