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    I think you have to have a setting in Data Handling turned on. I saw that on reddit and I don’t have that setting on my PS4 at all in the US.
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    You mother fucker! I've been holding this back for a long time. But no longer! I am sick of the straw-man-veiled praise on delayed games for "taking time to do it right." Fuck off! We're upset that the full and final awesome game has been delayed. Expectations, that THEY set -- shattered. No one is ever saying "Please, drop your half-baked steaming pile of shit game on us." So when I say "Fuck, Duke Nukem Forever was delayed again...#$%$^#$%#$^" ... And then some asshole, whose name rhymes with schmoey, posts gleefully right after my complaint, and says "They're taking their time to get it right. Good for them." You're not some reasonable, well-meaning, savior of the message boards. You are a kick in the balls to everything decent in this world you fucker of mothers.
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    They had announced the changes for Lord of the Rings and GoT during the last AMA they did. I had posted that long thread that day.
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    This, Last of Us 2, and Ori are my three most anticipated games of the year. I'll have my PC down in my home theater just in time for this game.
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    Here's mine: My top 3 games were Spider-man (46 hours), Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (29 hours) and Tetris Effect (26 hours). I played 12 games in all across 122 hours on 75 different days. I earned 148 trophies -- two of them Platinums. Compared to my stats on Switch, this was a pretty light year for the ol' PS4 Pro. They did last year. I'm surprised they haven't posted anything yet. I'll be curious to see where the Xbox One lands in my overall play time rankings. My guess is second place, but I think it might be neck-in-neck with Switch.
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    The Mick Gordon soundtrack alone is enough to secure a purchase. The fact that Doom 2016 was one of the best games of that year is just icing. I mean....
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    If you like, you can check out your year in review at Nintendo.com. Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2019 Some stats from my report:
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    Nemesis trailer! Capcom has also since confirmed that the decision points in the original game will not appear in the remake. There's a single ending for the game as opposed to the multiple ending setup of the original. A bit disappointing but I can live with it.
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    The cable comes out of the top? No way. Not on my watch.
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    Gaming will really be the main benefit. I think it just makes sense long term as you never know how many 2.1 devices you may have someday and appreciate having extra HDMI switching, and a receiver is often preferable for ease of access to HDMI inputs. I’m also quite curious if 2.1 receivers could ever be set to trick a display with older devices, by which I mean if you hooked up something like a PS4 or SNES mini to the receiver I wonder if you could set it up in the receiver to tell the TV to trigger auto low latency and quick frame transport modes.
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    It's not about 8K, I assume most of us want VRR , ALLM, QMS, QFT HDMI FORUM VARIABLE REFRESH RATE (VRR) Like AMD's FreeSync or NVIDIA's G-SYNC, the HDMI group has created their own version of the VESA Adaptive Sync protocol. We don't know much about their implementation yet, but it is expected to not be compatible with AMD's FreeSync. That being said, there is nothing stopping manufacturers from implementing both, as Samsung has already implemented FreeSync on some 2018 TVs and is expected to support both FreeSync and HDMI Forum VRR on some 2019 models. Learn more about VRR AUTO LOW LATENCY MODE Another great feature created with gamers in mind, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), also known as Auto Game Mode, allows supported TVs to automatically enable the TV's low latency 'Game' mode when it detects a game being played. This saves you the hassle of having to manually enable it each time you start playing. It even knows the difference between playing a game, watching a game on YouTube, or watching a movie, and automatically switches as needed. Again, Samsung was ahead of the pack with this feature, as some 2018 models already support it. QUICK MEDIA SWITCHING (QMS) In the past, whenever your device changed the parameters of the signal it was sending, like TV, the screen would go black for a few seconds while the TV adjusted to the new signal. This would be especially noticeable on game consoles, where the output refresh rate, and even the resolution, would sometimes change depending on the content. Quick media switching fixes this issue. When a compatible source is connected to a compatible display, the display will no longer display a black screen when switching formats, instead instantly switching between modes with no distracting black screen. QUICK FRAME TRANSPORT (QFT) Quick Frame Transport changes the way images are transferred from a source device to a display. Frames are transferred at a much higher rate, in order to reduce latency. Total input lag is a measure of many factors, including the time it takes the display to process the image and display it on screen. QFT won't completely eliminate input lag, but it will reduce the lag caused by the transfer time between the source and the display. https://www.rtings.com/tv/learn/tv/tests/inputs/hdmi-2-1
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