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    If you can believe it, it's been over 4 years since we last raised any money for the forum. To put it into perspective, the last time we ran a fundraiser, Fifty Shades of Grey and the first Kingsman movie were topping the box office The Order: 1886 and Evolve were just released Age of Ultron was the most current Marvel movie The Walking Dead topped TV ratings Barack Obama was the President of the United States Actually, the last time it was predicted that we'd raise enough get to a point where: At least two of those came true! About a month ago, you probably noticed the great outage of March the 22nd when the forum was down for almost the entire day due to depletion of funds. And then the other outage of Two Days Ago because my slack ass hadn't put up the fundraising post yet 😆 We've gotten to a point with our setup where the features we have are close to everything we need, and the software we now use is stable. Pretty much all we need coverage for is hosting. I'm also working on getting those costs lowered a bit to $45 a month. Think we can pre-pay keeping the lights on for at least another 2 years? If so, that'd put our goal close to an even $1000. Last time, 23 of us stepped up to contribute. If you can, consider contributing a month! But really, anything and everything helps. We can even take payments directly within the forum now! This month starts our 16th year together here on LCVG. So here's to many more, with discussions on PlayStation 5, Xbox Next, and everything else in between. To donate, click the Donation Goal Progress Bar at the bottom of this thread!
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    I’ll be contributing on Friday. Thanks to everyone for their donations! LCVG Gold logins will be sent out by months end.
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    Needs to be one with Jon Snow saying "I left the cave and the redhead with nice tits for this?" Carlos.
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    Wonder Woman sequel looks like a lot of fun.
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    This has been a godsend when I picked it up 3 years ago for boardgaming with family and friends...
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    Mindhunter finally returns Aug 16th
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    You are right. It is an odd decision. I can't answer if you're stupid or not, sorry.
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    I somehow scanned this as "gotta jack off first" and admired your commitment to priorities.
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    Ordered my TMNT cabinet today. It’ll be here next Thursday!
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    Oops, forgot to update last night. Had a pretty painless time putting everything together this weekend, aided by a 7 hour power outage on Saturday which motivated me to just sit down and plow through the rest of it. It took me a little longer than I thought it would, but maybe I'm a lot more deliberate than I was in my younger years. And that's probably why everything just worked with no issues! Case looks great, it's a little louder than my old one though not by much, understandable with the much more appropriate/substantial fans in this one for the beefy hardware. I would have been fine with no window at all since I really abhor the blinged out builds people do, and yet I kind of like the dark tinted glass. I have it sitting on its side, so if I walk up near it I can see inside on the top and it's cool, just the LED that is inside the AMD cooler/fan on top of the CPU and one on the edge of the video card. It looks really nice and doesn't bleed out into the room! Knocks on the case are probably the same I would have had with any case this size, due to the amount of drives I crammed into it and they are the old 3.5" size. If I wanted to avoid this, I probably would have needed to go with the "full" ATX tower styles, but I made it work. The back panel (now on the bottom) that covers where most of the cable management takes place as well as covers the (only) two 3.5" drive bays, I had to really give it a good shove to get it back on and screwed in, the ends of the SATA cables on the drives made it hard, too. The other two drives + two SSDs...well, I'm not proud of it, but I basically just stacked them neatly in the main bay on top of unused PCI slots, it works fine and the cables are out of the way, this thing isn't going to get stood up or moved and I have no idea what I'd need to put in those slots. The upside is that the four 3.5" drives are 6TB enterprise-level Seagates that a friend that works for A Very Big Computer Company gave me a little while back, they have loads of them in their lab they use for testing that they can't then re-sell or re-use. So I have 24TB of traditional storage, the 1TB ultra-fast PCIe M.2 boot drive, and then I filled the last two slots with 250GB and 120GB SSDs pulled over from the old machine that I'll use for more game installs. I think I am set storage-wise for a very long time, hah, though there is one more M.2 slot I could use if I wanted to add another SSD at some point. Obviously....this thing is fast. I have been re-downloading everything and updating drivers and such, but I gave DOOM a try at 4k at Ultra Detail and it was as smooth as silk. Tried a few older games that are notoriously unoptimized and load times were better and CPU definitely must have been a bottleneck on the old system too, ran much smoother. I hope to give a few newer games a run-through shortly (Wolfenstein: Youngblood was included with the Nvidia, will try that when it releases on Friday) as well as get my Oculus hooked up and messing with super-sampling. I am a very satisfied customer thus far!
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    Officially arriving on Halloween this year!
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    How’s this for confirmation? EDIT: What excites me about this is that it means I can finally use a proper Dual Shock 4 controller on the PS4 Remote Play app on iPad. It also means I should be able to use an Xbox controller for Project xCloud when it arrives. The dream of being able to play my console games anywhere I want on any device I want is quickly becoming a reality.
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    They better have the mother-of-all "Previously Ons" at the beginning of this! Carlos.
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    I donated. All in pennies. Good luck counting the change, ya filthy animals!
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    Thoroughly enjoyed Knives Out. Hammy, over the top acting, over-plotted, in all the right ways for the genre. Third act narrows in on a few actors & maybe doesn't quite make it all convincing, but I still utterly enjoyed it. Great performances all round, was a blast to watch. Paddington - watched this again as part of the Alamo Kids Club series with my son, and had a blast. Audience of young kids who clearly hadn't seen it, and parents who clearly had, going by the mix of laughter + exclamations. It nails the character in ways I never thought possible in a film, and then the sequel does it even better.
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    Dropped a Pi 3 into the Street Fighter cab, upgraded the sticks and buttons, and installed an HDMI adapter (mind, the newer waves of A1U units require a different HDMI adapter than earlier gen cabs) and the process couldn't have been easier. There is even a website (www.arcadepunks.com) that has a ton of Arcade1Up Pi images that are flash and play. (You don't NEED an A1U Pi image, but the ones that are available are robust and turnkey for this application, including dedicated images for vertical screen cabs, with curated vertical game collections, like you'd want with the Centipede A1U, for instance.) I had the Pi sitting around, so the entire conversion cost me less than $100 easy - all the parts are available from Amazon. Worth it af.
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    Picked up CLank! & three expansions for a song at local game store's bring & buy thing. Kids will love it I suspect.
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    The iPhone Pro has landed, so far so good. Restored form an iTunes backup which took about an hour. Then updated to 13.1 Some initial observations. I didn’t realize this phone is larger than the 8. I knew the screen was larger, but the phone itself is wider and taller. Not sure how that escaped me after 3 versions in the same body, but it did. The midnight green is a very cyan green. In some light the band has a distinctly blue cast. I’m fine with it. The screen is gorgeous. Switch to dark mode, and black UI elements just blend with the bezel. I’ve seen a lot of Samsung OLEDs and I always found the color rendition to be painfully saturated. The iPhone is far more subdued and natural. Adjusted quickly to the lack of a home button. The fact that there isn’t even a spot to accidentally tap on helps dissuade one from even trying. So far the cameras are a delight. Fast and fluid to work with. Have taken some side-by-sides with the 8 and especially in lower light the difference is immediately noticeable. the speaker sound quality is excellent. The 8 was already pretty good. But the Pro is great.
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    There’s just not a single thing that I’m not loving about this game thus far after four hours of play. The gunplay/combat is rock solid and fun (especially as you get new powers), the atmosphere is wonderful, the story is vintage Remedy (i.e. Alan Wake style bonkers) with plenty of noir-esque cheese. The Metroid like level design is well layed out with plenty of exploration options for goodies, too. It’s just glorious, really. I didn’t want to put it down despite having to get up early for work tomorrow which is always the sign of an good game!
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    This surprise launched a few days ago and is available right now for $9.99. So think Black Mirror: Bandersnatch but way more interactive. It’s an evolution of the FMV game genre (along with stuff like “Her Story”) and having completed it last night - I really enjoyed it! It’ll take you about two hours to finish and offers a number of branching storylines and endings (I’ve gotten two of them). It’s very well acted with quality production values, a really interesting murder mystery/supernatural story and well integrated interactivity. Yes, most of the interactivity is relegated to menial tasks when but considering the history of these games, I was really impressed with how integrated the actions were. It works with a companion app, too which really helps the “feel” of the gameplay though you can play with the Dual Shock as well. At $10, at worst it’s a movie rental except you play it and there’s reasons to replay. Again, I came away really having enjoyed my time with it and recommend it if you have some extra scratch sitting around. We’re a long ways from the days of Night Trap/Sewer Shark.....
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    Got my GenCon score framed and delivered today. I got to talk to Natalia Rojas, art director for Wingspan, and convinced her to sell me the original art for the Ruby Throated Hummingbird, a powerful and popular bird in the game - It's also on the box spine. It's now hanging in the entryway into the game room. I could get used to having original game art on the walls...
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    Del Toro’s Hellboy looks to be back on for an October release as it’s appearing at a few US retailers again.
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    Man, switching jobs in my company feels like the smartest thing I've done in a long time. They were bereft of an experienced Oracle guy, so along with my other duties, I've become the "pro from Dover" on Oracle problems. So far, I've been extremely lucky with my recommendations and have optimized and tuned some database processes into order-of-magnitude improvements. The people here think I'm a freakin' genius! I just hope my luck doesn't run out. I'm loving it. So busy, but not bored, and that's what I was looking for. Carlos. P.S. In case you didn't get the "pro from Dover" reference... (and you definitely should!) nsfw language.... Carlos.
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    Considered argument can be read and either agreed with or not. But most of what we’re seeing right now is writers in a hurry knowing that there are clicks to be made in talking about any major pop culture trend, and with so many social media accounts in the world you’re guaranteed to say the current number one is racist, transphobic, left wing, right wing, centrist or anything else you need to fit your agenda today. And if you can’t? Well, that’s about a minute’s work to solve.
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    yeah i totally forgot to update the payment method. Many thanks to everyone who chipped in and to Cameron for making this happen. Payment method has been changed and we are set up properly.
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    Phantom Hourglass Boy, I really enjoyed this the first time I played it. On the revisit, and with a slew of Zeldas under my belt, it’s hard to feel like this was anything more than a half-assed DS version. Gimmicks everywhere and the content is in service to them. Hey, no Ganon this time out... but the story has an absolutely ‘who gives a shit’ baddie and pulls Tetra out for the game, making her into the typical Zelda role of thing to be saved. Tepid humor, poorly designed characters (maybe an exception for Linebeck, but he’s clearly in the Jack Sparrow vein), and a stapled on story. Naturally for a first party title, too much DS mic and touchscreen and other crap. Stylus controls are really just... why... and the ship pieces being random... ugh. You want a strong ship for the end (allegedly) but you can’t buy them, can get duplicates, and are encouraged to trade which is now bloody impossible. The dungeons are incredibly dull and same-y (no best dungeon award this time around). The repetition of the main dungeon to get sea charts (charts that give you emptier and emptier as you get more of them) didn’t bother me on release, but man is it a slog now that I’m a cranky old dude. Graphics were bad then and are bad now - the DS never did 3D well. The few power ups you get your hands on are okay, but the most fun is definitely the boomerang and being able to trace elaborate paths with the stylus. It’s the most fun version of that item in the series. There’s at least a decent multi-stage boss fight to finish the whole thing off. WiiU emulation is fine, minus the mic. I nearly gave myself an attack trying to do the blowing actions, which has me dreading trying to work Spirit Tracks and the pipes. So of course that’s next... Current Ranking: 1) Wind Waker 2) Link to the Past 3) Ocarina of Time 4) Link’s Awakening 5) Twilight Princess 6) Oracle of Seasons/Ages 7) The Minish Cap 8.) Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link 9) Majora’s Mask 10) The Legend of Zelda 11) Phantom Hourglass
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    My 1TB Fusion drive in my late 2013 iMac died today. I’d been having performance problems for sure, and was thinking it was something with the newest OS update. I’ve already got a 500GB SSD DIY kit coming from OWC (that’s a lot of acronyms!). Everything is backed up but my most recent one is in the cloud on Backblaze. I’m currently running the iMac off of a SuperDuper backup from last last year 😅, and on a 5400RPM USB3 drive, it’s so slow.
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    Can only manage a meagre contribution this month but will aim to throw more into the hat throughout the year. We need to get us to the 20th Anniversary (four more years, four more years!).
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    Good call. You probably don't want to see that shot of Spider-Man cutting Thanos's head off with Stormbreaker. I can't believe that was the first shot of the trailer!
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    Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse - Incredible. Absolutely incredible love letter to the Spider-Man universe. Wonderful characters, beautifully written and genuinely funny as hell. All of that alongside a perfectly cast slew of actors that sell every last sincere moment. Loved, loved, loved it. Nichols Cage as Spider-Man Noir damn near stole the show for me.:)
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    I finally succumbed to Mark’s nagging and bought this for myself over the Christmas period. With about twelve hours clocked so far I’m delighted to say that I’ve found myself loving this game. I’d only planned on playing for an hour this evening and found myself giving up three. I typically find these kind of jrpg affairs somewhat bewildering, and certainly I do find a lot of the menus, stats and so forth intimidating, but the core gameplay itself nevertheless manages to be extremely accessible in ways I had not expected (thanks in no small part to the more forgiving gameplay settings you can choose I’m sure). I’m so charmed and amused by the school life (what is something of a sexy Hogwarts) and teaching angle of it all, and all the characters and interactions therein. I’m glad for my first play through I opted not to allow students to stay dead should they perish in battle as I think I’d be mortified to permanently lose any of them.
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    Going dark on any rise of the resistance stuff until after Feb. Plan is still to head over and do a day at DHS while we're on Universal trip. It'll be a nice payback for my son who isn't into Harry Potter, but has really started to enjoy Star Wars. That being said, I'm not buying him a $200 lightsaber (although I might get myself one).
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    This week’s episode of The Imagineering Story was quite interesting. Talks about DisneySea, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Cruises, but also the misses of DCA (specifically calling out Superstar Limo), Hong Kong Disneyland, Studios Paris, the cancellations of Westcot and Disney’s America and also the end of the Eisner era. I was quite surprised they had interviews with Paul Pressler. Only two left
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    Ever since I stated watching the Active Self Protection videos on YouTube, I have completely eliminated my use of earphones in transitional spaces, especially when walking to and from my bus stop. There aren't a lot of bad actors in downtown Houston, but there are several homeless people, and they can go from docile to agitated really quickly. I realized I would have been easy picking for a mugger. Now I stay alert, keep my head on a swivel, and even avoid looking at my screen while someone approaches. Once I'm safely in the bus, the earphones go on. Carlos.
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    As I mentioned in the main PS4 thread, I grabbed this while I was trading in my base PS4 for a Pro (it was between this and Spiderman). I should preface this by saying I've never played a Remedy game, and in general I've not played many Metroidvania type games, and indeed I'm pretty terrible when the action ratchets up and I'm faced with multiple enemies. But so far I'm really enjoying this game. Where a lot of story-heavy games lose me either in cumbersome controls or storylines/pacing that don't hold my attention, this one is suffering neither of those for me. But what really has kept me coming back is the mood of this game. It just oozes style and creepiness in an understated way. It reminds me of a David Fincher movie, although some parts remind me of Kubrick too. It has a very well developed sense of place, even if that place is frequently bewildering and unsettling.
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    Cancer ridden Jane Foster is bad ass as Thor. That’s all you need to know.:)
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    Don't do that to me. Don't make me dream of what HDR / wide gamut could do to a silver retention print of SE7EN.
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    Played the first mission from the beta this morning, I was surprised how easy it was compared to the beta. Otherwise still loving it.
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