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    I bought my first cab this week (Final Fight for $99) and I’ve been checking https://deals.consolekits.com for a $199 TMNT, but they don’t seem to be prevalent yet. I think they will soon though.
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    I believe the PCB is different, the Costo version has the newer style pcb with headphone out jack.
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    Lost in Space S2 was just as fun as the first. We better get a S3, because I want answers.
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    My receipt says 1900819, that's the Costco unit, Not sure if the Walmart SKU with the riser has updated components (Walmart # 576508668), The original Walmart unit I bought didn't have the riser (Walmart # 573490521)
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    Upon a repeat viewing, I’m pretty sure she buried Luke’s and Leia’s sabers.
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    It’s going straight to Netflix here next month. 😕 The Safdie brothers are great. Highly recommend Good Time and Heaven Knows What if you haven’t seen them.
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    Uncut Gems - Blazingly good film, with an intense performance by Adam Sandler, actually acting for a change. Film is thoroughly built around his character + the high wire he's balancing on between money loaners, big name basketballers, his mistress, and his family, trying to get the one big score of a hustle to pay it all off. Very 70s feel to it, reminds me of early Scorcese in visual style. A real rush of a film from beginning to end. Loved it.
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