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    My son lost his mind playing Hot Wheels last night. Scored some big daddy points on that one I should note that the kid not only plays with his Hot Wheels tracks in the normal way a fair bit, but also spends a lot of time walking around the house with two lengths of track pretending they are various parts of things, usually Transformers (think Wheeljack's shoulder rocket), so he's squarely in the target market to put it lightly. I thought it was pretty damn awesome too and looking forward to playing it some more. Also, I've invested quite a bit of time into FH4 but had to play a bit of 3 (for the first time) to unlock the Hot Wheels area... I must say some areas in FH3 (Australia) are quite breathtaking. I had no intention of playing FH3 outside of the Lego area beyond unlocking HW. I still can't see myself investing anywhere close to the kind of time I have in 4... but I can see myself firing up 3 (regular area) once in a while just to spend some time in that environment.
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    I think I picked the wrong year to quit 1080p.
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    Oh my. Godard's Breathless in UK/Europe this November!
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    Looks like about the same thing. Arc worked without any issue as I use the TVs apps for now. But I’m still kinda pissed that Disney+ isn’t supporting Atmos on my TV, even though Netflix has no issues with it.
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    I find it best not to read the replies to ANYTHING. So you should ignore this post.
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    Rule #1 ...ignore 99% of all social media discourse. Your life and mental health will improve substantially.
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    Troy Total War is the latest freebie. I cant play it, obviously, but saw it tweeted so thought it worth a mention as I like the Total War games therefore everyone else had better bloody well like them too.
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    A Matter of Life and Death for the first question, without hesitation. The Archers, Jack Cardiff, and three-strip Technicolor are too irresistible a combination. I hadn't thought about its availability outside of the U.S. and how that might impact its inclusion in a boxed set. For the 'check three' question, I immediately chose The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and Real Genius, and I waffled on the third before finally settling on It Happened One Night. It's such a bizarre list, where you have In a Lonely Place alongside The Muppets Take Manhattan, Not Another Teen Movie, and The Guns of Navarone.
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    End of Life status confirmed. Get it digitally while you still can. End of Life day is officially September 27, 2020.
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    This video doesn’t limit itself to open world games, but it’s appropriate nonetheless. The part about digging into menus to complete a common task made me think of Ghost of Tsushima, a game I adored playing, but felt needed a way to streamline the process of changing outfits.
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    I gotta say I think Sony hit that controller with the ugly stick.
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    I hope we see more iteration, yes. @Angel P and I were just talking about that this weekend. Microsoft innovated in creating the achievement system to begin with. Sony built their own version and iterated on it with the platinum trophy and then adding rarity values to each. Microsoft then implemented the same and added special flourishes for harder to get achievements. I would love to see a Platinum equivalent from Microsoft (1000/1000 isn't the same, IMO). I'd love to see specialty trophies and badges for real tough to get ones with their own unique sounds, etc. I know its all the rage to hate this stuff but I love achievements/trophies. It has changed the way I play and enjoy games for sure. They are a notable and painful omission on the Switch, frankly and its one of the factors that goes into which platform I will buy multi-platform releases.
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