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    Pulled the first couple of boxes of DVDs out of the storage unit over the weekend and have kicked off the MakeMKV party with "Barton Fink." Here we go!
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    We keep posting Game Pass news in the Xbox One and Series X thread, but really, this should be its own separate topic. So, here it is — at long last! — with today's announcements. I played The Messenger recently on Switch. If you have not played it, definitely check it out. It is a good 2D Metroidvania. Romier and Brian both vouched for Observation as well in the Xbox One thread. I suppose I'll have to try and check it out when I get the chance. I have several other games that I want to play still, including The Outer Worlds, The Outer Wilds, Blair Witch, and Ace Combat 7. Maybe someday I'll get to them. Too many games! For the time being, my boys and I are still having a blast playing Minecraft Dungeons. We still haven't beaten it yet, but we are slowly leveling up and getting better gear. Hopefully, we can take down the Arch Illiger soon.
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    Wow, and here we are, back where we were in April. It sure looks like tomorrow may break a one day record of new cases in the US. It seems like we are on the precipice of a much worse outbreak, given the degree of pandemic fatigue, or just outright idiocy in the form of resistance to mask-wearing. Sorry if that offends, but really, if people can't give the slightest damn about the well-being of other people in their community, they really don't deserve to be part of one. Some people are calling this the second wave, but I don't think it's accurate, we never got close to the end of the first one.
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    Halo 4 was highly dependent on external media for its story. It's the Star Wars syndrome where folks are like "But in this Guide To X book it says this character was actually married to" and folks if its that important, it should be in the damned game. I filled in the gaps well enough to understand 4 and frankly, I thought it was a pretty great game overall. It was "safe" Halo but it was solid and looked fantastic. At the time I was much more positive on 5 but I have cooled on it in recent years. I do not think its a better game than 4 at this point and the recycled boss battles really weighed it down for me on the second playthrough. Locke and his fireteam aren't particularly interesting within the context of the narrative either. It's not a bad game but I don't have any particularly positive feelings toward it either. I really hope that Infinite is a return to form for the series. I'd like to see them return to the Halo rings lore while building on the concept of Cortana being a rogue AI. My hopes for the game are high! Also, ODST = Best Halo.
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    I finished the game, I truly enjoyed it - gameplay wise, it's a refined version of the first - the addition of crawling, grass cover, hiding/crawling under some things really adds to the gameplay. The AI is so much better, every battle is always tense. Story wise I loved it as well This is the first game I've played where they get the guitar animations right! And Joel has good taste on guitars (Taylor ) Have you seen the models in the extras menu? The amount of detail is incredible:
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    Joel, I'm just gonna say the obvious. That no one else here has the balls to say. YOU need to do those exact same glamour shots with those exact clothes. I mean, you have to. Right?
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    So, when news broke for Amy Hennig's departure from Naughty Dog, IGN reported that she parted ways with the studio under bad terms: Sony later issued a statement to IGN, saying that the reports of her being forced to leave were false: Well, it turns out that this report was totally bogus. Confirmation came from none other than ex-IGN writer Mitch Dyer, who penned the first article above: Butts and Blevins were editors at IGN at the time, and apparently were pretty shitty human beings. Read the whole Twitter thread to get a better sense of how awful they allegedly were. Neil Druckman respond to Dyer on Twitter: Happy to see the air get cleared up about this. Hopefully now all the affected parties can move on from this ugly incident.
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    Luckily for you, I have recently invented sedan nuts! They're like truck nuts but get better MPG. If interest is strong, I will be expanding into motorcycle nut (two might be unbalanced) and ATV nuts (they have a lot of sand on them).
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    Nevada has issued a face mask order, along with many parts of florida. Texas gov saying people should stay home if they can. Like no one told you this shit 3 months ago morons.
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    You shitheads. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I want to finish this before the weekend. My family is out of town starting Friday night. I won’t be back until Sunday. Maybe I should sneak the PS4 Pro in my suitcase. 😀
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    Copyright says 1993. I mean, we were already using modern stuff like Windows 3.11 for Workgroups (November 11, 1993).
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    MKVToolNix. I used that with great success. I even went to great lengths combining each extended Lord of the Rings film without a blackout between files (somewhere at the time I found time codes to edit them together seamlessly). I think that's the same app I used to add alternate audio tracks to video files too (like the Laserdisc mono PCM audio from Terminator).
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    I don't know where to share this ridiculous story detailing "The Bitter Battle Between Two Men Who Both Say They Invented Truck Nuts," so I'm posting the link here: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/8gkqbg/balls-out-the-weird-story-of-the-great-truck-nuts-war
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    Yes a lot of times they still do. I had a code that i submitted once from universal that said Expired when i tried to use it, and then it showed up in my account
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    It's a PS4 game now for me. Specifically cause we got Infinite and Rez VR so that's where my association with it lives these days but yes, prior to that Dreamcast all the way. Anticipation of the PS2 absolutely helped to kill the Dreamcast but Sega killed the Saturn in the States mostly on their lonesome. They didn't need much help from Sony with their boneheaded decisions. The early release without bothering to tell their retail partners, the anemic launch, the price, etc. You name it. The fact that the Playstation was a monster just drove a final nail into that coffin. Also, add in the fact that Sega spent years killing any goodwill they had accrued with the Genesis thanks to the endless pricey add-ons. Mind you, I will defend the Sega CD library to the death for anyone that wants to come at it, but between that and the 32x (garbage), people already had soured on Sega's shit by that point. Thankfully, the Saturn still had an audience in Japan and it has one of the most unique and amazing library of games thanks to that.
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    Yep, enjoyed it too. It's not too long, lots of interesting puzzles, and great atmosphere. Perfect for Game Pass
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    Here in Texas, they aren't quite as popular as the "Baby on Board" signs were, but you still see quite a few of them. Someone should re-invent the "bras" that were popular on sports cars, only this time come up with a way to add some cleavage. Boom! You got yourself millions. Carlos.
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    It seems blood oxygen readings is thought to be one of the notable hardware changes expected this year (apparently iOS14 has references to it in the coding). That could be interesting. I still really only want one for fitness and sleep I think, but then my Garmin is perfectly fine at both and even after two and a half years gives me a nine day battery. All that said, I love my airpods pro, and chance to workout or run without fiddling with the phone, having music playlists on the Apple Watch...etc. It’s still tempting.
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    I don’t really have any massive affiliation usually. Possibly because so many of these series I first played on PC, then moved to console for that period where nothing was getting a good PC release. But Rez is a Dreamcast game. Not a PS2 game. I will fight you over this. You’re right about the Xbox, though; as the “not Sony or Nintendo console” it feels like the natural home of Ex-Sega stuff, as well as anything I think of as a PC game.
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    I thought the actual production of the event was fantastic. Great locations, fantastic transitions slick editing with multi camera/multi shot cuts with a really fast paced but informative package. I was glad to see Marques Brownlee mention this in his impressions video. I’m sure they’ll go back to stage presentations when they can, but I wonder if they might mix in more prerecorded segments. It will be interesting to see what they’d do with iPhone in the fall if they still can’t host an event.
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    I only saw it online today so it doesn’t count.
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    I posted that earlier...Saturday in fact
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    Done. I’m a damned wreck at the moment. I have a million thoughts but I need to let this sit. It goes nowhere I wanted it to go story wise and that’s the absolute best thing about it. Expectations met and exceeded. That’s all I’ll say for now.
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    I FINALLY picked this up as a Fsther’s day gift and am in love with it. I love the look and style of this so much, and love the music in it. While I’m not sure they would justify the full $60 price tag, I’d love to see remakes of Zelda 1, and Oracle of Ages and Seasons in this style.
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