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    Endgame passed The Force Awakens in Fandango first day pre-sales.
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    I was gonna try to book tickets despite my wife + kids being lukewarm on it after their irrational dislike of the first film, but I came into work to find out our office manager booked us a private screening for the Friday, so I'm good
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    I don't play Anthem but this was an interesting in-depth article on the making of the game: https://kotaku.com/how-biowares-anthem-went-wrong-1833731964
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    Thursday 9pm tickets ordered. My wife and I will likely see it again on Saturday during the afternoon as well.
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    Yeah, I think my wife said they only had aisle seats left. So whatever. 7 on Friday night.
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    Strategically placed for quickest run to bathroom
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    Joker teaser coming tomorrow, here's the poster.
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    Unquestionably. It's going to cost you more but with the jailbreak firmware and the fact that you're getting a hardware accurate FPGA with Kevin Horton's programming skill behind those cores? The ROMs you'll load up will play with damn near perfect accuracy akin to having the cart in the slot. The ability to load a region free BIOS on the Sega CD is also fantastic. Also, it should be noted that the jailbreak firmware is "unofficial" but its basically Kevtris' work. Analogue won't ever "own" it but its the worst kept secret out there.:) Same goes for the Super NT and the NT Mini which got a slew of 8-bit cores post release.
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    Just to add to this, if you wait for the Plus membership to go on sale -- as it does usually a few times throughout the year -- you can get 12 months in the $40 range easily. Definitely worth it at that price in my opinion.
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    Update from Kino about a potential Dollars trilogy set:
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    WT2 here now and right at 300 GS. And yes, the changing missions, random encounters, variations on the control points, etc are great - I’m really impressed with their endgame content and the dynamic changes each tier makes with the BT faction and everything. This game just absolutely nails the loot shooter and the Tom Clancy feel for me The Specializations are pretty fun too and change up the feel of combat. I have been playing co-op and my friend went Demolisionist and I went Survivalist and the combos are so fun between them. We typically start an encounter with him firing the grenade launcher at the group followed by my incendiary crossbow bolt and have burned though 2-3 armored golds in a few secs that way. Awesome
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    Video covering the jailbreak. You basically get a free Everdrive for the Genesis, SMS, Game Gear, SG-1000 and Colecovision.:) Not bad for $200.
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    World Tier 4 with an average gear score of 401. Love how the game changes things up when you do the missions and strongholds on the next tiers.
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    I have mine, Daniel. I received the week before last.
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    Speaking of which, I’m all setup and ready to go.:) A volume slider would have been nice for nostalgia/accuracy but it’s more plastics and more cost. The thing is already $210 with shipping in the States. Even more to Canada and across the pond. I’ll live without it considering everything else it already does.
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