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    EA's next Star Wars game will be revealed this Saturday at Star Wars Celebration, hopefully they have more success here than they've had with the Battlefront series. Leaked Image:
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    Good breakdown of all the content announced so far and what year to expect it: Another documentary listed (for 2021) is Ink & Paint which will be a companion piece to a brilliant book about the women of Disney’s Animation department in its golden era. Original Ducktales also listed. 😀
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    I had a feeling it’d be well priced. DisneyLife, which is the service they have had in Europe for a while with hundreds of movies and thousands of hours of TV stuff, is really cheap at £4.99 a month. Disney+ is really an evolution of that service (UI is similar too). Curious to know how long after the US the UK will be waiting. The chart did place Western Europe starting at Q1 so hopefully before Christmas here. They’d be stupid to leave it too long because Mandalorian will hit torrent sites very quickly.
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    $70, just take my $$ now.
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    $70 annual sub available too. US launch is 12th November.
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    Waiting for some Muppet news. I know there is a new series coming (apparently Josh Gad is working on it and it’s supposed to be set in the 80’s after Muppets Take Manhattan, which if true is funny since that’s one of the Muppet films Disney don’t own). Also waiting to see if we’ll get all of the old Wonderful World of Disney shows that Walt himself introduced. Likewise all the old cartoons would be amazing. Disney have been archiving all this stuff in (at the bare minimum) HD for years. Old shows like Davey Crocket would b great too.
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    Also true for the Monsters Inc series: Extends to supporting cast like Jennifer Tilly as well.
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    This is genuinely the most exciting thing announced so far for me: There’s actually a lot of really interesting documentary content revealed earlier this week coming that I was not expecting from the service at all. Cinema Relics will be a series with episodes focusing on the making of Tron, Mary Poppins, The Muppet Movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and more.
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    Switch vs PS4.... That's actually pretty impressive all things considered. I already own a physical copy on Xbox and digital for Xbox/PS4 so I'm good but cool for Switch owners with no access to other versions.
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    Opposite here, the four of us who went really disliked most of Shazam.
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