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    Chapter 1: "Free Romier"
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    WFH: The Ultimate Cubicle! My employer continues to talk about bringing folks back into the office, but it sounds like they are in no hurry to do so. I don't blame them. The Director of our group says that he has received nothing but praise from other departments about our group's performance while working offsite. If we can get the job done without adversely affecting the business and not put people at risk, I can't see any good reason to bring us back in any time soon. Quick update on our situation: We did not get the little guy tested yesterday. All thing's considered, he seems perfectly fine aside from a very mild fever that comes and goes. He's still not suffering from any other symptoms — no cough, no runny nose, etc. I think if he does start exhibiting more symptoms, we'll take him in. But for the time being, we'll just keep him at home and keep a close eye on his condition.
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    Demo is out on the Playstation store! 25GBS! https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/product/UP9000-CUSA18224_00-MIMVRDEMO0000001
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    Our IT manager here at BigOil actually conceded yesterday that the evidence shows productivity is actually UP bigly with everyone working from home. AND we'll be looking to put 25-50% of IT employees on permanent WFH status. I'd better be one of them. Carlos.
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    So, maybe I'm slow, but I just realized that the "excellent" reaction is more Montgomery Burns and less Bill and Ted.
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    Now I'm waiting for The Oral History of LCVG podcast.
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    My experience is somewhat the same. Since I changed jobs last Sept, I felt I made the right move to a smaller agency. One of the reasons I left my previous place was that over the 9 years I was there, they grew and grew, and over that time became more and more 'impersonal' - I won't go into details, but at some point I started feeling more like a line on a spreadsheet than a valued employee. And now that the shit has hit the proverbial fan with our health crisis, I can definitely say I feel like a valued employee. We too are getting extra money to cover WFH expenses (backdated to March), and because they recognize that in some cases work hours have become more blurred than normal, every Friday is a half-day if you don't have an urgent deliverable. It's not just the private sector either. My BF works for the city of SF, in social services. Because he is a supervisor, he is automatically deemed a "disaster response" worker. Some of these folks actually are doing different jobs related to the pandemic, my BF is still doing the same job, but he does have to go IN to work every day (although there are only a handful of people still on site), crossing the city on busses and on foot. This is why I haven't seen him in 2 months...because his exposure risk is vastly greater than mine. But the city of SF is offering all disaster response workers an extra day of paid vacation for every week of work since the lockdown started.
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    Release the Snyder cut of the sports forum, you cowards!
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    Ahhh, I legit totally forgot the football section. Universe, within a universe, within a universe. 🙂
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    Yeah, they made it almost too easy. I got all the way up to level 97. And done! Watching the credits right now. What a bittersweet ending for a game I have basically spent all my free time over the past 6 weeks playing. It’s going to be strange moving onto something else.
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    It's a blast! Check out PSVR Without Parole's playthrough :
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    Civilization 6 is your Epic Freebie this week.
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    Edgar Wright had hinted at Scott Pilgrim vs. the World being on the way before, but this -- as part of tonight's livetweeting of the movie -- is a little more explicit:
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    I'm probably WFH until at least September given the situation with the kids, and I don't really mind that much. I was thinking about it, and if it goes to a system where not everyone can be in the office all the time, then really, what's the point of being in the office at all. If the argument is that "collaboration is better in person" then if you're not in person with the right people, then you'll never have a chance to actually engage in the type of collaboration you want. Getting to the point where it's, say, 30% of the people in the office on any given day doesn't really help if most of the people you have to work with are remote that day. I get going into an office if there's something physical you need access to that doesn't exist remotely, but for me, I have better internet, more monitors, fewer distractions, and less commute time this way (saving me probably 2.5-3h/day of driving).
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    We are still working at home 4 days a week. I go in one day a week (Thurs) but the room I am in only has one other person not sitting near me. The rest of the place is a ghost town except for higher ups. Word is, its going to be a long time until we go back because there is no reason for most of us to have to be in the office to do our jobs. I am looking forward to a 4 day weekend .
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    We reopened our office back up on the 11th, I didn't go but have access to the security camera and enjoyed watching people struggle to work with their mask on and follow the rules. Here we are a little over a week later and no one is going in anymore.
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    Now in the store: https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/haunted-house-10273?icmp=LP-SHD-Standard-CE_Disruptor_10273_Fairground_Haunting_House_Exclusive_During_EA-EX-CE-OEJVUA5WWW I'm really, really tempted.
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    Not to keep this off topic and sound crazy, but Peloton has changed my life. I bought my wife one for her birthday last year but I now ride at least as much as she does. I’m down close to 30 pounds from the start of the year. I am fully gulping the Kool-Aid. Username is Actinide (shocking, I know.)
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    Like many of you, I've been working from home since early March. My company's response has really been amazing and ahead of the curve. Acquiring new hardware (computers, wifi hot spots, monitors, etc.) for employees, extra pay each month to cover work from home expenses, unlimited sick time, extending benefits for child care assistance, and it seems like they mail us gifts every other week (everything from warm cookies to clothing to booze). Now, the company has committed to continuing our work from home plan through September 7. That really blew me away. I may be drinking the Kool-aid but all these actions really feel genuine and employee-centered.
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    I'm not sure how to react to this news. Carlos.
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