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    Picked up CLank! & three expansions for a song at local game store's bring & buy thing. Kids will love it I suspect.
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    Fam, we are 9 hours in on the first curse and I'm starting to question my life. Tissue box is for when I break into tears. Daughter hopes it never ends, though. I'm thinking it won't.
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    Nope , I will never back an awaken realms game on KS. I wait until retail to see how things turn out. They make good games, but their quality control sucks, and does their support for issues, . This is coming from someone That loves Lords of Hellas, and am still waiting for the expansions to hit retail.
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    Yes, there are Eisner interviews filmed for the series in this episode. There is an interesting comment he makes about Paris where he says one of the biggest mistakes they made was treating it like another Orlando, with similar high prices for the park and too many deluxe hotels from the start, instead of building up to that.
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    Nailed it Holiday S2 is up 🤟🏻🤟🏻
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    Episode 3 Sick, just sick, they are really nailing this, keeps getting better.
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    I somehow scanned this as "gotta jack off first" and admired your commitment to priorities.
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