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    WipEout HD is still an absolute beast, though. God, I love that game.
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    A quick attempt at answering Starhawks' questions above.... Carlos.
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    Really, now you want to drag RELIGION into THIS thread? LOL. I'll give you some thoughts after lunch.
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    @Romier S Everything you've written about TLOU I've agreed with 110% and looks like this is applying to Part II as well. Still need time with it, but so far you and @Eldorado are on point. Also...
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    After 3 months of not being in each other's presence due to COVID, my BF Walt and I reunited 3 weeks ago, then the following week I got my turntable. So this past Friday, I got a little surprise when he showed up at my place for the weekend. He had prepared, as he called it, a 'turntable warming' gift. Or, what I would soon find out was the first installment of a series of such gifts. The biggest surprise was the original Tron soundtrack, which was the first soundtrack I owned back in the early 80s. I think I lent the album to a friend and never got it back. It is a soudtrack very near and dear to my heart (I did buy it on CD when the 20th anniversary editions came around). Having this record back is such a nice feeling. The Radiohead OKNOTOK special edition of OK Computer fairly knocked my socks off. I knew he had it, but I didn't know that he had two copies! We listened to it over the weekend and it sounds fabulous. And I was also delighted by the Kraftwerk, an album I only ever owned digitally (a download). Having the original artwork is so cool. The ink used on the cover is day-glow like a tennis ball. I laid them out this morning for a photo op.
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    DF Decima Engine Evolution Trailer Analysis
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    I barely post in this thread either mainly because I hear enough about the virus every day anyways but at no point have I stopped anyone from posting their opinions on anything related to the virus. Or responding when an opinion is challenged. Earlier in the thread, I stated that I would allow some leeway when things veered into the political and got somewhat heated out of the interest of fairness to those involved in the discussion and considering I handle most of the moderating duties? I've kept my word and stayed out of it. I haven't removed or edited anyone's post, etc. If you chose not to post, that's your decision. When we veer into a topic as difficult as abortion though? That's when I feel the need to step in cause that's just not going to happen here. Generally, this is is exactly why politics/religion are off limits on the forum. Even amongst friends, shit tends to get heated and that's a big no thank you from me. I'm not going to lock the thread. I'm hoping that folks can get back to discussing the virus, their experiences with it both personal and locally and try to keep a running a resource for news about vaccinations and/or strides being made to control the spread of the virus overall which a large bulk of this thread was very successful at doing up until recently. Past that, consider any political leeway gone regardless of ideology. If folks don't think that's worthwhile, then feel free to say so and I'll lock the thread at that point. Thanks.
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    No question this game is better than the first from a gameplay perspective. Some of the moments of combat come together so fluidly that you feel like a badass for pulling it off. The aiming may be the best I have played in any game ever.
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    Speak for yourself. I stopped buying (most) Star Wars figurines years ago 😉
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    Finished this this afternoon and was still completely in love with it, so much so that I found all the shells and heart pieces except for the few you have to get from the dungeon maker thing. The visual style is just perfect for my tastes and it is just utterly charming. The music is also fantastic. Links Awakening on GB was, if I remember correctly, was the first Zelda game I really got into and finished, so it does hold a special place in my heart, but I haven’t played it since then, so I only had vague memories of it. Some of the QOL improvements were very nice. Yes, they were able to use the extra buttons of the switch (although I think they could have gone even further with that), but the things I really appreciated was the memories so that you can go back and see your conversations, and the map showing how many heart pieces and shells you have, and where on the map you collected them. I also made good use of the pins on the map to indicate where I found items I couldn’t get to yet, and which tool I was going to need to get them, and in dungeons indicating where the stairs lead to. That was probably the nicest QOL improvement for me. While I loved it, it is, by far the simplest Zelda game I have played. It is quite a straight forward romp through each dungeon, with each new tool unlocking previously inaccessible areas of the over world map. There isn’t any real gimmick that adds an extra level of problem solving like time travel, changing the seasons, or shrinking, that can be found in other 2D Zelda games. As stated above, I do hope they remake some other older Zelda games in this style with some QOL improvements, but I hope they either charge less for them, or package them together (and Oracle of Ages and Seasons combined one only makes sense).
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    When I did finally make it to that point,
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    It's another Mark + Brian JRPG thread! I'd refunded a game on Steam so I had some wallet credit burning a hole. I could have played it on PS3 like the original plan 5 years ago... So PC it is. It's odd experiencing these models + textures at high res downsampled to 1080p. The models are too clean, especially Igor. I'm still getting the gang all together, but the day/night cycle has begun in earnest, and I'm digging the setup of this one so far. "the same but different" as always. So many systems in play, so many things to consider... So Persona
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    Absolutely love that OKNOTOK set. Phenomenal remaster job; there’s a whole bunch going on in there I could never hear on the original CD. Plus the three new tracks are a dream; I’ve not heard them since they were playing them back in the 90s.
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    Depends on the hospital I suppose. Some in our area do have religious affiliations, not as many as there used to be, but some. In the game it is St. Mary's Hospital. It's probably a personal association for me. But it does exist. edit: My bad St Mary's was game 2. I can't find the Firefly hospital name. edit2: I guess it is St. Mary's.
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    I'm not generally immune to it but in this case, I'm with you. I didn't notice the any parallels until the finale (which was hard not to notice). Other than that, the jewelry stand was a jewelry stand to me. Perhaps all of the symbolism boils down to...
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    For anyone who’s finished the game, help me interpret this possible symbolism:
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    As someone who watched play-throughs of this like a movie, you may resent me for having an opinion on the story, and you may be right to do so, but I did have a deep affection for the characters of the first, so I feel like I deserved to see this one through, even though I'm mostly retired from gaming now. (I play COD warzone into the wee hours of the night, but it's more an excuse to hang out with my buddies and drink and laugh than anything else). Carlos.
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    @Starhawkwe can continue our friendship despite that last spoiler being offensive and objectively wrong.:)
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    Yeah, we're not having an abortion discussion in this thread. This topic has pushed slightly into the political from time to time and I've allowed it some leeway given the subject matter but you guys know better. Move on or it gets locked and we can get back to talking about those videogames/action figures. Thanks.
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    The "wild mardi gras log drop" sounds like what happens the morning after eating too much Jambalaya, beignets and muffulettas... I don't think there's really any danger of "losing" the ride. I'd be pretty sure that the main constraint is that the layout be identical to what's there now. Given the finances, changing out the theming and animatronics is one thing, but moving track is probably out of the question.
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    Have a US code for 1917 for one of you (Jfo has to sit this round out having had my last giveaway).
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    I’m disappointed that Splash Mountain is going away. Not angry, and not disappointed with the decision or why Disney made it, but disappointed that a ride I really like is going away. I understand the reasons and while I could argue that Splash Mountain did enough to distance itself from the source, I acknowledge that this could be a “bad take” and that as a 40 year old white male I am most likely blind to its problems. I do agree that having a ride related to Song of the South is problematic and while most people are probably not familiar with it, there is much easier access to information on its origins every day, which is not a good look. I do have concerns about basing it on Princess and the Frog though. Themeing is a bit of a wash as it is right next door to New Orleans Square in DL and will be wildernessy enough that it will fit into Frontierland just as well as the current ride based in the south. While I think Tiana is a great character, I’m worried that Princess and the Frog could be viewed as problematic in 10-15 years also. I am excited for the possibility of “Are you Ready” playing while you go up the lift hill, with some modern projection effects all the way up. I think that could be great. I also worry that Disneyland is losing a member of its “Mountain range” and that it will be called something like “Princess and the Frog: Tianas Wild Mardi Gras Log Drop Adventure”. Ugh. I’m mostly disappointed though that I may not get to take my daughter on Splash Mountain. Of the pictures she has seen of our trips to DL and WDW, she seems the most taken with Splash Mountain and loves to watch video of people dropping out of it. She loves Tiana, so I’m sure she’ll be ok with the changes, but I would like her to have heard “How Do You Do?” while dropping into the show building at least once.
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    Anti-mask protest here in Austin today. Reuters/BBC posted a photo I thought I'd share: The black t-shirt reads "Snowflakes don't last long in Texas". Oh, the irony.
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    DoorDash has been great the last 2 months lol
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    New Summoning Salt video on the history of Wii Sports Resort Golf speedrunning. This is still speedrunning and the record is for who can get through 18 holes the quickest, and score doesn’t matter. You’d think the lowest score would get through the quickest, but that isn’t the case. Reminds me when I read an article about Speed Golf.
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    Just getting around to catching up on the spoilers.
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    Ugh. Happy 20th Anniversary all the same. Really feeling for a lot of people who have missed out celebrating anniversary and birthday milestones property amidst all this. Wait... Second wife? How many do you need? 😀
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    I'd agree with @Eldorado. I don't think there's any question whatsoever that from a gameplay perspective, this game is absolutely better than the first. Encounter design, enemy AI, ally AI, all of it. It's all just flat out better. Story? Pacing? That's going to take time for me. I don't want to knee jerk react to this and in general to a lot of games I finish because its really easy to feel amazing about a great game but then come down and start to see its flaws more easily. I've had 7 years to allow the first game to digest and to find its place in my mind/heart. I'm not saying I need another 7 to place this one but I'm not ready to compare/rank it just yet. I can tell you that I absolutely loved it. It's an amazing experience and I still think about the last confrontation and the last flashback scene in the game and marvel at the place where the medium has arrived in realizing/capturing real performances and doing them full justice.
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    After you pointed this out I tried it without headphones - yep it worked
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    The general gameplay loop here is an extremely polished and evolved version of the one found in the first game. It's fun in the sense that there is a "power trip" element to hunting down and murdering those that are trying to kill you. Its pretty fucking amazing to go prone, draw your silenced weapon while on your back and pull off headshots while you slink back into the grass to move to the next target. "Fun" may not be the right word. It's engaging both emotionally and mechanically and it will keep you locked in throughout as the various factions change and the tactics change to go along with it. It's a much darker game overall, but I don't think its nihilistic and there's plenty of softer and human moments to balance things out. It can be exhausting but primarily cause you're stress levels will be through the roof and considering this game leans WAY harder into its horror elements, its tense as fuck.
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    I expect this will be very similar to Frozen Ever After in terms of story and songs. That ride takes place after the movie, in preparation for a festival and is essentially an excuse to have the characters sing all the songs (with altered lyrics).
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    Apparently Nintendo are ceasing distribution of digital download codes to third party retailers, at least in Europe, as of 11pm tomorrow. That's frustrating as ShopTo and CDKeys were my go to for Switch purchases, outside of those I've picked up via the eShop Voucher scheme. I'll be deferring to eShop sales more in future as a consequence. So Microsoft/Xbox remains the only platform that's still friendly to licensing keys to other retailers here.
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