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    I'm going to a Triple Feature of the John Wick movies tomorrow at the Alamo. I can hardly wait!
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    John Wick 3 is fabulously absurd.
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    Rick and Morty - Season 4, November 2019
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    The Shining appears to have been dated for 1st of October. I'm curious to know how Warner will handle this one given the different US and international cuts. My expectation is that they will limit it only to the US cut on UHD worldwide, but it would be great if they actually included both versions for all territories.
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    New UK edition of Flight of the Navigator is coming in July! I own the 2012 disc but will happily double dip as it badly needs a new master. UK rights don’t belong to Disney (though the 2012 disc still opens with their logo, Viking, New Start and Tri-star were credited on the box). Possible this will be locked to RegionB if anyone is looking to import, but the 2012 disc wasn’t so we’ll see.
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    That sounds pretty good...if the writers were some contractor work-for-hires that walked into the sunset after dropping off the script But these are writers for all four of the Russo's Marvel movies who are actively doing promotion for EndGame - answering questions about these movies on behalf of Marvel, Disney, and the Russos. https://www.slashfilm.com/endgame-time-travel-writers/ I'll buy that the Russo's have the final word. Strike that. Feige has the final word. But let's not pretend that the writers and directors contradicting each other about the most confusing aspect of their blockbuster movie is meaningless. In the end though, I agree with you that the Russo's take is the right one. But not with your trivialization of the confusion. This whole thing has been a bit bumpy.
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    Konami confirms that the Japanese versions of the games will be made available in a post-launch update for the Castlevania Collection! Very cool! Castlevania 3 with VRC6 music!
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    I'm pleased with how the Q80 handles reflections and glare, it's not perfect as light can scatter across the screen, but it's a lot less distracting than the Q70.
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    I saw it on Sunday and enjoyed it a great deal, even as someone that hasn't played a ton of Pokemon outside of a little Go! on my iPhone. I would like to get the current Switch game.
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    Given that my views about the longer, rubbish US cut of The Shining are even stronger than those about the longer, rubbish cut of Aliens I really hope they don't make it the only option.
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