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    All other games will be pushed aside when this arrives.:)
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    Been watching videos on youtube and one had recommendations on settings that I liked. They recommended to switch button layout to Button Puncher. This switches the Crouch and Melee buttons. So now, you press down on the right stick to crouch. Another advantage to this is when you're running, you can also slide when pressing down on the right stick! You don't have to move your thumb away to press a button to slide which is a great plus. Melee also really sucks in this game as it barely does any damage so you won't miss that button. This layout actually reminds me of the older games like Rainbow Six? I have yet to get a kill on the PS4 or Xbox One. I really really really suck at FPS games now. I stopped playing FPS games for quite some time and definitely getting too old for this lol! Still fun though and slowly getting back into it. Actually manage to damage people now! Just learning the different areas of the map now and how to properly loot. Getting used to the different guns and maybe one day, I will get a kill!
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    Interesting choice of words for something that goes in your ears
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    Oh Daniel, something may be on the way finally, and in 4k https://www.slashfilm.com/the-abyss-blu-ray/
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    I’m terrible at this game but I keep playing it. It’s easily the most invested in a multiplayer shooter I’ve been since Counter-Strike. Some random groups but a lot of playing with friends and my brother and getting shot. I’ve picked up a few kills on the PS4. It ain’t easy and I treat every one like the special event it is, but I get ‘em. https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/apex-legends-best-weapons/ This guide also helped me learn weapons. Wingman is a deadly useful gun you can often find very early on. Flatline’s my favorite.
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    Same. I still have the Nintendo Power Dragon Warrior guide that came stapled in the middle. It's bagged up with the rest of my "vintage" mags (like Turbo Force and Mega Play, Holla!). Same! It just showed up and immediately dominated my life for about a month.
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    Got my ship notice from Retrousb today. My AVS NES has shipped.:) My Super NT is scheduled for delivery on Friday as well.
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    I got it free that way as well, and had no idea it was coming.
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    I still have my Dragon Warrior I got for free from Nintendo Power.
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    To put a bow on the Virtual Boy collecting, everything cased up nice and pretty like. I don't think I'm missing anything within reason (Jack Bros is not within reason, obv.) and besides, the Flashboy is there to fill in the gaps. On to the next terrible quality-of-enjoyment vs money-spent ratio'd purchase that is retro game collecting in the modern age.
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    ...and usual handles it in the most classy way possible while injecting some comedy into some of the worst possible personal news a human being can get. It can't be said enough: FUCK CANCER.
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