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    I was gonna try to book tickets despite my wife + kids being lukewarm on it after their irrational dislike of the first film, but I came into work to find out our office manager booked us a private screening for the Friday, so I'm good
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    How hard do they have to work to get artwork so wrong?
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    Just saw a article about cinema con that word behind the scenes is the two films for next year will be Widow and Doctor Strange 2. News will be released shortly after end game is released.
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    Yep the news came out this afternoon. I expect a lot more news for Widow, Shang Chi, and Eternals over the next few months. Production needs to start on all of them soon. Widow and Shan Chi being films that could be filmed a lot quicker with not as much CG for next year.
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    Rachel Weisz and David Harbour will be in Black Widow
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    Scream Factory are prepping a new 2-disc release of Silent Hill
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    OMG I want that so bad. We have finished off Betrayal and are currently taking it easy before Gloomhaven time. Gf and I played a couple of escape/puzzle games over the weekend - Wish You Were Here, which is a quick 90 minutes or so of a story contained entirely on postcards. Fun and backed the sequel on KS. Also tackled Escape Tales: The Awakening, which was a lot of fun although the ending was a bit of a thud. The rest of it was good and the puzzles were varied and pretty clever.
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    I convinced my wife to see it again on Sunday afternoon.
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    I really hope the movie lives up to that trailer. Excellent.
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    Punch Out, Mario Bros: The Lost Levels and Star Soldier are the next additions to the NES app:
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    Private screening. Uh, are you actually RDJ or something.
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    Middara arrived. Second biggest box I own (thanks, Starcraft, for being a FFG "coffin") but easily the heaviest. A couple of trays of minis, but the weight is really from the cards, map tiles, and spiral bound book of adventure + story. It's a classic JRPG as a boardgame, basically. Great buzz so far, great attention to detail (e.g. story secrets are hidden in blurred text that need a red-eye viewer so that you don't accidentally get spoiled!, and gorgeous UV spot treatment on tiles and tokens[/i], etc). Pages of text between missions from what I've seen. Branching storyline. My group is really keen to start a regular dive into it, thought we're awful at playing campaign games regularly. I'll definitely need to learn the rules well first. Pic stolen from BGG: I think this is a good 'feel good' story from KS - they originally launched it in summer 2015 but clearly weren't ready to get it into production. But they plugged away at it, regular concrete updates, design changes for the good of the game, and an actual real game in the end. It's coming back to KS for another quick turnaround print run (now the hard work is done).
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    VR support for PS4 and PC is incoming and reviews are good. Yes, I still have never bought/touched this game and I foresee finally taking the plunge with all of the content it possesses now plus Oculus support!
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    Thursday 9pm tickets ordered. My wife and I will likely see it again on Saturday during the afternoon as well.
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    WT2 here now and right at 300 GS. And yes, the changing missions, random encounters, variations on the control points, etc are great - I’m really impressed with their endgame content and the dynamic changes each tier makes with the BT faction and everything. This game just absolutely nails the loot shooter and the Tom Clancy feel for me The Specializations are pretty fun too and change up the feel of combat. I have been playing co-op and my friend went Demolisionist and I went Survivalist and the combos are so fun between them. We typically start an encounter with him firing the grenade launcher at the group followed by my incendiary crossbow bolt and have burned though 2-3 armored golds in a few secs that way. Awesome
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