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    My wife who is on a 2013 Mac Pro and runs Logic Pro and Native Instruments Komplete just came into my office and said “I read there’s a new Mac Pro coming out, I need it.” I told her how much it cost and she was like ok can we get it this weekend. Lol.
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    I love that Richard used a 4k stream to get part numbers off the RAM 😄
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    A friend of ours just gave me a few large boxes of NES, SNES, GC, wii, Wii U, Ps2, and Xbox 360 games (and a wii system and snes) to do with as I please (he has more, just need to find the ). NES/SNES are pretty beat up, rest looks in good shape. Going to go through them all tomorrow.
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    A flood of Pixar titles is on the way: Brave, Cars, Cars 2, The Good Dinosaur, Finding Dory, Finding Nemo, and Inside Out. Best Buy is getting exclusive steelbooks. Being released in early-to-mid November alongside Toy Story 4. That just leaves Up, WALL-E, A Bug's Life, and the two Monsters Inc. flicks.
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    Resident Evil: Revelations - 6/20 Rare Replay - 6/20 Torment: Tides of Numenera - 6/27 Goat Simulator - 6/27 Note the pc/xbox platform in the header image for each title.
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    I think the trailer for Toy Story 4 looks meh. But the reviews are great.
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    "p.s. Make sure you stay all the way through the credits, and I mean all the way through. " Woody joining the Avengers?
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    Google never has seemed to be able to figure out tablets with Android or get their developer community excited about programming for tablets. I've got iPadOS running on an 11" iPad Pro and it is awesome. I've been leaving my MacBook Pro at the office more and more and just taking the iPad Pro on the road. I'm leaning towards going with a 13" iPad Pro when they do the yearly update later this year.
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    Us - The best part about this movie was its trailer. It was intriguing, enticing, and filled you with angst and dread. The movie itself falls apart, and doesn't make a lick of sense. I'm willing to forgive a lot in the name of a fun, scary ride, but the dumbness of the characters and the plot were just too bad for me to have anything good to say. I give it 2 out of 5 faulty flares. Carlos.
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    EG coming back with new footage. https://comicbook.com/marvel/2019/06/19/avengers-endgame-theatrical-re-release-extra-footage-kevin-feige/
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    Ready or Not Trailer, Looks interesting.
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    So I'm in Santa Monica this week - I was walking near Santa Monica Pier... and happened to notice I'm walking besides Shuhei Yosida with what I'm assume is some game developers - they were talking prototypes and stuff.... so yeah that happened...:) I didn't want to be "that guy" that asked for a photo in the middle of a sidewalk
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    My daughter got excellent grades this year, so I told her to pick her vacation spot. Knowing Galaxy's Edge isn't open at Disney World yet, she picked Ohio, for the excellent coasters at King's Island and Cedar Point. If you're in to thrill rides, you simply can't beat these two parks. There are so many world-class coasters. At Cedar Point, Steel Vengeance opened in 2018. It is a hybrid coaster - a steel track built on a traditional wooden coaster frame. Guys, this is the real deal. I've ridden coasters all over the US, and this is the absolute best by miles. I can't even believe it is allowed to exist! There are snap rolls on this thing that seem like they should be at the edge of a normal human's tolerance. Plus, there are NO shoulder harnesses -- a lap bar is all you get and there's no handles or anything really to hang on to. It has the most "air time" - the feeling of coming-out-of-your-seat weightlessness - than any other coaster. The twists and turns were just mind scrambling. I've never felt so discombobulated after a ride. It is THE benchmarks by which all coasters will be judged from now on. Check out this POV ride. Anyway, if you like scary, thrilling coasters, you cannot go wrong with a trip to these two parks. They are about a 4 hour drive away from each other. Carlos.
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    Middara KS is live! Backed for the three acts. I’d like to grab the adventure packs too, but we’ll see. There’s a lot I don’t give a rat’s butt about in the full pack like the casual resins, alternative antagonists, extra dice and playmats, so the all-in pledge is not for me (and too rich for the old blood anyway).
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    You’ll be happy to hear that the little bit of Merch that they had put into the Cinema has been removed and they are now testing benches.
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    After careful listening under near perfect listening conditions, I've concluded that "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak is one damn near perfect, beautiful song. Might be by design, might not be, but the way he swallows the "don't" at times in the phrase "I don't want to fall in love" is a just wonderous! And the whispered "this world is only going to break your heart", and the final double entendre of the double-negative "Nobody loves no one" are just miracles of lyricism. This is among the most perfect songs, by a genius songwriter. Carlos.
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    https://www.computerworld.com/article/3404206/googles-officially-done-making-tablets.html Goddamn, I came so close to buying one of these when they released. I'm so glad I waited for reviews. And iPad OS is helping a lot now to make the iPad better, which I prefer. Now hopefully Google will focus more on keeping their iPad apps updated. They lag adding new OS features.
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    Rebel Galaxy is free this week (ahead of its awesome looking sequel). This is well worth a play BTW.
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    I've actually pretty much stopped buying singles, but have been buying more trades of things that look interesting. I saw the solicits for Hickman taking on X-Men though, and I'm definitely intrigued, but I'll probably wait until it's collected. After reading X-Men pretty consistently from around 1991-2017 or so, then stopping around the last relaunch, I went back and picked up a recent trade and it seemed like utter nonsense. Jean Grey is alive again (and not the time traveling one, the original), and there's an underwater base called Searebro, and now somehow Cyclops is back? I suppose that's nothing to be surprised about, but I guess you get out of the monthly grind for a while and you can't go home again. I just got a little pissed off at the number of "Uncanny X-Men #1s" that I ended up with in my DB. Marvel decides "shit, nobody will buy this book unless we start over at #1", but then a few months later it'll be "shit, this would be a milestone issue, so let's go back to the original numbering". Just a mess... If you like Hickman though, my favourite thing of his is still the Nightly News miniseries he did with Image.
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    Joey and I sure are going to lose a lot of points once Toy Story 4 and The Lion King pushes everything but Endgame down the list.
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    Would not be surprising actually. They used a bunch of his stuff for the last few avengers films. Hickman is a terrific writer, and I am actually excited to get back to reading x-men again. It’s been a long time.
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    Have to make up that 45 million dollar gap to pass Avatar.
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    I played about two hours last night and yeah it’s f’ng good! It’s a huge return to form for Igarashi and reminds me a ton of Dawn if Sorrow with its shard/Demon soul like mechanics. The music/atmosphere/story are pure Castlevania in all but name. I really need to finish Days Gone before fully diving in but ugh...I want to keep playing.
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    Marvel is returning to SDCC Hall H after all. Looking like they announce their film slate at the event, and the Disney+ stuff will be at D23.
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    Thank you guys for all the suggestions.
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    It does. But if they are giving away all those kills in the trailer there must be a ton of people that die.
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    The patch is out for both Contra and Castlevania Collections adding the Japanese versions of the games. I can confirm that the beeping audio issue in the original Castlevania has been corrected on the PS4 version. No changes to the display options from what I can tell but adjustable controls are finally in! The VRC6 emulation on Akumajou Densetsu/Castlevania III is pretty spot on, too.:) If they can add to the display options, both of these packages are just amazing collections. Even without additional adds, with the current patch they are worth every penny and are the best way to play these games on a modern platform. I didn’t check the Arcade Collection but I hope it’s been updated as well. Konami doing good things!
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    You’re analogy couldn’t be more on-point... my apologies
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    I'd appreciate you not enticing me to make a new PC when I don't need one asshole. This thread is like bringing a pantless Romier to a sex addicts anonymous meeting.
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    Finally! Some larger joy-con alternatives: the Hori Split Pad Pro (works only when attached to the Switch).
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    Nothing made sense, one example, the Predators kill everyone with a weapon on sight, except our main "squad", multiple times.
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    Careful, I resemble that remark!
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    There are 4170 people on the Global Leaderboard. 4060 of those people have it at number 1. 94 people have it at number 2. 7 have it at number 3. 4 have at 4 or lower. 1 has it as a Dark Horse. 4 don’t have it on their list at all. The few that don’t have it at all, I wonder if they either didn’t realize that Avengers counted, or are playing in a pool where they weren’t allowed to pick it. The guy who has it as a Dark Horse... well his list is almost as bad as JubJub’s.
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    The 3 that come to mind right now are: Pyramid Song - Radiohead Indus - Dead Can Dance Place Gun to Head - Proem (despite the violent title, the music is gorgeous)
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    Probably becuase of the Six Feet Under finale, but "Breathe Me" by Sia always chokes me up.
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    The poetry in Counting Crow's "Ana Begins" is beautiful.
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    And B&N and ....Bed Bath and Beyond
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