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    I've always liked the reaction system so I can simply say “I saw you posted and here’s what I think about it“ without having to make a reply, which probably didn't warrant a reply anyway. The data shows that's the case in this ranked list of Reaction Givers: 🏆to @Magness Since there's been any type of reaction system in the forum, we've reacted to posts 25,725 times. Here's a breakdown of which reactions were used most going back to 2018: And when you filter out "Like" to see the rest: These are sort of the default ones in the Invision system, but slightly modified. But those choices are limited, and while "Like" will still be the default and the one that's used the most, it's lacking nuance and there's some fun we can have with this. So here's an attempt to flesh that out, big time. The original idea was Smilies, but in testing, the icons end up small enough where they blend in during actual use and look too similar, so I added these alternate non-smilie versions. The alt-icons are the ones that will be used, but here are the originals for posterity. Reaction Icon Non-Smilie icon Notes Haha Will replace the current “Haha" Amazing Excellent Interesting Thanks Alarmed/Shocked Sad Will replace the current “Sad" Annoyed Will replace the current “WTF" Bravo Will replace the current “Epic Post" None of this is set in stone, and this might even be a few too many, but fuck it, let's give it shot and see how we do. What's missing?
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    I like them, particularly the sinister “excellent” one. PS: DAMN YOU, AMEX!
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    Now when you bookmark the site, you'll see a D-pad shaped favicon in LCVG colors to go along with it. This will also be the icon shown when saving the site to your mobile device's home screen. This was a contribution by @Robot Monkey. All hail!
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    Vitamin D deficiency is really common in Western countries. Taking some over the counter vitamins for it is such a low bar to reach for that we should do it regardless. I know some very smart people who are obsessed with life expectancy that have latched onto the VitD connection with Covid 19 like it's a lifeboat to grab for, because it fits their existing points of view. And we're all seeing that echo-chambered onwards. Take an extra VitD pill a day, go on. I know where you're coming from, and I utterly appreciate where you're wanting to go. But that's a really tough call. The seeds of doubt that get sown from the anti-vaxxers are really hard to cut down. I see it all around me in suburban Texas when it gets mixed in with a distrust of big government. We had a couple of incidents of whooping cough this year for example.
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    How so? I enjoy many of the conversations they have there - but it's a podcast after all.
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    This was your first mistake. Hang in there, @JFo, that sucks. And the same for all of the others that have had friends and family exposed. I have no family exposed yet, mostly friends or family of other friends, no serious complications fortunately. Things are only going to get worse now that "people are tired of dealing with this", five minutes into what is going to be a long, long marathon.
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    Ah, yes. The old “it’s the people who’ve been put on ventilators who die” argument. Most people who die of cancer have been given cancer treatment, too. Mysterious, isn’t it, like doctors are only using them to treat the most serious cases.
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    Hooray for me 😀 and I love the new ones
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    Well after delay after delay I finally received it. Little Each day is all you need. I have used it 3 times already and it has softened my beard and it has stopped the itch.
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    Given that this is on Game Pass now, I started it up the other day. I wasn't sure whether it would click-I tried the first RDR and didn't really get into it, but given that the price for entry this time was covered, I figured why not. I've made it as far as the camp near Valentine, which I don't think is very far at all. A couple of observations: -Everything feels pretty slow and unresponsive. I think GTA5 at least had a similar "weight" to the movement, but there you at least had faster vehicles to deal with. Here, the horses aren't exactly speedy, and Arthur's default speed seems to be "mosey". -There are a whole lot of systems to manage here. Hopefully it's a little like San Andreas in that you don't have to spend too much time dealing with them, but I'm not really interested in trying to juggle a whole bunch of "cores" to keep things going. -There are a ridiculous number of controls in this game. I've had to go back into the menus (a couple of levels deep) to get the control map up, and that has two or three things on every button that it keeps flashing through. I just want to know how to pull up the mission log or manage my inventory. Remember when games like PC flight sims would come with keyboard overlays to remind you what all the buttons did? I think this game might have more controls than some of those... -I've been finding it tricky to track either enemies or animals in some cases on the screen-things just blend together too well. I get that's more "natural", but from a gameplay perspective, it means that things blend together. Would be useful if the deadeye skill (whichever one it is when you click both sticks) highlighted things. The story/atmosphere seems really interesting though, so I think I'll stick with it for a while at least and see how it goes. This game seemed like it was really divisive though...
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    The Super Favicon was Nintendo's best console.
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    The Capture One update is out and it does include a Nikon version. The downside is it's simply a cheaper version of C1 with the base Nikon Picture Profiles replicated. It's good these are there, but nothing is applied automatically to match what you set in-camera, and if you've made any adjustments to the profile in camera (I have), those don't translate to C1 since it only knows the base versions. There's other little stuff like Nikon's Active D-lighting that doesn't come through either. None of this is the fault of C1 as they obviously don't have access to Nikon's SDK but I was hoping for either that or better replication of these settings. I may buy this eventually since the price is better with the brand specific version, and I'd use this for more intensive edits that I plan on changing in post anyway. Right now I'm mainly using Nikon's own software Capture NX-D which isn't the most fun to use, but I love the output, colors, etc I get from it, and it all matches the in-camera JPEG processing.
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    I've finished unlocking all of the retro characters on both the Xbox One and Switch versions. I have almost 2.6 million points on the Xbox One and 1.5 million on the Switch. I've beaten the game more times than I care to admit or track at this point (I've stopped updating the games beaten in 2020 for this game lol). To say that I adore it is an understatement. It's legit one of my favorite releases of 2020 and the soundtrack is a contender for the best gaming soundtrack of 2020 easily. On that note, Olivier has released an extended cut of "Rising Up" with the added music from 4-2 "Down the Beatch". You can listen to it here and buy it digitally as well: https://olivierderiviere.bandcamp.com/album/rising-up-extended-down-the-beatch It's legit sex for the ears.
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    The only reason I might postpone playing Ghost of Tsushima on July 17 is because I may not have finished The Last of Us Part II by then.
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    I sold my PS4 months ago figuring I'd wait to play them on PS5. Missing out on Last of Us II at launch will be tough, but it doesn't make much sense for me to buy a PS4 Pro at $299 for two titles.
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    Ghost, maybe? The Last of Us II? Not a chance in hell.
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    A new Nintendo Switch Lite for the kids demands a suitable place to put it in a common area, so they can't sneak it into their bedrooms at night. Behold, Metal Mario!
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    Omg, this is the best! 🤣
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    This really is a very accurate summary of where the government’s new phase of messaging is in the UK:
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    My sister got her test result yesterday: negative. That means it's likely no one else in the family has it either, since we're in frequent contact. We'd all be wiped out if one of us had it. Sorry to hear about your relative, Daniel.
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    We received a call this morning from my youngest son’s daycare saying that a staff member and two kids in his class tested positive for COVID-19. Since he was exposed, we can’t bring him back until next Tuesday (May 26) at the earliest. It sounds like the two kids who tested positive are doing well, with their only symptoms being a slight fever. He’s home with me now and is doing fine. His spirits are high, and he doesn’t have any symptoms. He is a bit confused about what time it is though. He kept asking me when we were going to have supper, thinking I had picked him up at his normal time. 😄 My wife and I aren’t exactly sure what we’re going to do with him for the rest of the week. Normally, if he’s sick, we either stay home with him or bring him over to a grandparent’s house. Obviously, that later option is off the table. My boss is going to check with HR to see if there are any special policies in place for parents who may have to stay home with a child who has contracted COVID-19 or been exposed to it. She was going to get back to me once she knew. Otherwise, my wife and I might just have to alternate days this week to keep an eye on him. Then, of course, there’s the matter of whether or not he contracted it as well, and in so doing, gave it to all of us. The only thing we can do at the moment is wait to see if we develop any symptoms. Fingers crossed.
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    My uncle is supposed to go to rehab in the coming days if he continues to progress as the hospital hopes. My mother has been resisting going to the hospital herself, but finally got bad enough that an ambulance was called yesterday. She is resisting any potential ventilator ('all of the people she sees on the news who go on ventilators all die'), and the family members she will talk to are trying to convience her that she should consent if necessary. I did send voicemail, texts and Mother's Day wishes off into the void this week. She's certainly committed to going out on her terms! One aunt is sick, but not terribly so far. The other aunt is doing OK as well.
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    Lost an extended family member to the virus I was informed this morning. Not someone I knew/had ever met personally, but first knowledge I have someone who’s had it in the orbit of family/friends. He was only 54.
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