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  1. Denon have announced their 8k/HDMI 2.1 receivers (they may in fact be amplifiers. Seeing some reports they have finally abandoned tuners): https://www.avforums.com/news/denon-introduces-8k-ready-av-receivers-as-industrys-first.17649 They appear to support the full array of HDMI 2.1 features save for full bandwidth 48Gbps. They may only have one functional 2.1 input (two out). Trying to find solid confirmation on that. Would render them limited if we’re to assume both next-gen consoles support 2.1 (if they support QFT and QMS over 2.0b that’d be fine though. I really want to see those features implemented in devices). I’d expect Marantz models to follow.
  2. John at DF has taken a look at the Switch release and unfortunately it’s not great. Sad to see. Since I don’t own any other platform I was hoping The Switch would be a respectable enough option to play it, but I’d sooner wait until I have a PC again or next gen system.
  3. It will be interesting to see how busy it gets once they re-open to the public (yesterday was annual passholders, vloggers...etc), so after the initial days things may settle as happened with Disney Springs and Citywalk. Apparently things had eased quite well later in the day yesterday, with more people leaving than arriving. Interestingly even roam around characters like The Blues Brothers are masked at Universal. I thought perhaps that was part of a gag, but all the human characters in the Potter areas like the wand shop are masked, even the Scooby Doo gang (save for Scoob, obviously). So that's different to what Disney did in shanghai where they keep their prince and princess performers unmasked, but at a significant distance from the public.
  4. Next year’s Odyssey update is a biggie. You’ll finally be able to get out and walk on planets, and engage in on foot combat. May have to ensure I have the means to play it again when this launches. I wonder if they have next-gen plans or plan to just rely on backwards compatibility and patch enhancements.
  5. So it's looking like pre-shows for attractions at Universal are all cut from the ride experience. You just walk on through those areas on the Potter rides...etc. One has to assume Disney will do something similar then? So no stretching room in the Mansion, perhaps no holding cell on Resistance? The transport ship part of Resistance seems difficult to cut though as I don't know how they can get around that illusion of you boarding through one door at one location, then exiting through the same door at a completely different location. I guess they would just reduce the capacity for that sequence of the ride.
  6. It just puzzled me that with the UK (prematurely) easing lockdown this week because the rest of Europe is making is look bad, IKEA is where people want to go in the midst of a heatwave.
  7. Indeed. Good move (do I dare even look to Twitter to see how many might actually be complaining about this?). *edit* I looked. Why do I choose to make myself miserable?
  8. Some of these were tricky. Not all of my answers necessarily represent favourites as I've tried to avoid repeats. 01) Title Screen Music: Main Menu (Halo 3) 02) Opening Level Music: Go Straight (Streets of Rage II) 03) 8-Bit Music: Amazon Theme (Ducktales) 04) Music from a Console Exclusive Series: Main Theme (Donkey Kong Country) 05) Hub world or Overworld Music: Within the Embrace (Horizon: Zero Dawn) 06) Music that makes you feel relaxed: Nook's Cranny Closing Theme (Animal Crossing New Horizons) 07) Music from an Indie Game: First Steps (Celeste) 08) Music from a Shooter: Blood & Rust (Titanfall 2) 09) Music from a Licensed Game: Facility (Goldeneye) 10) RPG Battle Music: Blue Skies and a Battle [Rain] (Fire Emblem: Three Houses) 11) Puzzle Game Music Snoopy Magic Show (Stage 1) 12) Music That Makes You Sad: Lonely Pebble (Valiant Hearts) 13) Music You Like From a Game You Don't Like: Ending Music (Sewer Shark) 14) Music Featuring Vocals: Still Alive (Mirror's Edge) 15) Boss Battle Music: Duel (Metal Gear Solid) 16) 16-Bit Music: Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy (Yoshi's Island) 17) Music You Never Get Tired Of: The Ocean On His Shoulders (Bioshock) 18) Game Over Music: Game Over (Punch Out) 19) Cover of Music by a Different Artist: Corneria (Star Fox/Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) 20) Music from a Racing Game: Mute City (F-Zero) 21) Music You Associate with Frustration: Turbo Tunnel (Battletoads) 22) Town/Village Music: Tal Tal Heights [Heroic] (The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Remastered) 23) Underrated Music: Main Theme (LA. Noire) 24) Music You Constantly Have Stuck in Your Head: Athletic (Super Mario World) 25) Music That Gets You Pumped: Operatique (WipEout) 26) Music You Like From a Game You Haven't Played: Now Use The Light, We Want to See (Ori and the Will of the Wisps) 27) Music from a Handheld Game: Main Theme (T2: Judgement Day) [Gameboy] 28) Music That Makes You Nostalgic: Player Select (Street Fighter II) 29) Final Boss Music: Ultimate Koopa (Super Mario 64) 30) Credits Music: End Titles & Suite (The Last Guardian)
  9. Universal Japan is going to commence staggered re-opening from the 8th for designated guests from the Osaka prefecture. It will then open up to visitors from more prefectures from the 19th. Temperature tests, masks....etc will be required. No mention of when Super Nintendo Land will open.
  10. James Mangold has been tweeting a bit about Cop Land recently and it got me thinking, now that Paramount have the distribution rights fir Miramax library it would be amazing if Arrow could go after some of those titles. I don’t think Arrow have ever had a relationship with Paramount. I don’t think many indies have come to think of it, but that has started to change since last year. I think all the Paramount titles Arrow have done are those actually owned by Universal. Arrow are doing Wolf of Wall Street at some point. I wonder if that will get a UHD as it’s Universal here, but Paramount in the US. Like Inglourious Basterds I cannot see the point of just doing a new Blu when the existing disc was already good.
  11. It will be interesting to see if they do any re-issues. I don’t think titles like The Thing, which they did their own 4k scan for, were actually finished in 4k, so it’s not as if all the work for such titles is already done should they want to do a 4k disc. Oldboy they absolutely could do as Arrow themselves already released it in 4k/DV on iTunes (The Dead Center is another 4k/DV title from Arrow on iTunes. Probably not known well enough to do a disc though). Similarly to my thought of them perhaps taking MGM’s existing 4k/HDR masters fo Silence of the Lambs and Spaceballs, I wonder if they might take Universal’s masters for Backdraft and Field of Dreams and do UK releases as those might not be too out of place under Arrow. There’s not a huge number of cult favourites from the 70s, 80s and 90s that Arrow have not already claimed from MGM outside of the ones I wrote about in my earlier post I don’t think, at least not ones that are likely to have some selling power. It remains to be seen whether Arrow want to invest in really obscure cult titles like Vinegar Syndrome and Blue Underground are doing in the US. More power to them if they do though. Terminator really would be a huge one if they have acquired it (but to do a new 4k/HDR master would surely need Cameron’s approval and we all know how the wait for discs from him is concerned). I’d explode if they ever wanted to do Sneakers from Universal. I adore that film. Would be interesting if they could get Universal and Amblin to let them do Duel and 1941 too. Animal House would be a very fitting title for Arrow from Universal, but not sure it’s enough for them to do a UHD for. Tremors would be a good one for Arrow. Arrow acquired the UK rights to True Romance, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and Last of the Mohicans last year (Warner’s rights lapsed) and curiously did nothing with them beyond repackaging the existing discs. I have to imagine they’re doing something more substantial from scratch with them down the line. They’d be popular on UHD too. I keep wondering about Fox of course. Arrow had a few titles from them in the past like Donnie Darko, Big Trouble in Little China...etc. Supposedly the line from Disney, according to Kino I think?, is no new licensing negotiations until 2021, and even if they did open up the Fox catalogue to indies again we don’t know how tough they will be on price. Imagine Arrow doing Speed, or French Connection, LA Confidential, Heat and God knows how many others. Part of me wants to hope the COVID situation renders Disney pretty liberal in licensing out Fox titles in future given how much more debt that are having to get into. We’ll see.
  12. Mask of Zorro is a wonderful disc. The movie is such a treat. Even more enjoyable than I remembered. Can anyone else with the disc check a bug? When the end credits begin to scroll, after the animated flames credits, the menu options appear for a brief moment then vanish. Can’t tell if it’s a disc encoding error or a player error when reading the disc (it happens even if I skip directly to the final chapter and fast forward to that moment in the end credits too). I ran it on the Oppo 203. Speaking of menus, Sony have finally moved away from their weird old design and now have sensible navigation!
  13. You should at least think about Flash Gordon, Joey. The blu-ray was hot garbage.
  14. David M has confirmed Fidelity in Motion are handling the encoding for the the Arrow releases. (so that's interesting he'll be doing both Studio Canal's Flash disc which just has the movie and audio tracks, and Arrow's which has movie, audio and video extras. I'd imagine both will be 100GB discs. Arrow's would have to be). I've seen others question this elsewhere too, but I've been wondering whether Inglourious Basterds could be next from Arrow/Universal. They're definitely bringing it to Blu-ray, but it's one of those titles I can't see the value of re-releasing on Blu as the existing Universal disc was already excellent. We've seen very earlier international retail entries for a UHD from Universal several months ago, but Arrow only distribute in the UK and US, so even if Arrow were to do put it out it would still be Universal handling it in other territories. Their strongest studio relationships are with Universal and MGM. I'm trying to think what I'd like to see from those libraries that Arrow have not yet already released on Blu-ray. You largely need to look at cult favourites of the 70s, 80s, and 90s titles that Arrow seem to go for. I'd love something like War Games. I've wanted Arrow to get the Man with No Name trilogy for a long time, and there was rumour that they might have. Could they have it and might that be why Kino scrapped a Good The Bad and the Ugly UHD? Spaceballs would be fun. I could see Arrow doing title like that, and the 4k/HDR master exists as MGM put it out on iTunes. I wonder if Arrow might have the rights to Silence of the Lambs in the UK. It could also mean they do Hannibal as well as it has no UK UHD. The Terminator would be wonderful of course (I really wouldn't any other indie label to get that one). From Universal, I wonder if Arrow might have done a deal to do Monty Python's Meaning of Life? It would suit the label very well, and might explain why it never surfaced from Universal themselves having been on that leaked Russian list a year or two ago. Could they do Conan maybe? They could only do that in the US as Fox/Disney have it here. Death Becomes Her would be nice, and Carlito's Way. The Frighteners would be VERY fitting for Arrow. I'd love to see Out of Sight as well. It's going to be interesting to see if Arrow expand UHD releases to select titles from Arrow Academy in future. I'm going to assume they won't given it's primarily their sub-label for older b&w and foreign films which probably won't have the reach for UHD sales that they would be looking for right now. God I wish they could get something like The Untouchables from Paramount.
  15. Curious to know what the Switch ports are like. Apparently the first two have ported pretty well. Haven't heard anything on Infinite though, which is of particular interest given its patchy performance history since it first came out.
  16. Have only just seen the price and they are putting this out at £25 retail (or £22 as an early bird pre-order directly from them). That's excellent for a boutique label, and is no higher than what most studios charge for new releases in the UK at the moment. Can't say I am not tempted at £22 to show my support.
  17. Literally came here to post that tweet with that very same question!
  18. Interesting that they are stuffing the video features onto the 4k movie disc for Arrow’s US release (UK one keeps them on a separate Blu-ray). Pitch Black confirmed for US as well. How did this chaotic mess of a year still somehow manage to turn out to be the best on record for UHD catalogue releases?
  19. I'm going to assume they'd see it as a risk to revisit some titles they've already done on Blu for want of avoiding upsetting loyal customers (plus they may not even be contractually allowed to extend their licences to 4k in some instances). It would be nice if they did The Thing though, since I can't imagine Universal bettering the 4k restoration Arrow did themselves for their UK Blu-ray, unless Universal have the right to use Arrow's work for their own UHD. I don't remember Pitch Black clicking with me all that much, so I'll likely skip the disc although I am eager to support them doing UHDs.
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