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    MCC is coming to PC and Steam. Halo Reach is coming to MCC on PC and Xbox , but on xbone the campingn and firefight are separate purchases.
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    Just saw the latest. This episode is what I wanted from a modern Trek show. Cheese, overacting, and a couple of fun ideas. Let the grimdark take a backseat.
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    By the way Bonnie Ross, head of 343, did an interview with Ryan McCaffrey as part of the IGN Unfiltered series. In it, she goes through the history of her career, how she became the head of all things Halo, what went wrong with the launch of MCC, why Halo 5’s campaign didn’t resonate with fans, and what they hope to do with Halo Infinite. It’s a great interview and well worth your time if you have any interest in the series.
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    There have been no rumors about any of the fox marvel properties at all. Only things mentioned are The New Mutants movie may go straight Hulu, and Deadpool will still be rated R if there are more films. Most of the stuff they had planned was cancelled over the last 6 months. I like that Feige and the Marvel studios inner circle are keeping things close. I hope they do an event like they did years ago laying out their plans for the next 3 years or so. Should be a bigger event with Disney+ things in the works. The Marvel playground just became a whole lot bigger.
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    Backdraft and Field of Dreams have been formally announced with 14th May release dates for the US. Hopefully they arrive the same week in the UK, or shortly after.
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    The Natural. Yes. Love that movie. Haven't watched in ages. Look forward to this release.
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    Calling out your own trolling because it apparently wasn't savage enough for anyone online to give a shit about,... That's a first world problem!
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    Aside from some very strange problem where my controller doesn't work with a micro SD installed, it's been flawless.
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