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    The room is coming together...
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    I'm a software developer in service of the Life Insurance industry, which means that my wife, who makes money every time a baby gets stuck with a needle and cries, has a more moral job than me, who makes money off predicting when people will die.
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    Let's see, the super fast summary: Failed med school, got into food service, got laid off from very good kitchen job, got a sucky job as line cook, knee injury Thanksgiving 2014, went back to school for accounting, got a public accounting job, got my CPA, and I'm now looking into going into industry. That's it.
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    Finally some golden age 4k. An 80th Anniversary Wizard of Oz is apparently coming this year like I had hoped.
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    You'll like this, Romier. Buying a Fat PS2 + a pile of (very common) games tomorrow from someone at work for $20. Time to rebuild a softmodded PS2 with a hard drive - sold my old one over 10 years ago.
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    Yeah its post End Game as expected with some very cool after effects from that movie. MUCH better trailer than the first.
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    Word is the new Far From Home trailer coming this week will have Tom Holland before it saying not to watch if you have not seen endgame yet. For more then one reason.
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    Cool, interesting stuff, just curious. Again, wasn't trying to imply you were trying to pull a fast one by any means at all, was just wondering if attitudes have changed around the retro community. I always wondered if the repros/"restored" ones would eventually get good enough where people would start to throw up their hands, I guess it would be more likely to be a problem if the values kept rising. And trust me, I can't fathom trying to seriously collect now with the prices where they are. I amassed most of my collection right at the tail end before things really went nuts, was able to buy out people's complete collections, hit up places like Half Price Books, went all-in when places like Gamecrazy and Toys 'R Us and all of those cleared out all of their retro stock. I sometimes wish I had held onto things a little longer before I finally made the decision to sell most of it off, but at the same time, it also paid for a good portion of my house, so... 🤷‍♂️ I also do miss having a bunch of it, even though I don't really care about collecting these days...it was very cool stuff.
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