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    As a non-professional Canon user with a serious hobbyist photography problem, I love my R. It betters my EOS 6D Mark II, my EOS M5 and all my previous crop-factor bodies in almost every way. But the battery life sucks, especially for any kind of action shooting. Even with the battery pack, I can use up the entire battery life in just a few hours of high-speed shooting of my son’s soccer tournaments. And to be honest, for quick vacation trips and when I’m headed on a business trip somewhere interesting, I still often just grab my M5. Its controls make it a joy to use and it’s just easier to pack about. I limit myself to the 18-150mm kit lens and make myself get creative with it.
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    Cats and s(h)elfies are why the internet exists. Here's both. When we're playing, Cairo likes to jump up there and sit behind the DM screen and watch. And plot. If we really let him DM, there is no doubt he would enjoy killing the players. He's a jerk.
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    The people I've seen complaining do not have that issue. Just lazy
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    The Quest is such a big hit in our household that we're going to have to buy another one (wife requested it for her Valentine's/Anniversary present) once they go back in stock on Amazon.
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    Same! I burned through the 9 episodes of "Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet" on Apple TV the other day, and it was freakin' hilarious. From the same folks that bring us "It's Always Sunny in Philadephia" it's like Silicon Valley (but even more whacky, if that's possible) for video gamers. Hope Apple picks it up for another season.
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    If I stay in the Nikon Z ecosystem, I was thinking about getting a Z50 as a "beater" camera to carry everywhere like that. The kit lens is a pancake zoom, there's a telephoto for it, and I can use any regular Z mount glass.
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    Also don't forget the Nikon Z7 was a shade under 46mp. It might not be entirely fair blaming Sony alone for the mp boasting again come to think of it, as Nikon really made a push for higher resolutions in the D800 range of dSLRs. Leica's SL2 and Q2 are 47mp, their M10 Monochrom is 40mp and there's a 40 something mp M10 variant coming soon. It's as if 45-47 is fast becoming the new 24 in the higher end of the market. I'm curious to see if the XT-4 ushers in a new generation of sensor (and consequently higher resolution) for Fuji's cameras. Has there been an aps-c camera with a mp count into the thirties yet? Fuji's current sensor in the XT3, X-pro3, XT30, X100V, which I think is a Sony, is 26.
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    Their earnings call recently was quite frank about their failures to get into mirrorless sooner, and almost seemed to admit the R had shortcomings on account of being somewhat rushed out of the door. That certainly gives credence to them making the 5R rather special, but we've had so many years of Canon deliberately hampering their own products so as not to canibalize those higher up the chain (and their cinema branded cameras) that it almost seems impossible to think that they might finally stop pulling these silly stunts. And yet, surely the market has to force them to be more competitive at this point? Look at what Sony keep offering. Nikon have upped their game on video with the Z series and their recent dSLRs, and Fuji have also been offering outstanding features and quality on the video front which I suspect will only take another leap forward with the X-T4. I completely agree. They are stellar pieces of glass, probably good value for what they are all things considered, but my goodness they are ridiculously sized and they do not balance particularly well with the smaller mirrorless bodies. The 50mm felt absurd to me when I tried it. They absolutely need some 1.8 (and f2s) in the range. How long can you keep expecting people to want to use a clunky adapter to mount EF glass? If it's true they will be revealed any day now then it's going to be a very interesting month for announcements in general as I really think Fuji are going to do a good job with the XT-4. It feels like the XT range is on the verge of being perfected. With all the major manufactures reporting a drop in revenue of mirrorless sales one has to wonder who can survive the next five years. I'm not entirely sure where the black holes are emerging in the market. Is it at an entry level or the mid-tier prosumer level? I'd assume the former? Maybe it's also an issue that these companies are offering too many options. When I took interest in the X100V last week I took some time to look at Fuji's current X lineup in detail and it's really bloated and confusing, which I also think is true of Sony who to me still seem as though they have a new camera to announce every week. I have a fair grasp on what Nikon offer right now, whereas Canon I also find to have a confusing and over-saturated line up of options.
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    I think Episode 3 drops later today with the new Coney Island area. They are adding the flamethrower specialization and a 2nd raid but, don’t think those get added today. I’d be up for a new expansion especially stuff that takes us back to NY so hopefully good stuff to come.
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    Catch up... Doctor Sleep - as mentioned, totally riveting, a film that blew away my expectations out of a sequel to the Shining. Great performances by the three leads. Great plotting for the story. And the return to the Overlook was handled extremely well. Gretel & Hansel - this was a real surprise. It's extremely dark, and manages to be quite grotesque at times by choosing its imagery really well to stay as a PG13, but still be disturbing... It's Medievel Europe. It's filled with Pagan imagery, + witchcraft. It's very arty in its look + framing. And it's not afraid to go to the dark edges of Grimm's fairytales. Not surprised it's bombing with audiences, but we were blown away by it. "The Witch For Teenagers"? Parasite - just as good second time around.
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    Watched Parasite, enjoyed it, I was not prepared for how disturbing this film is on many levels.
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    Big announcement tomorrow at 11am. Wario is saying a new expansion is coming called Warlords of New York. No word on what, if anything else, they are announcing. The game is on sale for $3 on Xbox right now. Even with 4 and half days worth of play time on PS4, I couldn’t resist, picked it up. Will probably dive in Wednesday. Think it’s time to get back on the PS4 version also.
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    Watched both that linked video and their video for HTTYD. Both look quite intriguing, and I’ll work to convince my wife that trip in 2023 or 2024 should possibly focus on Universal for a change.
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    Just watched episodes 3 & 4 and I’m still enjoying it. I find Hugh Laurie’s lines of dialogue and facial expressions totally hilarious.
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    My 11-year-old played Robo Recall last night. She has a low tolerance for stressful games. When robot spiders starting jumping closer and closer to her, and she didn't have the timing to kill them, she ripped off the headset and handed it to me. Also, the opener for that game is just great. Where you're watching TV screens with the robots, surrounded by them, and then they malfunction, their eyes turn red, and they all turn around. She ripped the headset off their too. I love "rips off the headset" videos on youtube. I can't imagine what RE5 must be like.
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    Good timing to finally watch this Probably my favourite film from last year, and I went to see it again last week, and loved it even more. Deserved the Oscars it received.
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    We are quite literally a few weeks away from a new Space Channel 5 game, ya'll and you damned right I'm in! https://twitter.com/PlayStation/status/1226672129367633921
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    Parasite - This is an absolutely phenomenal film. Possibly the definitive film examining class warfare over the last 15-20 years. It will leave you thinking long and hard about its themes and especially the final scene where you come to realize that none of the people in the movie are the parasites but instead....we’ll I don’t want to ruin it. I can’t recommend it enough and my god, go in totally blind! You simply will not see any of what happens coming.
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    I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm still annoyed, at the amount of "but subtitles" style comments I'm reading on Facebook. 😕
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