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    Catapult effectiveness -100 Catapult Range -100 Catapult damage -100 Dragon power +1000 Dragon agility +1000 Plot conveniences + 1,000,000 Maybe not a popular opinion (and I’ll take the jabs) but I calls it how I see it and this season post episode 2 has been horribly rushed, poorly written garbage. A damned shame for a show that I want to actively cheer for it’s finale but can’t get past its quality right now.
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    Hopefully all the releases come out this quick after their announcement .
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    I should have never opened this thread, my wallet is in trouble.
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    I guess I'm in the minority here, but I really like how things are panning out, and I like that the characters are surprising me, turning out to be not-so-smart in some cases, and all that. I feel that's consistent with the writing of the show so far, at least. I do find it amusing how people on social media — the same people who have no problem with character inconsistencies in comic book movies and TV shows — are pissed about Danny going psycho genocide. Did we really think she was going to be a caring leader after all the hints were dropped, after she asked Jon Snow to keep the secret to himself because she just wanted power oh so bad, and after Sansa saw it coming? Regarding the dragons, they've been inconsistent since day one. I look at it this way: they're obviously sentient beings with personalities and strengths of their own. Treating them like D&D characters with stats (which I've seen a lot of - not calling out Romier here specifically) is exactly what's wrong with how people watch fantasy movies and TV in my opinion. Things don't get to be consistent because it's a videogame where the main character has to beat the final boss and win. There are no 20-sided dice. There are no RNGs with buffs and what-not. Sandor's final scene was amazing. Qyborn's death was perfect. He was an insect that deserved to be squashed. Euron's final words and death were hysterical. Loved it. I even thought Jamie and Cersei's death was fitting and well done. I really don't know how they would tie this all up and make everyone happy, but in my opinion, compared to other shows that had to do the same, they're doing it masterfully here. Anyway, I had fun watching it last night and that's pretty much all I ask of my free time.
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    Started this on work trip last week, and it's really good. Combat is much more of a tactics game similar to Mario/Rabbids, but with smaller battlefields (and time farts). Obviously, it's aimed at fans of the show, but it's got a really good level of polish on it.
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    I was fine with Danny’s turn but, agree that it would have been better had it played out over a full season rather than a snap and turn all in one episode, however the signs have been there and have been building so I think it does fit the character. I’m liking this final season actually and still having fun watching but, it does feel rushed. The Blackwater battle felt more epic than the Kings Landing attack in a lot of ways and that’s a shame to me - I wanted an even more epic fight and it was more of a slaughter. I guess that fits in a way - I just can’t help but think some of this is down to the shorter season requiring things to be moved along quickly. Tyrion’s slide into stupidity has bothered me the most this season - I can roll with it and I’m very much looking forward to the last episode and how his story concludes but, I don’t like it. His character now feels like he’s missed too many obvious signs/opportunities than any should and i wanted the Tyrion from previous seasons: shrewd, adept at reading people and situations and a good tactician. He is none of those things now so I’m a little sad over that.
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    Also, one of the cues from the first score is a nod to Zoolander, so bonus points there. That's on a Giacchino level of goofy track titles.
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    Funny, I was just thinking to myself this evening whilst listening to the score to the first Ant-man how much I undervalue Christophe Beck's two Ant-man scores, particularly the first one. It's easily one of the most memorable central character themes in the entire MCU (I was really pleased when Silvestri gave a nod to it in his Endgame score).
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    You have to be a bit zany to get into stuff like OSSC or Framemeister primarily because they are such multi-purpose devices for a myriad of consoles.:) Honestly if you want to dig into the 16-bit era of consoles, I can't recommend Analogue's products enough. Both the Super NT and the Mega SG are amazing pieces of hardware. You get high quality HDMI output with complete control of screen size for correct integer scaling so no need for a line double or scaler. The compatibility is damn near 100% and the level of accuracy is akin to playing on an original console. The Mega SG in particular is an insane device value wise when its jail broken. At that point, it becomes an Everdrive like unit for all of the previous devices I mentioned (Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, SG-1000 and Colecovision). They are not cheap devices at $200 each but I would look there before jumping into the world of OSSC/FM. A Super NT and SD2SNES Pro will run you about $400 but again, its insane value when you think about what it can do and if you have a deep love of the SNES, it's not crazy when you think about buying a 1-Chip SNES unit (the only SNES units worth owning, IMO), OSSC/FM, and requisite cables.
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    I have very little to no issues with Dany doing a heel turn. The seeds have been planted for a few seasons but the problem is that a seed doesn't turn into a 1,000 feet tree in the span of four episodes. It's all about executing that turn and making it feel organic and real and they've utterly failed in that regard. The way the episode was structured made it impossible to buy in. I mean, she had won. The armies of King's Landing had laid down their arms. The bells were ringing. I understood her rage and expected her to make a beeline towards the Red Keep and demolish it down to the last stone. I would have bought that completely. I would have bought her making Cersei and those around her suffer. However, setting thousands of people on fire on the way just cause she mad? Come on. If this were an actual full season or even if there were still a season 9 coming, they could have spent real time showing Dany evolving into a tyrant ruler that needed deposing. This episode would have served as a stepping stone to that. They could have spent time with Varys working against her in the shadows and playing the "game". Instead we get Varys sending out some notes that will no doubt lead to the Dorn prince and others turning against Dany in the end. Oh and he's cooked alive because Tyrion (LOL) stabs him in the back? Tyrion? Varys saved his life and was the one friend he had in King's Landing and he shanks him in the back for an ill-tempered ruler who won't listen to a damned thing he says? They've turned Tyrion into the dumbest motherfucker in captivity. Speaking of which - "The city will fall. I've defended it and know its secrets!" Apparently the secret to bringing down the Red Keep is to fly at it head on with a dragon that can suddenly avoid any and all danger from the scorpion catapults that we've been shown to have deadly accuracy and range. Meanwhile the rest of your armies sit and wait at the front door. If the Red Keep had never fallen up until this point, it was due to sheer incompetence at best because knowing all of its secrets amounted to nothing. There's so much other stuff that that's bothersome here. Everyone pleased that Jamie survived the White Walker fight, now? Eight seasons of a redemption arch thrown in the garbage. How about Brienne? Out in the snow in a robe crying cause Jamie is Cersei's bitch when it was all said and done. Maybe they'll make her surviving worthwhile next episode? I won't hold my breath. Speaking of Cersei.....my god. THAT is how you end this whole thing? A throwaway death underneath the city? No confrontation with any of the people she has slighted? Instead, I'm supposed to feel bad for this psychopath? Get the fuck out of here. That's pretty much my reaction to everything post Episode 2 of this season. Get the fuck out of here. I'm gonna miss Veep. That's the most positive thing I can say. At least Clegane-bowl was pretty fun
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    That’s brilliant. I can definitely see myself getting one of those, though not quite as soon as I’d like the Gameboy one as my hacked mini SNES scratches a 16-bit itch for the time being and I’m not looking to invest an OSSC or anything just yet.
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    Second arrived today....
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    My first experience of the SNES was the old-school floppy disk version of it. One of my good friends at university, around 91-93, was ridiculously rich & spoiled, compared to my background, and one of his favourite things was a SNES + cart-loader that let him have a wealth of SNES games in a giant box of 3.5 floppies. Even just borrowing it for a week gave me access to a ridiculous amount of games I'd only seen in Edge before. He knew what he had, but it was all about the digital packrat/hoarding over playing; whatever 'scene' he got into, he ended up with hoards of discs/CDs/DVDs, but never experienced the joys of those games... He hasn't ever changed. But, man, I know you'll enjoy the flexibility. These devices are all about that flexibility & ease. They let you get at the games.
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    Bumblebee - It was a good movie, nothing special, but enjoyable enough. The whole family enjoyed it! It's kind of a shame that it came at this point, it would have been magic had it been the beginning of Transformers in movies. (Animation withstanding). Imagine an alternate reality where Bumblebee was a small first Transformers movie ever, a testing of the waters to see what the public's appetite is for Transformers and the nostalgia surge it would surely produce. People would have enjoyed this movie, but more importantly the anticipation for where a future franchise could go and grow would be significant. Unfortunately we don't live in that timeline. We live in one where the Transformers brand was whored out, chewed up and pissed on. I can't imagine there's a lot of public energy/ interest left for the brand. Hell, everything like this also now must try to exist in the shadow of Marvel. It's good for us as consumers that the bar has been raised, but it's gotta be one hell of a headache for other similar studios/projects/franchises. We deserve Bumblebee, it's a great middle finger to the Bayverse shit. And Gen 1 is what we always should have gotten! It's easy to forgive Bumblebee's issues due to 'all the above", but sadly and to the contrary, it's also difficult to love the movie for much of the same reasons. As good as it is, it really should have been even better. Romier mentioned that John Cena basically sucks (paraphrase), and if this was the first ever Transformers movie not a single person would give a shit. But we've endured enough BS, so it's difficult to put up with him at this point, even given that this movie is still such a fresh breath of air for the brand. The rather lame storyline revolving around Bumblebee going to earth ahead of the other Autobots would have barely registered with a hungry audience, but history as it is, the story is eye roll inducing at times. I don't know how this is reading, but I did like Bumblebee, and I would give it a healthy reccomend. One must simply go in with tempered expectations and proper perspective.
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    Peggy Lipton passed away last night. R.I.P. Norma. May you continuing serving the best coffee and pie in that Double R in the sky.
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