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    Good Dead Cells Talk Welcome to Game Pass Yakuza 0 + Kingdom Hearts 3, just got added
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    Game Pass has really changed my playing habits. Series X has gone from a someday to day one purchase for me due to GP.
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    I do like the support for existing controllers. We've got a couple of customs + a bunch of normal xbox one controllers already, and moving them over to the new xbox will remove a bunch of ancillary costs.
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    I still hate you for getting to ride in a limo with her, you prick.
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    XT-1 to XT-4 will be quite a leap! That's at least two generations of sensor and processor I think? They seem to be in a very happy place with the 26mp sensor and X-processor 4 having used both on the X-T3, X-T30, X-Pro 3, X100V and now the X-T4 (not sure if they use the combination in some of the other X models. There have too many X cameras in my opinion). I guess they may reserve a next gen leap in processing and a higher mp sensor for an X-H2. I certainly applaud them for going with a new larger battery for the XT-4. It's been interesting to look at what Fuji have been doing in more detail recently. I enjoyed the X-E2 and X-Pro2 when I had them despite some image file issues, though I did feel that I would have been better off with the X-T over the Pro at the time having later tried it as I felt its form factor balanced better with the larger prime lenses, and the EVF size and eye relief was much nicer on the X-T. The EVF in the X-Pro3 is a lot nicer now than its predecessor though, and I personally don't hate the route they went with the rear screen which I know ruffled a lot of feathers (though I think the best option would have been to somehow invent a tilt screen that could function like the X100V's but but flipped back completely and hidden from view, so I guess taking the best of the V and the X-T4's LCD). Still, if I was to pick between the X-Pro 3 and X-T4 I'd go for the T4. It's a shame the X-Pro 3 missed out on the X100V's lift/lock ISO dial mechanism and the X-T4's dampened shutter. I'm kind of kicking myself for taking my eye off Fuji's medium format endeavours as I hadn't paid enough attention to the existence of the GFX 50R, and there was a point last year where I actually could have afforded to try one but it just wasn't on my radar so I ended up going another route, and even the amazing prices (relatively speaking) on the 50R and GFX lenses recently have now found me at an inconvenient time financially so I can't consider it. I wish I didn't have such a Goldilocks complex with digital cameras. I feel constantly embarrassed by it. Weirdly my cycle from one camera to another in such short spaces of time has never had anything to do with features. It's always ergonomics. I was also looking at the X lens roadmap. I am a little surprised there are no rumours of mkII revisions for their 35mm 1.4 and 23mm 1.4 primes. I feel it's time they had, at the very least, weather sealing and faster/quieter af motors. Optically I am not sure there is a good argument to change them. I am very much looking forward to the X100V. While coronavirus issues have apparently meant that X-T4 shipments will not begin until late April this doesn't seem to be the case with the X100V as launch shipments appear to have been on schedule this week on the silver models, though I opted for a black one which, for whatever reason, Fuji stated would not begin shipping until around the 12th of March back when they announced the camera. This could be down to the X100 being manufactured in Japan vs China for the X-T4. It'll be nice to play with an X100 again having owned the original all those years ago. Quirky and flawed as it was, I do think it was a very special and important camera, and the V seems to have pretty much seen it finally attain a damn near perfect evolution. As a glasses wearer I could not get comfortable with a 35mm field of view on a Leica M viewfinder, even on the M10 with its improved eye relief, and in a built up city like London I just find myself crying out for something wider than my 50mm safety net these days. The V is remarkably versatile when you factor in the leaf shutter, the available teleconverter and wide angle lenses, fast A/F plus good face/eye detection, and now with the tilt screen and 4k video. Had the X-Pro 3 viewfinder not been carried over, had it not been weather sealed, and had the lens not finally been revised at long last, I might have hesitated on the purchase, but they seemed to have ticked all the boxes with the V and the UK price was below what had been rumoured so I ordered one instantly. Interestingly this is probably the first time I've been enticed by features on a digital camera in over a decade, I think perhaps because so many of these bells and whistles have reached a point of maturity. The only thing I'll have yet to try in a camera is IBIS (which to be honest is really only of interest to me from a video perspective). One thing that bugging me is that Fuji have abandoned bundling a battery charger with their cameras. Bear that in mind when you get the XT-4. Clearly they've taken the in camera USB-C charging as an excuse to save a few $$ (probably literally just a few $$) in not packaging one with their latest cameras. I've purchased a cheap third party dual battery charger for X100 batteries as Fuji don't make a dual charger for them. They are however making an official dual charger for the X-T4 batteries.
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    Agree @Angry the Clown! I already told my wife I'm getting one, to which she replied, "No you're not. Your X-T1 is still fine." I'm hoping that's a ploy on her part to throw me off the fact that she's getting it for my birthday. We'll see. If she doesn't, I'll buy it myself as it will be way cheaper than a divorce
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    I'm sure some of you had the same experience, but Nintendo Power was a huge part of my childhood, and was essentially where I got all of my video game news from besides possible a random GamePro or EGM here and there. If so, follow this account now: https://twitter.com/ArtofNP Seeing some this art again and the clay models they used for the covers from different angles is fucking wild.
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    X-T4 seems very nice. Really a refinement of the X-T3 rather than a revolutionary upgrade, but still a hell of a lot features and quality for your money. I like that it's a little bigger and has a better grip, but am particularly impressed with the emphasis Fuji have seemingly put into dampening the shutter. Not that I've any experience with flip screens (until the X100V arrives anyway, but I guess that's a tilt not a flip), I'm not sure I like the style of the one of the XT-4 where it has to first flip right out to the side in order to then be tilted. For video that's surely going to be very good, but for photography a little cumbersome perhaps.
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    It's a good game that I've enjoyed playing but I can only do a few runs before I hate myself and turn it off.
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    Dark Quiet Death was intense + fantastic. I'm enjoying MQ, but finding certain episodes difficult for how close to home they hit. I couldn't watch episode 6 the first time I put it on, turned it off after 3 minutes, because it matched my day at work almost exactly.
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    Dead Cells isn't really a Metroidvania IMO, despite people calling it. It's not got the same loop. But it's a *damn* good action game. One of my favourites from the last few years. And I never got on with any Dark Souls.
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    After trying a million things, that did not work. I figured it out, no thanks to Microsoft. I figured out that Microsoft has some bug in their code that is tripping up on some privacy setting or something like that. So I cleaned house. Deleted all family members Deleted every device associated with my account (Xbox, Xbox 360s, PCs, everything) Turned all privacy settings to ACCEPT or ALLOW Turned off all security settings except two-step authentication. I was going to try that next though. After doing this, and making NO CHANGES on my PC whatsoever ... It worked! Two PCs crashed the same way. After cleaning house in my Microsoft account, they both worked seamlessly. I'm in! And I just installed like 6 awesome games I'm excited to play. Thanks guys.
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    They raise a point in the Digital Foundry video that highlights one of the reasons I’ve abandoned collecting games physically, and that’s the unfortunate reality of not only DLC and expansions being so commonplace, but so many titles needing huge “day one” patches to run, and some shipping with only a fraction of the content on disc. I worry about this stuff from a preservation perspective.
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    Plus, if you’re already in possession of a decent gaming PC —which I suspect you are — I bet the urge to get a Series X at launch is diminished even more. At this point, I’m leaning toward getting a Series X at the end of the year, with a PS5 sometime in 2021. Being in the Game Pass ecosystem definitely incentivizes me to stay with Microsoft. Sony could sway me though, with a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel at launch.
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    I don't know about EA or Activision but CDPR is onboard... Interpret "upgrade" as you see fit. Though I'm sure the internet will spin itself into a frenzy about possible X series patches when they could simply mean, Cyberpunk Xbox One version will work when installed on the X and benefit from the performance boost.
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    Once the Marvel TV shows start up, I'll feel better about my Disney+ subscription.
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    A long time ago the original Xbox started its path to becoming the Dreamcast 2.0 thanks to the now third party Sega gracing Microsoft’s console with some of its best output ever. Amazing games (JSRF, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Gunvalkyrie, Otogi 1 & 2, Outrun 2, House or the Dead III, Shenmue II, etc.) that didn’t sell well but have maintained a solid core audience years later. One of the first of those titles was the classic Jet Set Radio future and it released 18 years ago today! I loved this game. I loved it then and I love it now for its fantastic gameplay, killer cel shaded visuals and a soundtrack thats as memorable (and divisive) as it was when it released. So happy 18th birthday, JSRF! They don’t make ‘em like you anymore.
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    99% Isopropyl Alcohol (boards and electronics) 50% IPA (labels, markers, etc.) A good set of Phillips screwdrivers A good set of gamebit drivers (Nintendo) Pledge (brings out the shine for the plastics) Goo Gone for adhesives. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (for light to medium scratches) Soap and water. Nothing better than a good bath once everything is taken apart. Along with a good toothbrush to scrub with. A lot of time and patience.;)
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    That video pointed out the audio notes for the game said: What a great way to describe it. I knew exactly what he meant.
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    Does your family discount apply to people in the LCVG forum?
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    Yeah, that one is my favourite so far I think, but I've only played a couple of runs with each. The version on gamepass also doesn't support cloud saves, so you're tied to one machine for progress.
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    "I am Tasi".... Soma was fantastic. So consider me hyped and ready for their new one.
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    Gameplay! PC/Stadia initially but thus will be a PS5/Series X release in the future.
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    Finally got around to trying this (thanks Gamepass!), and it's awesome! I'm terrible at it (only made it as far as the second boss), but I think I'm getting the hang of it. It's also extremely random, so you can get kind of screwed. I just finished a run with the third character, and ended up having 3 different things stacked that did things on playing power cards that made things a little ridiculous (reduce a card in hand to 0 energy, draw another card, spawn a lightning orb). Not sure how long an actual run is supposed to be yet.
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    I would think they'll push a Switch version at the same time they push DLC a year from now for Microsoft platforms. For me I know that the Switch release got me thinking about this game again, and rolled nicely into my excitement for the sequel.
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    I didn't, but then I haven't really touched it since Thrag the Barbarian completed Puzzle Quest. I still notice it once in a while when Ruth uses the Switch in handheld mode and it really sounds like a bad fan bearing to me. But I've done nothing about it.
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    Main consideration with GamePass is whether or not you care about "owning" the games. If you just want to play Ori, you can do that on gamepass. Same with Halo, Gears, Forza, and anything else on the service. If the game gets removed, you don't have it anymore. You can probably go buy it again afterwards, and unless something delists it'll always be available, but the number of times I find I go back to games I've finished before these days is extremely low. Now, I only have gamepass because I was able to get 3 years for basically $100 (2 more years of gold plus the conversion), so when it goes to the 18 bucks a month, who knows. I'll let you know in 2022.
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    I've been struggling to find mobile games To play. I'm not even sure why it's so hard, there is no shortage of games. Just nothing appealing to me! So, it's with this in mind that I have found one game that I can see spending some free/waiting time with. Grand Mountain Adventure: Snowboard Premiere. Is just good! It's high quality, chill, quick, fun, good looking and runs smooth. Two quick runs and I bought the ad free version. (It's $5 currently, but really free basically, as I just my Google Opinion rewards balance for this stuff.)
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    So the backer surveys for Return to Dark Tower came out, so what do I do? Upgrade to the "all in" pledge and add the neoprene mat... I know I said I wasn't going to, but the game looks really cool. The mental math went something like "I want the gameplay expansion and the plastic tokens, which discounts the minis, but if I'm getting those, then I might as well get the bigger board...". No willpower at all.
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    So this is a thing that's a must buy for me. Scooby Doo Betrayal At Mystery Mansion - an official remix of Betrayal At House on the Hill, by the designers, with the Scooby Doo theme??? Yes please. There's been fan attempts at this, but this looks awesome.
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    “Its every year isn’t it, Justin?” lol
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    Also, I should mention that re-branding attempt not withstanding - we're basically talking about cross buy here. Which has been around for ages and its something that both Microsoft and Sony have done for quite some time (MS with their first party PC/Xbox titles and Sony on the PS3/Vita, etc.). It's good to see it continue into the next generation with cross generational titles which, granted is a new wrinkle to the services we've seen offered but I think consumers have become accustomed to seeing this kind of thing happen with, at the very minimum first party titles as platform holders try to get folks into their ecosystems..
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    I was just about to post that! You beat me to it by seconds, you bastard! 😉
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    I also picked up this beauty today. I’ve been wanting a silver PS2 Slim for awhile. I already found a nearly flawless black slim but the silver has eluded me as they are always beat up to shit. Well take a look at this glorious thing (I didn’t even have to clean it): Now I just need a white one, preferably a Japanese model and my Slim collection will be complete.
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    After a nice deep cleaning and restoration (I had an drive from black unit with no digital out that I pulled and put in here for now):
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    I have a feeling this game is going to sell bonkers on Switch.
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    As is Faeria, a fun wee deck battler.
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    I’ve been waiting on this one for awhile. Bad ass!
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    So I started the big ass House of X/Powers of X HC the other day, and I think it's really a case of "you can't go home again". I know a lot more than I should about X-Men continuity, and even I was getting lost with "how the hell is Xavier even alive now" and "why is he walking around in an evil Reed Richards helmet" and "wait, the island from Giant Size #1 is the new Genosha, and can create portals now"? It's classic Hickman, which is dense, and chapter 3 actually got me back on board with it (the whole Moira McTaggert issue), but so far I don't think this is going to pull me back into being a regular X-Men reader. One of those things where, as soon as you stop reading, getting back in is reasonably impenetrable, and you question why you would in the first place.
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    And so our humble fellowship is set to finally begin the journey. Godspeed, Scared Chitless.
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