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    The Episode 9 Celebration Panel will be on Friday April 12th hosted by JJ and KK, expect the trailer then. No word on streaming yet, but they normally stream the larger panels.
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    You say that like there’s something wrong with Taco Bell.
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    And when she was on the ship, and an alien growls at her, and she mockingly growls back. Who thought to have her do that?! I thought it was hysterical.
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    I loved the beta so I’m getting it, standard though, couldn’t justify the extra $40 for what is basically just 3 days early access at the moment. Digitally on PS4 because I have two PS4’s. Anyone interested in squading up, feel free to send an invite or just simply join. IGN and Gamespot have both posted reviews in progress that were good, I’ll be surprised if this game doesn’t get favorable reviews. Early impressions are near unanimously positive. Feel like I’m going to be spending a lot of time in this world.
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    Incredible story I saw on reddit. I'm super keen to trail a group of NPC's scavenging, myself, now.... Wow.
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    Maybe Sony are just pissed they never got that AGENT game they were contractually owed.
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    I liked how much fun Carol is having when she is flying around in space at the end. You don’t always see that with these heroes, nor would one want to, but every now and again it’s a treat to see characters like her and Peter Parker enjoying themselves. Interestingly both Danvers and Parker are characters to have inherited their powers by accident but revel in them, and it makes sense for their characters with one being a order ace pilot now being able to fly freely without a craft through the galaxy, and the other being a kid (what kid wouldn’t love to be able to do what Spidey can do? Holland sells it very well). Banner, of course, inherited his power too, but is in constant conflict with inner green monster just like the rest of us.
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    There are three levels of people pissing me off: 1) I resent when movie critics, who aren't big fans, criticize infinity war for being deficient in ways that simply aren't true. Anyone who has watched all the movies and knows all of the world building, character arcs, and story elements that have been stacked on top of each other to get to this point would not say what they're saying! 2) In the same way, all of the people who aren't big fans of superhero movies, and who declared Black Panther to be the best Super Hero movie ever, I resent them too. Joey never taught you to critique comicbook movies. THAT'S WHY YOU'RE SO BAD AT IT 3) And then the ACTUAL comic book fans who are corrupted by their cultural bullshit. They walk around like normal people. They don't even know that they're dead. I wish I could snap my fingers, and make them , disappear... I'd call that, mercy.
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    I’ll just leave this here... http://www.lcvg.com/topic/16291-marvel-cinematic-universe-phase-4-and-beyond-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=600876
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    I thought it was great. The low key moments were particularly welcome, and there were several character beats I was not anticipating. The humour and the buddy cop relationship between Carol and Fury was especially engaging. On reflection it struck me that Cap Marvel, the character, is almost like a contemporary Rocketeer of sorts, and I’m absolutely down with that! Only thing that threw me was randomly dropping a No Doubt tune into one of the action scenes. I do wish it was more visually compelling too, but that’s largely a fault of the Marvel machine as a whole sadly. I continue to find it an extraordinary achievement how they weave all these films and characters together.
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    Played a little bit yesterday and it feels a little more polished from the betas, but there are still some issues (hopefully being addressed in a patch, soonish.) Performance is a mixed bag on my One X. Sometimes it's spectacular, and other times it's nearly a slideshow. Not sure what to make of that... The game opens a little differently from the betas, but eventually gets you back on a path you'll recognize if you played in them.
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    I've been getting a lot of Captain Marvel "reviews" in my YouTube feed. Now everyone has an opinion. People here have voiced that they're not interested in this movie or for those who have seen it, thought it was mediocre. Fine. I recognize that I like this movie more than some people. Just as I like the Hulk movie more than everyone on the planet. However, these reviews I've sampled are insane. I admit that I am personally irked by the politics in pop culture. Speaking positively or negatively about a movie can be perceived as a shot in American culture wars. A movie getting nominated or winning an Oscar versus not getting nominated and not winning an Oscar is a shot fired in the culture war. But jesus. With this movie, and the reviews in my feed, the hyperbole is so transparent. These reviews are saying things like "The worst movie I've seen in a long time" and "The worst Marvel movie by far thus far." It is so obvious that the reviewers are so offended by the girl-power message and activism of Brie Larson and their bias is comically apparent. How could you possibly think this is the worst movie in a long time? Do you actually watch movies? I thought the white men backlash was exaggerated. I usually think that everything is exaggerated because everything usually is. Not in this case. Holy shit. My YouTube feed is ridiculous with angry white men saying this is the worst movie ever. And then saying they should kill Carol Danvers off, Kevin Feige should be fired, this movie is going to bomb. OMG, and don't read the YouTube comments. They will darken your soul. Wow.
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    Sold! The replies to this tweet are hilarious though.
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    Just Cause 4 added to Game Pass, available now!
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