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    1917 is an oddball experience. It's a really tiny story. There's really only two characters for most of the film, along with some people they meet on the way. There's no real character growth. But it's an incredibly captivating experience, focused on how WW1 & its structure of warfare affected the solider, and how this particular pair react to it. It's breathless at times, but happy to pause at others. A real masterpiece of film making, well worth seeing on the big screen.
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    1917 was fantastic, one of the best of the year. Maybe the decade.
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    Joker - It's a different kind of dystopian movie, one eerily close to reality as we continue to throw pills, and very little real human contact, at our mentally ill. It's powerful and disturbing, and also very moving and terrifying. In the span of the movie, I pitied Joker, I loved him, I cheered for him, I feared him, and feared for him. And I hated him. He's Travis Bickle if, in Taxi Driver, Travis had succeeded in his initial plots to get negative attention, the only kind he thought he was worthy of. Joker is what happens when those leading lives of quiet desperation, ravaged by slow simmering, violent mental illness, are quiet no more. This was an important film. I give it 5 out of 5 Devils Dancing in a Pale Moonlight. Carlos.
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    I went into the Apple Store this morning and picked up my replacement iPad Pro. It was a virtually no-fuss experience. I told them who I was, showed them a photo ID, and walked out with a new model. I did have to hand in the old one, of course. Fortunately, they let me transfer the data from the old one before I erasing it. So far, so good. I have all my apps and games downloaded. I haven’t noticed any bizarre input issues with the touch screen, but I have 90 days to bring it back to Apple if I do. Aside from having to log back into all my accounts, about the only real hassle is reconnecting all my BlueTooth devices. It’s remarkable how easy the process of moving from one Apple mobile device to another is these days. EDIT: I don't think I mentioned this elsewhere, but thank god the iPad was still under warranty. If it weren't, it would cost me $499 to "fix" it. In this case, fixing it is Apple replacing the entire device.
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    I finally succumbed to Mark’s nagging and bought this for myself over the Christmas period. With about twelve hours clocked so far I’m delighted to say that I’ve found myself loving this game. I’d only planned on playing for an hour this evening and found myself giving up three. I typically find these kind of jrpg affairs somewhat bewildering, and certainly I do find a lot of the menus, stats and so forth intimidating, but the core gameplay itself nevertheless manages to be extremely accessible in ways I had not expected (thanks in no small part to the more forgiving gameplay settings you can choose I’m sure). I’m so charmed and amused by the school life (what is something of a sexy Hogwarts) and teaching angle of it all, and all the characters and interactions therein. I’m glad for my first play through I opted not to allow students to stay dead should they perish in battle as I think I’d be mortified to permanently lose any of them.
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    That goes back to my first post wondering if a different rep had maybe given a number or someone had actually tested it. It's something I'd think you'd want to promote. Also, I'd forgotten the 120hz was so low on last year's sets.
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