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  1. More of you honking honkers need to buy Untitled Goose Game. It’s practically Hitman with feathers. It has a dedicated honk button, people! Quit stalling.
  2. I really wonder how Tron will affect the popularity of the neighbouring Space Mountain. I don’t think it would be a bad idea to gut the ride’s interior and re-design it with a new layout and more modern system.
  3. I’ve never heard of it. Does sound good.
  4. Aladdin is the best of the three classic animated discs Disney has put out so far. Really liked the presentation. It’s also the first time (as far as I know) that it’s been presented in the original 1.60:1 ratio of Disney’s old CAPS system. The box mistakenly lists it as 1.66:1 but to my eye it’s taller. Previous laserdisc, DVD, Blu-ray and download versions were all a mix of 1.66:1, 1.78:1 and 1.85:1. If I’ve said it once I’ll say it a thousand times... GIVE - ME - TARZAN (....also Fantasia and Fantasia 2000).
  5. I tried it (damn that opening 😭) and visually it scales down beautifully. There seems to be some banding in the backlit smoke effects that I don’t recall from playing it on XB1, but other than that it still looks absolutely exquisite and the port seems as polished as promised. In game achievements are in there too.
  6. Well I bought it and it’s an absolute delight. *HONK!*
  7. The PX5’s are a very tempting upgrade over my P5s2’s. They look more comfortable too (if I have any complaints about my s2’s it’s their tight grip on my head). I’d love to know more about the PI4’s. I’d particularly like to know if they are aimed for fitness use and offer sweat resistance. Nobody seems to know for certain just yet. The companion app allowing the user to control degrees of noise cancellation and audio settings is really interesting.
  8. Really liking the look of the new B&W PX7, PX5 and PI4 offerings:
  9. Anyone picking up Untitled Goose Game? It’s discounted 25% for its first two weeks. Tempted to grab it on Switch. Looks like a hoot (or honk).
  10. Don’t intend to subscribe but I will run the free trial when AppleTV is updated as I’d like to play Sayonara Wild Hearts. XB1 pad will work with the TVOS13, right?
  11. Apparently 13.1 (and iPadOS) has been moved up to the 24th. Much easier to make the decision to wait until Tuesday to update my phone in which case.
  12. It’s definitely good to see more options available. I’d like to see Apple Music/iTunes do it too.
  13. Apple Arcade and iOS 13 are a available. Can’t decide whether to just wait for 13.1 on the 30th or not.
  14. Well, they’ve gone one step further and removed it from the test service entirely apparently.
  15. Really looking forward to this but I’ve plenty to keep me busy at the moment, so it’s still looking like a Dec/Jan purchase.
  16. I like that idea. They should get Leonard Maltin involved for the old stuff, as they did for the Treasures DVDs.
  17. Excellent. They’ve just done that for Zelda too. I wonder if Pokemon will also offer double points?
  18. Not a thing, nor anything on episodes of Walt Disney Presents/Wonderful World of Color. That’s the stuff I most want to see. Unfortunately Disney has a very shallow grasp of its own history, rarely pushing anything beyond their animated features (and even their handling of those could be so much better). I believe all this stuff is archived in HD though, so hopefully it will hit the service eventually.
  19. Ad Astra - Thought this was excellent. Absolutely no idea how a sci-fi character piece (albeit one with a brief moon pirates action scene) will perform in today’s market. I hope enough people see it.
  20. I’m not too sure. Flight of the Navigator was a flag for me there as I didn’t think that Disney owned it in any international territory (at least not anymore). I’m surprised Big from Fox isn’t on there. If Adventures in Babysitting is allowed with its multiple uses of “fuck” then surely Big would with its single use.
  21. I’m curious to see if 20,000 Leagues, Dick Tracy and some others which all had 4k scans several years ago are presented as such.
  22. They’ve caught up with Pixar and Marvel discs but there’s still a lot of ground to cover as far as their primary animated catalogue is concerned on disc. We also don’t know what proportion of content will be UHD on Disney+ as it’s entirely dependent on where they are with their archiving (but again, we can probably be 99% sure stuff like Free Solo and Princess Diaries, apparently 4k from the Netherlands test run, will never get UHD physical releases). I’d say it’s a safe bet that if there’s a disc already then it will be 4k/HDR on the service. I’ve felt for some time that while the service will obviously be the incentive for them making 4k/HDR masters, physical disc becomes a natural beneficiary as disc alone would have never justified the cost, and as you say we’re getting titles a lot quicker than we probably would have too. Disney do seem keen to protect physical media (for now) as best as they practically can as they’ve said there will be several months between digital > physical > Disney+ for new releases. Surprised the original Adventures in Babysitting is on there. Will they censor the language I wonder?
  23. This year’s iPhones now have 4GB of RAM. I wonder if the next 12.9” iPad Pro updates will get a bump to 6GB like the 1TB models have.
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