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    Finally got Star Wars Arcade put up and rearranged the front side of the theater to make room for all three together. I don't have the power cord for Golden Tee, it's at my office still from when I took it down to a buddy's. They look nice together and I also was able to get my Arcade Factory marquee on MK installed. There is a very stark difference difference between the stock marquee's and their's. It really shows in the pics. However they both look very good in person. I have room for probably one more. Two if I really squeeze them together.
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    With the results of last week’s bet, it’s time to close out the year with the greatest bit of all: Or Wars. OR WARS!!
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    I made that choice the same way, expecting that to happen 😈
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    Two and a half years. Their first releases were about two weeks before Christmas in 2008. I do remember a lot of teeth-gnashing from Criterion DVD collectors before/when they dove into HD, and since it took them a while to fully adopt Blu-ray (they were still putting out DVD-only releases nearly two full years afterwards), there were also complaints about certain titles bypassing HD. And while it's definitely not the same scenario, there was significant blowback when Criterion switched to single-SKU combo releases in 2013, with all sorts of complaints about Criterion forcing DVDs on their Blu-ray base and forcing Blu-ray and higher prices on their DVD base, along with the different size cases and all that. And I'm sure those anxieties increase with each successive format. MGM reportedly includes UHD rights to anyone licensing titles on Blu-ray. Since they have no interest in releasing anything themselves, there's little incentive not to, I guess. Every title Kino has named as possibilities for Ultra HD Blu-ray (even though four of them didn't pan out!) has been from MGM. (Although the three titles in the wings from Kino are from new studio deals, and they haven't clarified what that means, exactly.)
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