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    Season 2, March22nd. Get your recapping done now. Carlos.
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    I'm really glad you all are caught up & loving Line of Duty, new season later this year
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    I know I've said this on the forum before, but I've gone all-digital with my game purchases. I like the convenience of having all of my games avaialable at the push of a button and the fact that I don't have to store physical copies in my house. Also, I rarely ever traded in my games, so it's not like I'm losing out on that. I have a 256GB memory card for my Switch and it isn't even half-full yet. Granted, I don't have a ton of games for the system yet, but if and when I do fill it up, I figure prices on these memory cards will come down to a point where they aren't so damned expensive anymore. As far as game prices go, Nintendo's first-party titles will sometimes go on sale on the eShop, but not often. When they do go on sale, they may drop from $59.99 to $42.99 or something like that. Some games--like Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey--never go on sale. You're far more likely to see sales of the physical versions of these games at retail or on Amazon. Third-party and indie games tend to go on sale far more often. For instance, Mario + Rabbids, which is technically a Ubisoft game, has been on sale multiple times on the eShop over the past year. Also, be sure to sign up for the MyNintendo program. When you buy games for Switch (both physical and digital), you earn credit that can be used to fund purchases for other games. Basically, for every $60 you spend, you get $3 in credit to the eShop. You're welcome!
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    Are people going digital with the Switch? Is selling "used" a thing anymore? I prefer digital primarily because I hate disks and don't want to wait for a purchase to arrive. Are the prices of the eShop competitive with Amazon? If something is $59.99 in the eShop but $29.99 at Amazon, it will be hard to bend over for that. I don't hate little cartridges as much as discs. Fuck it, for this game at $20 there is no way I will get a trade-in value more than $3 so I'll never sell it. I'll go digital. Thanks for the link.
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    I need to start Killing Eve soon. Ha, i went commercial free half way through season 3 of LoD. I got that hooked. LOL
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    Target cartwheel app has Stranger Things S1 and S2 4k for 50% off
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    Anyone play co-op, hoping to play this with my daughter.
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    Waiting to hear his mother yell "Get off that thing and do your homework or so help me...." "Shut up ma, I'm making a video, now I have to start over..."
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