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  1. I'm very curious to see a 3060 announcement.
  2. LG's roll up OLED TV is finally going on sale...... for $87,000. Also Oppo are getting into the TV game in China, with a couple of 8k LCD displays: https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1603185814
  3. Part III looks really clean, but not quite in the way some of those scenes in the disc of the first film look (perhaps with the exception of the very last scenes back in 1985). III I think is helped by the fact so much of it was shot outdoors in bright daylight so probably isn't inherently very grainy at the source, the negative appears to have been kept in excellent condition, and there are far fewer optical effects in the third film compared to II. Night scenes and indoor scenes look grainer as one would expect, so noise reduction really doesn't seem to have done any alarming damage. It look
  4. Just had my copy of the aforementioned Street Fighter Blu-ray delivered. 🤣 Looking forward to exploring the special features.
  5. Back to the Future II looked consistently great to my eye! Nice thin layer of grain throughout. Softness where you'd expect it with so many optical effects (particularly where you have the same actor in the same scene), but no anomalies like those that stood out in the first movie. Don't know why it took me all these years to notice Charles Fleischer (voice of Roger Rabbit) is actually in the movie twice. I always spotted him beneath the makeup as the old man taking money to save the clock tower in 2015, but he's there again as the mechanic who restored Biff's car in 1995. Presumably they're s
  6. It probably is that simple, yes. If you put games into a folder on PS4 was the folder thumbnail the most recent game played? It's been so long since I used a PS4 I can't remember.
  7. End of Chapter 13 is where things look fuzzy to me, when Doc and Marty are talking in the square at night, and when Marty is in the diner writing the letter. I'd be interested to know if you guys with more recent TVs see the same kind of anomaly in the grain (look at it particularly against the white of the covering over the deloran when the cop is questioning Doc, and then when Marty is in the diner and following nighttime exteriors at the school). I may go back and try to trick my Oppo into deactivating Dolby Vision sometime tomorrow after watching the other two just to see if t
  8. I keep wondering what the Uncharted Lost Legacy icon you can see in the top right during the demo signifies. Is that an indicator that you've got a friend playing it (as shown elsewhere in the demo) or something? At 9mins 11s into the video it's the second to last icon on the main menu.
  9. Finished the first Back to the Future. Generally it's really great I think. Again, lightyears ahead of the old Blu-ray. Strangely it's some daytime scenes, almost all in the town square curiously enough, where the noise reduction is a bit too much. Most shots in those scenes look really clean, but still not enough to make things look smeary and plastic. The last act of the movie also sees the grain take on a bit of a video fuzz like look in some places which is also quite curious compared to the grainier scenes earlier on in the film where it looked more natural and looks good again during the
  10. I've decided to go into media blackout on this one now (not that I think they can top the cat anyway, unless you can also befriend a racoon).
  11. Seems like the Apple silicon Mac event could be on 17th November if rumours are accurate. I really hope they show more than an entry level notebook.
  12. Yes. Bear in mind that if it's a clone of the Japanese disc then it's been noise reduced to buggery (worse than Ghost in the Shell was apparently).
  13. Neat bit of technology. I hope there's room beyond whatever agreement they currently have with Seagate to allow other companies to make branded and approved cards as well. That'd certainly help make prices competitive. I'd have to imagine any exclusivity with Seagate would be for at least a year though (and I've never read confirmation of there actually being an exclusive agreement between the two of them, but it doesn't seem unrealistic to assume that there probably is).
  14. Skimmed through the first one. Absolutely colossal leap over the nasty old 1080 release. I'm so relieved.
  15. My Back to the Future set arrived today. Been a long time since I watched the films as I never much liked the old blu-rays, so I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with the UHD release.
  16. There's been some interesting news about apparent breakthroughs in plasmonic enhancement to OLED in recent weeks, which would reduce or eradicate risk of burn in, reduce ageing of a panel and may potentially even allow for boosts to peak brightness. This is the best piece I've found on the development from late September: Universal Display Technologies are licensers and suppliers to LG. Full link for mind-boggling scientific data and diagrams: https://phys.org/news/2020-09-plasmonic-stability-brightness-light-emitting-devices.html
  17. UK disc of Akira from Manga Entertainment on 30th of November:
  18. Wonder Boys finally appears to be coming to Blu-ray in November! https://www.amazon.com/Wonder-Boys-Blu-ray-Michael-Douglas/dp/B08L1S3WZM/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=wonder+boys+blu-ray&qid=1602834110&s=movies-tv&sr=1-6 A Simple Plan next please, Paramount!
  19. Event Horizon and The Haunting (1999) are both now 4K/Dolby Vision on iTunes from Paramount. Still no change to Disney titles in the UK.
  20. Remarkably silly and impressive in equal measure.
  21. Usually whatever gets revealed at CES in January will see release between March, April and May the same year. Occasionally some models don't make it until late summer, but most of them are usually out there for the spring. CES is going virtual next year, so attendees aren't going to get to see anything in person unfortunately. That's TVs. Projector reveals are quite random, and not always annual events like TVs. They're more likely to get announced August/September when they do though.
  22. This Dutch website did some heat and fan noise tests using Red Red Redemption 2: https://tweakers.net/reviews/8252/3/xbox-series-x-onze-eerste-indrukken-en-tests-meten-is-weten.html After 15 minutes of gameplay the Series X was at 48°C while the XB1X was hitting 65°C. From a noise perspective, the Series X measured 2 decibels lower than the XB1X from the OS menus (24db against 27db), while in game the Series X was apparently measuring a whopping 13db lower than the XB1X (25db against 38db respectively!). Power usage saw the Series X commanding 28w in sleep
  23. Funnily enough I had the very same thought. It's actually always been on my list to buy (I really want to give these games a good try), but only once the price is right.
  24. I hadn't even thought of them potentially opening that feature up to Youtube. If not that, then allowing PS5 users themselves to upload a guide onto Sony's own servers that you could pull up side by side could be a really nice community feature, or bring up live video feed from a friend playing the same game, having already completed a task or level you're on, and being able to guide you through it.
  25. The picture and picture/picture in picture card features are perhaps my favourite thing there. Brilliant touch. I also really like that you can bring up an estimate for how long it might take you to finish a level/achieve a goal. That's useful if you're pressed for time, knowing you have to stop playing, but might be able to squeeze in getting one last thing before shutting off the game. Sackboy also seems to have a really lovely soundtrack too.
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