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    1917 is an oddball experience. It's a really tiny story. There's really only two characters for most of the film, along with some people they meet on the way. There's no real character growth. But it's an incredibly captivating experience, focused on how WW1 & its structure of warfare affected the solider, and how this particular pair react to it. It's breathless at times, but happy to pause at others. A real masterpiece of film making, well worth seeing on the big screen.
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    Good news! My PC's SSD died! That means: I'm using this as an excuse to build a new PC I'll still fix my old PC (shhhhh), and then move it to my Home Theater I'll now have a high-end, SSD-based, gaming platform in my home theater I can shelf my umbrage for "current-gen" load times as a reason to not play games for the next year (waiting for my PS5) Yay!
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    Possibly coming to PC! https://kotaku.com/sources-horizon-zero-dawn-is-coming-to-pc-1841043569
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    The Outsider (HBO) - 2 episodes in and this is a must-watch! I didn't read the 2018 novel, so I'm watching this without knowing anything. It is a murder-mystery, detective style, show with a probable paranormal angle. Great cast, and an extremely foreboding tone. Glad this came along. Already waiting impatiently for the next episode. Carlos.
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    I've been fortunate in not having experienced divorce, other than one of my sisters, who, frankly, earned it by going too far in religious zeal. Her husband cheated, and they wound up with an annulment (she pulled strings in the Church) even after 18 years and 3 kids. And oh, is The War of The Roses ever tragic! It is indeed hilarious at times, and that's what lulls you into thinking you're in a comedy, but you're really watching a dark, twisted horror of a movie. Remember, it's Danny DeVito telling the tale of the Roses to another client wanting a divorce, and really wanting to stick it to his wife. He reveals all the terrible, malicious and savage things the Roses did to each other as their love turned to hate, but it's the very final scene that seals the tragedy. Throughout the movie, you always felt like Mr. Rose still loved Mrs. Rose intently and deeply, and hated the nastiness, while she seemed to relish it, never once showing a hint of their former love, except to trick him. Then, in their final scene, The movie ends with the DeVito's client having second thoughts, and DeVito rushing home to his wife, so I guess they bring a final measure of hope to the otherwise really dark movie. Carlos.
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    I finally succumbed to Mark’s nagging and bought this for myself over the Christmas period. With about twelve hours clocked so far I’m delighted to say that I’ve found myself loving this game. I’d only planned on playing for an hour this evening and found myself giving up three. I typically find these kind of jrpg affairs somewhat bewildering, and certainly I do find a lot of the menus, stats and so forth intimidating, but the core gameplay itself nevertheless manages to be extremely accessible in ways I had not expected (thanks in no small part to the more forgiving gameplay settings you can choose I’m sure). I’m so charmed and amused by the school life (what is something of a sexy Hogwarts) and teaching angle of it all, and all the characters and interactions therein. I’m glad for my first play through I opted not to allow students to stay dead should they perish in battle as I think I’d be mortified to permanently lose any of them.
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    1917 was fantastic, one of the best of the year. Maybe the decade.
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    I went into the Apple Store this morning and picked up my replacement iPad Pro. It was a virtually no-fuss experience. I told them who I was, showed them a photo ID, and walked out with a new model. I did have to hand in the old one, of course. Fortunately, they let me transfer the data from the old one before I erasing it. So far, so good. I have all my apps and games downloaded. I haven’t noticed any bizarre input issues with the touch screen, but I have 90 days to bring it back to Apple if I do. Aside from having to log back into all my accounts, about the only real hassle is reconnecting all my BlueTooth devices. It’s remarkable how easy the process of moving from one Apple mobile device to another is these days. EDIT: I don't think I mentioned this elsewhere, but thank god the iPad was still under warranty. If it weren't, it would cost me $499 to "fix" it. In this case, fixing it is Apple replacing the entire device.
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    I think it was somewhat inevitable given that Murdoch continues broadcast and news operations under the Fox name. So, in part, blame him for claiming the name when he did and dragging it into the mud. I doubt they’d drop the Newman fanfare on future films, but again I fear for the classic logo on older titles. Universal and Warner have the decency to retain old Paramount and MGM logos at the head of older films they since came to own respectively, but I don’t 100% trust Disney to do the same since, again, they are constantly refreshing the logos at the start of many of their own movies out of desire to modernise them. This has often come to damage the original opening of films like Toy Story where the score had now been cut out at the very start. What might become of, say, the snowy 20th Century Fox logo at the start of Edward Scissorhands for example, or X Men movies where the X of “Fox” lingered on screen for slightly longer than the rest of the logo?
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    I just wait for you all to post stuff game related and I get news from dedicated sources and the google aggregator. It’s too much work sorting through the garbage. Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. I sincerely don’t know when I’m jumping into the next gen, which is weird because I’ve been at every launch since the PS1. My PC is rocking a 2080 with a 1440p gsync monitor. It makes upgrading not as urgent. Now my son is already talking about a PS5 so my desire is for as much cross platform play as possible. Hopefully that becomes a larger priority for devs.
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    Depends. The retro community is great for the most part on there. The problem is some of the follows blast stuff out from people and you end up seeing a ton of shit you have no interest in by default so you end up having to manage a whole lot of what you see. Even following someone as innocuous as John from DF ends up getting you a ton of trash and "hot takes" about stuff. I agree though, its more trouble than its worth more often than not but then I think social media is the bane of our society so I don't use it often enough for much to bother me on it. I'm usually posting stupid funny stuff I come across. The thing to remember is that 90+% of twitter traffic is driven by less than 5% of their userbase. It's a minority of a minority yet we tend to give it such outsized influence. That's a whole other conversation though.:)
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    Talk of Dreams going PC at a later date is also doing the rounds again and that's an even smarter move. I really hope that happens. I still wonder if they will ever make good on early chatter on potentially making PSVR compatible with PC. Perhaps a future hardware revision.
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    Just a rumor for now but VNN are reporting Valve are working on L4D3 for VR. Apparently it’s due to the massive positive feedback they got on HL: Alyx and because all the Index and Vive headsets sold out. Definitely a buy for me if they are working on it again…
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    Early concept art images out from what appears to be the linked script including an oracle character or the Tor Velum character.
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    So, just got the Death Star off auction for $260. Picked it up and the box is a little beat up, but otherwise looks untouched.
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    Horace, which is supposed to be a really funky cool twist on platforming, is currently free.
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    So, that leaked Trevorrow treatment: The thing is, it's not -all- that different to what we ended up with on screen. There are, essentially, just a few major changes and each of them strike me as the sort of thing that you'd do if you were Abrams trying to wrestle down a final script. Because structurally, there doesn't seem to be too much wrong with Rise as a Star Wars movie once you lower your expectations from "worthy follow-up to The Last Jedi"; it's mostly in cutting things down to fit the runtime and hence giving no room for characters to breathe or spaceships to fight that it's really messed up. We know that tonnes of explanation as to what everyone is up to in the first 20 minutes has been stripped out - so I'm just going to skirt over most of that stuff by believing it's largely meant to have been there in the shooting script until it started looking 3 hours long. Ren's still hunting for one of those Sith Memory Cubes, the Goodies are still looking for similar info, etc. It's a nice nod for Extended Universe fans to use the word Holocron, but it doesn't help the average viewer. I love the description "Lovecraftian" as much as the next guy, and I'm assuming this 4000 year old Sith teacher is who they wanted Matt Smith for; as a Who fan that's a bit disappointing. But your first draft is the wrong side of Return Of The King in length. Stripping out a load of explanation about this New Evil Throne Behind The Palpatine Throne Behind The Snoke Throne Behind The Kylo Ren Throne and replacing him with old Palps, who at least means something to the audience and now looks like a lich puppet mounted on GLaDOS, is a pretty efficient way to do it. Next big difference is that we've got something for Rose to do, but that thing is "take half the gang off on one task, while the rest do something half a Galaxy away." Abrams has made repeated comments about how glad he was to finally get the Finn, Rey, Poe, BB-8 and Chewie group together on a mission at last, and as much as it pains me to say it, he's probably right. Finally, I am a soppy girl. I wanted Ben to be given an opportunity to grow up and stop being a sulky brat. And, frankly, Driver well and truly delivered the biggest success of the film by doing so. Don't expect me to praise the concept of denying me that, just so Rey can kill him. So yeah, I'm unconvinced by this Trevorrow Script thing. Certainly seems legit, and has a number of interesting ideas in it, but I don't believe it would have been a better film, nor do I really think most of the changes into what we've got now wouldn't have happened with or without Abrams.
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    Fuck it, I just backed return to Dark Tower. Not going to bother with the expansions out of the gate I think, but we'll see when the pledge manager comes around.
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    Interesting turn of events. Warner and Universal will be forming a ten year join venture to distribute content on physical media in the hope of making their operations more efficient in the dwindling market. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/universal-warner-bros-dvd-joint-venture-home-entertainment-1203467934/
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    I really wanted this for Mass Effect back in the day. Would have read a bunch more of the lore docs if I could have done it on my phone.
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    Troy and Nolan are on part 9 of their play through and it’s the . Go to about 53:11 for the scene. Someone hug Nolan! Played through the game damn near 10 times and that scene still gets me.:/ Game of the Decade man.
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    I think you have to have a setting in Data Handling turned on. I saw that on reddit and I don’t have that setting on my PS4 at all in the US.
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    You mother fucker! I've been holding this back for a long time. But no longer! I am sick of the straw-man-veiled praise on delayed games for "taking time to do it right." Fuck off! We're upset that the full and final awesome game has been delayed. Expectations, that THEY set -- shattered. No one is ever saying "Please, drop your half-baked steaming pile of shit game on us." So when I say "Fuck, Duke Nukem Forever was delayed again...#$%$^#$%#$^" ... And then some asshole, whose name rhymes with schmoey, posts gleefully right after my complaint, and says "They're taking their time to get it right. Good for them." You're not some reasonable, well-meaning, savior of the message boards. You are a kick in the balls to everything decent in this world you fucker of mothers.
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    They had announced the changes for Lord of the Rings and GoT during the last AMA they did. I had posted that long thread that day.
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    This, Last of Us 2, and Ori are my three most anticipated games of the year. I'll have my PC down in my home theater just in time for this game.
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    Here's mine: My top 3 games were Spider-man (46 hours), Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (29 hours) and Tetris Effect (26 hours). I played 12 games in all across 122 hours on 75 different days. I earned 148 trophies -- two of them Platinums. Compared to my stats on Switch, this was a pretty light year for the ol' PS4 Pro. They did last year. I'm surprised they haven't posted anything yet. I'll be curious to see where the Xbox One lands in my overall play time rankings. My guess is second place, but I think it might be neck-in-neck with Switch.
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    The Mick Gordon soundtrack alone is enough to secure a purchase. The fact that Doom 2016 was one of the best games of that year is just icing. I mean....
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    If you like, you can check out your year in review at Nintendo.com. Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2019 Some stats from my report:
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    Nemesis trailer! Capcom has also since confirmed that the decision points in the original game will not appear in the remake. There's a single ending for the game as opposed to the multiple ending setup of the original. A bit disappointing but I can live with it.
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    The cable comes out of the top? No way. Not on my watch.
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    It's not a movie you "like" in the sense that its fun to watch. I can understand why people dislike the movie. It's depressing and hard to watch given it has very little levity or any positive denouement by the time its credits are rolling. If anything, any moments of comedy are pretty uncomfortable. It's also pretty disturbing and deeply grounded to a rotting version of Gotham and its inhabitants. I think that's why comic book fans seem to dislike it most. Frankly, I think the movie is at its weakest when its trying to clumsily shoehorn in "Batman shit" if that makes sense. The argument would be well then why call it Joker? Why not? We've had a number of comic book interpretations of the character. Heath Ledger providing probably the definitive interpretation in "The Dark Knight" while balancing it in a real world crime drama. I think we have room in the world for an even more grounded and disturbing version of the character here in the Taxi Driver/King of Comedy mold. I ran through the same emotional gamut with Arthur throughout the film. You feel sorry for him, you want to hug him and then you're creeped out by him and finally you hate him and what society has made him by the end. I watched it again a few nights ago and its definitely a damned fine film.
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    That goes back to my first post wondering if a different rep had maybe given a number or someone had actually tested it. It's something I'd think you'd want to promote. Also, I'd forgotten the 120hz was so low on last year's sets.
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    Big Doom and Doom II patch for all platforms. 60fps Aspect Ratio control Add-On support including the two packs that make up Final Doom and Romero's recent "Sigil" release! ...and much much more. Bethesda has done some amazing work getting these to a place where they can be considered definitive console releases... https://bethesda.net/community/topic/369943/doom-doom-ii-patch-notes?language=en My only other wish would be for them to add the option to support the PSX color grading and soundtrack!
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    Gaming will really be the main benefit. I think it just makes sense long term as you never know how many 2.1 devices you may have someday and appreciate having extra HDMI switching, and a receiver is often preferable for ease of access to HDMI inputs. I’m also quite curious if 2.1 receivers could ever be set to trick a display with older devices, by which I mean if you hooked up something like a PS4 or SNES mini to the receiver I wonder if you could set it up in the receiver to tell the TV to trigger auto low latency and quick frame transport modes.
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    It's not about 8K, I assume most of us want VRR , ALLM, QMS, QFT HDMI FORUM VARIABLE REFRESH RATE (VRR) Like AMD's FreeSync or NVIDIA's G-SYNC, the HDMI group has created their own version of the VESA Adaptive Sync protocol. We don't know much about their implementation yet, but it is expected to not be compatible with AMD's FreeSync. That being said, there is nothing stopping manufacturers from implementing both, as Samsung has already implemented FreeSync on some 2018 TVs and is expected to support both FreeSync and HDMI Forum VRR on some 2019 models. Learn more about VRR AUTO LOW LATENCY MODE Another great feature created with gamers in mind, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), also known as Auto Game Mode, allows supported TVs to automatically enable the TV's low latency 'Game' mode when it detects a game being played. This saves you the hassle of having to manually enable it each time you start playing. It even knows the difference between playing a game, watching a game on YouTube, or watching a movie, and automatically switches as needed. Again, Samsung was ahead of the pack with this feature, as some 2018 models already support it. QUICK MEDIA SWITCHING (QMS) In the past, whenever your device changed the parameters of the signal it was sending, like TV, the screen would go black for a few seconds while the TV adjusted to the new signal. This would be especially noticeable on game consoles, where the output refresh rate, and even the resolution, would sometimes change depending on the content. Quick media switching fixes this issue. When a compatible source is connected to a compatible display, the display will no longer display a black screen when switching formats, instead instantly switching between modes with no distracting black screen. QUICK FRAME TRANSPORT (QFT) Quick Frame Transport changes the way images are transferred from a source device to a display. Frames are transferred at a much higher rate, in order to reduce latency. Total input lag is a measure of many factors, including the time it takes the display to process the image and display it on screen. QFT won't completely eliminate input lag, but it will reduce the lag caused by the transfer time between the source and the display. https://www.rtings.com/tv/learn/tv/tests/inputs/hdmi-2-1
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    But them 36 inches tho. (I still have my 36 WEGA from college sitting in the garage, but that's where it's going to have to stay because gravity.)
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    The wife and I decided to make this the "Board Game Christmas." I've had worse ideas. Looking forward to finally getting to see what all the fuss is about with Gloomhaven. I received Nemesis as an early gift, so I painted it up and brought it over to the in-laws. We played until 4:30 in the morning. Some died, but all had a great time. Understand, these people think of Monopoly as the height of board game technology and know little else on the subject. Minds were blown.
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    Not much gaming this month, end of year shenanigans with kids + work been keeping me away from game night, but I aim to make up for that soon. I did get a Kickstarter arrive that I originally ordered ~December 2012... And I've completed printing of an insert for Clank + expansions!
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