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    Ugh. Happy 20th Anniversary all the same. Really feeling for a lot of people who have missed out celebrating anniversary and birthday milestones property amidst all this. Wait... Second wife? How many do you need? 😀
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    Utterly unnecessary details you might have missed for those that finished the game:
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    I don't know if the two are related -- I hope they are! -- but one recent Arrow release included a Dune postcard. I can understand if Universal might hold back Dune for its own UHD release while Arrow just puts out a plain ol' BD a la Waterworld, but with the new film so close to release, I'd have to think that someone will put it out.
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    Haven't been out to dinner since this all started. I may give it a whirl in a few weeks but doordash has done me well.
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    Good news, Xbox fans! The Foundation expansion is now available on Xbox One!
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    300 and V for Vendetta appear to be coming from Warner in October and November respectively. Pretty random choices. Where's Edge of Tomorrow, damn it?
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    It might not be a worldwide thing, but Kino Lorber Insider posted on blu-ray.com a long while back that Robocop and Terminator were acquired by two separate labels. And since Arrow already released Robocop... 😕 At least in the U.S., Shout Factory and Criterion look to be the most viable options. Apparently The Terminator already has a 4K master ready to go, but it reportedly hasn't been graded for HDR.
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