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  1. Yes, I’d always have at least two batteries regardless, even with the Canon 7D and 5D3 which had phenomenal battery performance. If they could translate that to the 5R it would be wonderful but we have to accept that EVF’s are one of the many demanding factors with these modern cameras. That was one thing that drove me from Fuji a few years ago as the older cameras just chewed through batteries at an insane rate. I think I had four with the X-Pro2. It’s great that the processing power has allowed the cameras to be so much more economical. I have a spare for the X100V ready to go, along with the filter and adapter for weather sealing. Hopefully the black models of the camera ship on schedule around the 12th. I’ll be keeping an eye on the X-T4 as I’m very interested in getting something decent for video over the next twelve months so will be keen to see reviews of production models performance, and we’ll see what Canon genuinely offer with the 5R. The Black Magic video cameras are also on my radar. Perhaps I should even look at Sony.
  2. Interesting to see that cases for 2020 iPad Pros are already beginning to surface. That's usually the best indicator a refresh is imminent, and they seem to confirm the iPhone 11 Pro camera (+ new time of flight most likely). March announcement seems inevitable.
  3. The Street Fighter II cabinet is currently down to £225 at Argos for those in the UK who aren’t me and have the space for these things and who I hate because they have the space for these things. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8625872
  4. Such a possibility doesn’t make my choice to go 11” or 12.9” any easier.
  5. XT-1 to XT-4 will be quite a leap! That's at least two generations of sensor and processor I think? They seem to be in a very happy place with the 26mp sensor and X-processor 4 having used both on the X-T3, X-T30, X-Pro 3, X100V and now the X-T4 (not sure if they use the combination in some of the other X models. There have too many X cameras in my opinion). I guess they may reserve a next gen leap in processing and a higher mp sensor for an X-H2. I certainly applaud them for going with a new larger battery for the XT-4. It's been interesting to look at what Fuji have been doing in more detail recently. I enjoyed the X-E2 and X-Pro2 when I had them despite some image file issues, though I did feel that I would have been better off with the X-T over the Pro at the time having later tried it as I felt its form factor balanced better with the larger prime lenses, and the EVF size and eye relief was much nicer on the X-T. The EVF in the X-Pro3 is a lot nicer now than its predecessor though, and I personally don't hate the route they went with the rear screen which I know ruffled a lot of feathers (though I think the best option would have been to somehow invent a tilt screen that could function like the X100V's but but flipped back completely and hidden from view, so I guess taking the best of the V and the X-T4's LCD). Still, if I was to pick between the X-Pro 3 and X-T4 I'd go for the T4. It's a shame the X-Pro 3 missed out on the X100V's lift/lock ISO dial mechanism and the X-T4's dampened shutter. I'm kind of kicking myself for taking my eye off Fuji's medium format endeavours as I hadn't paid enough attention to the existence of the GFX 50R, and there was a point last year where I actually could have afforded to try one but it just wasn't on my radar so I ended up going another route, and even the amazing prices (relatively speaking) on the 50R and GFX lenses recently have now found me at an inconvenient time financially so I can't consider it. I wish I didn't have such a Goldilocks complex with digital cameras. I feel constantly embarrassed by it. Weirdly my cycle from one camera to another in such short spaces of time has never had anything to do with features. It's always ergonomics. I was also looking at the X lens roadmap. I am a little surprised there are no rumours of mkII revisions for their 35mm 1.4 and 23mm 1.4 primes. I feel it's time they had, at the very least, weather sealing and faster/quieter af motors. Optically I am not sure there is a good argument to change them. I am very much looking forward to the X100V. While coronavirus issues have apparently meant that X-T4 shipments will not begin until late April this doesn't seem to be the case with the X100V as launch shipments appear to have been on schedule this week on the silver models, though I opted for a black one which, for whatever reason, Fuji stated would not begin shipping until around the 12th of March back when they announced the camera. This could be down to the X100 being manufactured in Japan vs China for the X-T4. It'll be nice to play with an X100 again having owned the original all those years ago. Quirky and flawed as it was, I do think it was a very special and important camera, and the V seems to have pretty much seen it finally attain a damn near perfect evolution. As a glasses wearer I could not get comfortable with a 35mm field of view on a Leica M viewfinder, even on the M10 with its improved eye relief, and in a built up city like London I just find myself crying out for something wider than my 50mm safety net these days. The V is remarkably versatile when you factor in the leaf shutter, the available teleconverter and wide angle lenses, fast A/F plus good face/eye detection, and now with the tilt screen and 4k video. Had the X-Pro 3 viewfinder not been carried over, had it not been weather sealed, and had the lens not finally been revised at long last, I might have hesitated on the purchase, but they seemed to have ticked all the boxes with the V and the UK price was below what had been rumoured so I ordered one instantly. Interestingly this is probably the first time I've been enticed by features on a digital camera in over a decade, I think perhaps because so many of these bells and whistles have reached a point of maturity. The only thing I'll have yet to try in a camera is IBIS (which to be honest is really only of interest to me from a video perspective). One thing that bugging me is that Fuji have abandoned bundling a battery charger with their cameras. Bear that in mind when you get the XT-4. Clearly they've taken the in camera USB-C charging as an excuse to save a few $$ (probably literally just a few $$) in not packaging one with their latest cameras. I've purchased a cheap third party dual battery charger for X100 batteries as Fuji don't make a dual charger for them. They are however making an official dual charger for the X-T4 batteries.
  6. Desperately hoping a Switch port happens sooner rather than later. A one year advance window for XB/PC would not be unreasonable though.
  7. It probably was. Hopefully Aronofsky and/or Matthew Libatique were able to oversee a new master (I'd still love to contact Libatique to see if he is aware of what Disney did to Iron Man and Iron Man 2).
  8. Official date for the release on Switch, PS4 and PC, both digital and physical, has been announced as May 19th for North America (22nd UK). Price is $39.99/£39.99. Nine days left on the Kickstarter if anyone wants to get the digital release cheaper by backing it for ¥3,900. Physical reward tier works out cheaper too.
  9. So since Lionsgate have abandoned their two random catalogue titles a month output I guess they've lapsed into selective anniversary/sequel cash in catalogue opportunities? Better than nothing I suppose (but then doesn't explain lack of a disc for The Limey last year). Will wait for reviews to see how they've handled Requiem for a Dream. Hopefully it's a good release, though I agree it's never an easy film to watch.
  10. X-T4 seems very nice. Really a refinement of the X-T3 rather than a revolutionary upgrade, but still a hell of a lot features and quality for your money. I like that it's a little bigger and has a better grip, but am particularly impressed with the emphasis Fuji have seemingly put into dampening the shutter. Not that I've any experience with flip screens (until the X100V arrives anyway, but I guess that's a tilt not a flip), I'm not sure I like the style of the one of the XT-4 where it has to first flip right out to the side in order to then be tilted. For video that's surely going to be very good, but for photography a little cumbersome perhaps.
  11. They raise a point in the Digital Foundry video that highlights one of the reasons I’ve abandoned collecting games physically, and that’s the unfortunate reality of not only DLC and expansions being so commonplace, but so many titles needing huge “day one” patches to run, and some shipping with only a fraction of the content on disc. I worry about this stuff from a preservation perspective.
  12. Probably (so £450 here most likely, perhaps even £475). I still think they could mitigate the pain of that entry point by bundling at least six months of Game Pass with the system but we’ll see. It’s really likely to be something I buy on a mad whim if I am to buy it this year. I’d still sooner not dive in to another generation until I have 5.1 again though.
  13. Really starting to think I could break my word and get one of these bad boys at Christmas at this rate.
  14. Weirdly the UK Disney+ Twitter feed seems to have implied that The Mandalorian (and presumably Imagineering) will go up in the UK on a weekly basis, despite the whole season having now finished its run in the US and been bootlegged across the internet. I can only imagine they’re doing this as a means to retain subscriptions. There’s a £49 12-month introductory subscription here but like Netflix I just don’t think I need regular access. My plan is to subscribe for March and April (perhaps May as well) and then again from November to January. I accept I am the kind of streaming customer who will someday be held partially responsible for all these services moving exclusively to an annual subscription model. I’m fairly certain we’re not getting The Simpsons as the characters have been absent for UK advertising thus far. Advertising suggests Days of Future Past will be on D+ here (which surely means the best line in the movie will be censored).
  15. Would love to know how someone who skipped s2 would react to everything going on in that trailer. I like the series a lot. I no longer have access to the channel that airs it in the UK so I will likely have to wait to get it on iTunes or UHD disc (really wish Warner put TV content on iTunes in 4k). Is this to be the final season?
  16. Big number of villagers confirmed: That doesn’t seem to account for new characters either.
  17. Really wish he'd quit the smutty gags, but it's good viewing for those who are still worried about gaming on OLED.
  18. Great Direct from today: Lots to love here! The game seems loaded with features (and terraforming is going to be a huge change to gameplay).
  19. It definitely seems like an acquired taste. The tolerance factor seems to be based on just how much of a Disney nerd you are, and how patient you are at putting up with all the convoluted non-Disney soap opera stuff that haphazardly strings it all together.
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