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    That’s a pretty clever form of protest. Well done. I couldn’t help but think of this, though
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    And actually done, this time. Main story resolved, all mythological creatures done, spear fully upgraded, and most importantly, all cultists dead.
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    I’ve started Devs as well, pretty cool so far. I didn’t know anything about it, just word of mouth, but I was immediately impressed by the darkly sleek tone of it. And when Alex Garland’s name showed up in the credits I knew why it seemed familiar. I just watched Ex Machina again a few months ago! Also started in on S3 of Ozark, there’s something about this show that keeps drawing me in despite some of its surface flaws. The plot seems so engineered, and yet I suppose it’s the performances that keep it interesting. I’ve already posted my thoughts on Midnight Gospel in the Netflix thread. Perfect escapist, surrealist, visual and mental engagement for these dark times. At some point soon I will start Money Heist, after Carlos’ many recommendations. a show that really sucked me in lately was The Sinner, two seasons, separate murder cases that follow Bill Pullman as a detective. Great character study all around, well paced, and unpredictable plot (I think, anyway) I watched The Outsider each week it came out. Really enjoyed it, although I found the finale a bit underwhelming, I’d still heartily recommend the show.
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    This is quite something...
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    It appears the leak did not come from an ex-ND employee or anyone associated with Sony... Druckmann retweeted the article.
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    Very interesting. I appreciate the info.
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    Wow... that is a damn fine hat!
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    In my defence, if I don’t have a new JRPG to play after Persona 5 Royal, I might go back and play something I already own. And that’s just crazy talk!
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    Surprise little title HyperDot is worth your time. Not the amount of money they're supposedly charging for it, but as a Game Pass game it's worth an hour or two if you enjoyed getting the Pacifist achievement on Geometry Wars.
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    Love on the switch you can switch the health icons to whatever you want. BTW I hate all the fat blobs and idiots with their hands in Pockets
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    They are definitely more expensive, I think our cost right now for the labels + twistees works out to almost $1.75 per can. Contrast that with the 32oz crowlers which work out to a little over $1 a can. Yes, the seamer is a $5k investment. Clearly, if you are doing any kind of real volume, you are going to make that back in a couple of years. And the 32oz crowlers are indeed a "cleaner" looking product. And, well, the twistee cans are a brand new product and didn't use to be an option at all. I don't have a definitive answer on lifespan, but they should be pretty much the same as the crowlers provided they are filled correctly. The seal is still going to be airtight.
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    Good luck and hang in there -- Semper Gumby!
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