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    Well, I've gone and done it. 11" iPad Pro, pencil and keyboard ordered. iPad and pencil will hopefully be with me next week as I ordered them from John Lewis (UK department store) as they have stock and I get an extended 2yr warranty with them. The keyboard is coming from Apple at a later date with a 6th-16th of June estimate. I decided to let common sense prevail and not get Apple's £80 folio case, but have instead opted for a ztotop folio case which has good reviews on Amazon and function/design wise seems damn near identical to the Apple folio... It's also only £15, so that has freed up funds to stretch to the 256GB pad capacity. I definitely... DEFINITELY... didn't also have John Lewis price match a pair of Airpods Pro down to £217. 🤥 That about maxes out my contribution to the frail economy in 2020.
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    What I will say is that it's a very exciting trailer, but I wish I hadn't watched it because I preferred not knowing anything.
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    Apple has pretty much abandoned the “i” naming scheme for any new products. One of the main reasons is to avoid trademark disputes (there was some renewed lawsuit just the other day over use of the name iPhone). I’d place a pretty big bet on the name being “Apple” something. Apple Glasses makes the most sense (ironically they had legal issues with Apple Records back in the day over the use of the name Apple, and now it’s their trademark issue avoidance).
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    My wife decided to take both of our boys in to get tested this afternoon. We’ll have the results in 1-6 days. We’ll get a call regardless of whether or not the test comes back positive or negative, which is good to know. Both boys are in good spirits, and aside from that low-grade fever our youngest has had, they both seem perfectly healthy. Unfortunately, the number of positive cases at daycare continues to rise. As of this afternoon, there are 6 confirmed cases among the staff and 11 for kids. Hopefully, everyone makes it through this all right.
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    I just picked up the pencil 2 and UAG case. As I won’t be getting the keyboard for awhile. URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th Gen, 2020) Case Metropolis [Cobalt] Folio Slim Heavy-Duty Tough Multi-Viewing Angles Stand Military Drop Tested Rugged Protective Cover   I have the UAG cases on my iPhone pro max and my Surface pro and they are built like a tank but still feels lightweight. Really liking it so far on the Pro. I also picked up a silicone cover to match for the pencil.
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    Yes the marathon and half marathon are in January. That's really the best way to enjoy your trip and not feel exhausted at the end of it. Most of my previous trips I felt like I needed a post vacation to recover.
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    I enjoy both Spring and Fall. It really comes down to my children's school break. This year was the firsts time in three years that they had the same spring break. Next year they will both be in the same High School and once again have the same spring break. What I really enjoy about the spring is the flower and garden festival. It is similar to Food and Wine where they have additional kiosks selling food however it's honestly the nicest that Epcot looks all year. The way they decorate the park with the topiaries and flowers really brings out the park's beauty. While the Spring is generally busy It really depends on when in the spring you go. The only time I have been there during Spring was late April 2014 and it wasn't bad since most of the other schools in the country had their spring break earlier in the year. The weather is perfect, warm enough to swim and yet not too hot where you don't necessarily have to wear shorts if you don't want to. We have only don the short weekend trips in the fall. The Fall just has a lot going on that you would enjoy. The Halloween Party has my favorite parade and fireworks. Recently from what I have heard the Halloween Party has been a bit overcrowded which is why we skipped it last October. Let's not forget Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. While I have never been, I have heard they are really fun.
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    Nothing in terms of monetary compensation. What they have done is allowed for any borrowed points from next year, that were used for a trip that was cancelled due to the shutdown, to be moved back into it's original year. This is important as once points are borrowed or banked into a year they are stuck there and have to be used or they are forfeited. The issue right now is a lack of availability. With people pushing their trips out to the fall and winter months there is nothing available through January. Fall and winter months are always busy with DVC due to Food & Wine, Halloween and Christmas Party's as well as the Marathon in January. However for there to be nothing available this soon for those months is concerning. The next year and a half will be interesting when it comes to availability due to the number of points out there.
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    Yes, it has. It has changed the way I vacation at Disney. I no longer feel like I have to do everything on this trip because I know I will be back. I have been able to share some amazing trips with my family to both Walt Disney World and Aulani (Hawaii). While it was a big financial investment I have gotten my money’s worth. I have hosted my siblings and parents at WDW. We took around 20 people to Hawaii to celebrate my daughter’s 15th birthday. Next Easter we are spending 10 days total at Disney world. The first five days will be my wife, two kids and myself. The next five days we will be joined by my wife’s siblings, their kids and my in-laws. We have also done multiple smaller trips in one year. There have also been years were haven’t gone in order to save our points for the larger trips where we hosted family. I have also rented out my points when I was planning on traveling somewhere other than Disney. It really comes down to how you want to travel and whether you really want to spend so much time at Disney. The big thing for us was it forced us to take vacations.
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    I feel like that trailer is on trend with the whole, "let's show waaaay too much of the movie." thing. I wish I hadn't watched it.
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    Not watching the trailer but can’t see a scenario where I won’t be deferring seeing it for the first time until the disc is released. Sorry, Mr Nolan.
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    Release the Snyder cut of the sports forum, you cowards!
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    Say hello to Insignia. A replacement server for Xbox Live that will work on the original Xbox. Stock and modded units will work as long as you can dump keys which you can do with one time game exploit. Coming Autumn 2020 hopefully!
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    This cab looks fantastic. Wish it had the scan line toggle though.
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