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    I'm one of the few weirdos who's always preferred PS to Xbox controllers, so this is good news. Making it a little bigger is an improvement.
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    Very interesting-I remember when Valve first got into VR wondering if they'd do Half life 3 as a VR exclusive, but I suppose this is close. We'll see what the state of Oculus Link is by then and whether I can play it.
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    Yeah, no luck. Tried again tonight, and as soon as I accept the prompt to start Oculus Link, it dies. The GPU compatibility seems to be closer to "fails spectacularly" instead of "doesn't work quite right", which means they must be doing some pretty low level GPU stuff to get it to work (as evidenced by the 0 AMD chips that are supported). Not going to buy a new graphics card just for this though (at least not without being able to test it first). Also not sure whether the i7 in my "big" PC will handle it, since it's probably about 5 years old now, and still fine for running a media server (and a bunch of PC games), but nothing that's pushing VR.
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