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    She paraded around in stockings and a garter belt, and she was still fucking boring. Rose Byrne did the same thing and... I might've rewatched that scene several times.
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    Every time new backwards compatibility entries come out and they're not a Project Gotham game just assume I'm grumpy.
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    Spent most of the weekend helping Joel get up to WT5. I’m currently running with 5/6 True Patriot gear set. Just missing the gloves. Also, have 4/6 Ongoing Directive gear set. Also, completed the 160 point Survivalist. About half way on the sharpshooter. Started doing some Bounties. Have completed some, been destroyed in others. 😕
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    Ha actually you’re right! Apparently Chastain is playing a character named Smith who’s an alien shapeshifter. She’s an amalgam of characters but she’s basically Mastermind. Tells you how utterly forgettable she was in First Class...lol.
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    Level 26, I’m over leveled for areas I’ve barely touched. I spent so much time early on doing requests for back up and doing the same missions over again, that I’m just now really starting to clear areas. I believe I have half of the main missions complete now.
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    Emma Frost? Died in 1963 between first class and days of future past
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    Last trailer i saw was for Dr. Strange and last time I had an MCU film “spoiled” for me was when Funko shared their Giant Man POP figure on Instagram ahead of Civil War. Since then, I’ve removed them and EW from all of my social media follows. Even though I continue to check FB, IG and Twitter on a daily basis, I’ve become something of a pro at dodging the minefield.
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    Yes although I had to google the whole debuff thing. Btw, I’m on Xbox so... 😏
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    Remember, everyone, if you see something say something.
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    I just hit 18, slowly picking away. I convinced my brother to pick this up so I’ve been helping him get up to speed most of the time.
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    Yeah those would be nice as well. Wonder if these were just easier to get done.
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    WT5 now, GS 465 and working my way up. I have 2 gear set pieces so far but, not the set I want Love this game and especially the Invaded missions - they are so fun and challenging in a good way. Just did the Bunker on Hard/Invaded and it was really difficult but, didn’t feel cheap (thankfully). My friend and I just needed to be careful and use strategies to work through the baddies: flanking the tougher guys, using suppression, using the environment, focusing on problem baddies, etc. Feels so rewarding in this game to beat these missions and the loot drop rotation is still fun.
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    Thank you for your service. I saw the first third (half?) and didn't post a warning like you just did. Seeing your post made me feel like the type of person who puts a carton of spoiled milk back in the fridge.
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