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  1. Sorry to hear about all the troubles you're having. Your Switch Lite may be defective. My Switch Lite does not exhibit any of those problems compared to my regular Switch from launch. Everything else you said about Nintendo's cumbersome account sharing is spot on though. And with Animal Crossing's save being currently tied to a specific Switch (hopefully rectified soon in the next update), you wouldn't be able to get your Switch Lite exchanged without losing your save file.
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  2. Maybe you got a bad unit? We’ve had a Lite Switch for a little while now. There was too much competition for the original now that my wife wanted to play Animal crossing. So we settled on a lite, which is the one my son wanted. He’s been using it for a while now and hasn’t had many/any issues as far as I know. And I would be the first to hear of it in this house. Nor has it “needed” to stay on line. We just signed in and away we went. And I know he takes it out and about when they go places. Certainly no WiFi at those times.
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  4. https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Technology/Facebook-and-Sony-ramp-up-output-of-gaming-devices
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  5. Mondo is gonna replace the entire set after seeing the video I sent of the warping, and the bad popping sounds. As soon as I ship it tomorrow, they will send me a new one so it gets here quickly.
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  6. Related to the likelihood of Game Pass some day increasing its price. I clicked on the Twitter notice of the latest Game Pass announcements to see if there was any information about The Touryst having 4k/HDR on Xbox and it was staggering how many replies were people pissing and moaning about Game Pass being poor value and having nothing for them. Even at its current price some people feel THAT fucking entitled.
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