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  1. I suspect Sony as the article had an update that they had allegedly offered concessions that Disney rejected.
  2. A Spanish listing for Inglorious Basterds has appeared for October (from Universal). Would make it the only Tarantino disc known to be coming outside of Once Upon a Time in America (Sony). I’m surprised there’s no hint of an anniversary Pulp Fiction from StudioCanal/Lionsgate as it’s 25 this year.
  3. I genuinely enjoyed revisiting all three Matrix films when they hit UHD last year, despite the sequel problems. Cant say I was ever desperate for another one of course, but Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss being on board has me curious. I would be enormously upset if Don Davis doesn’t do the score though as that would be the one thing we could at least expect to be great.
  4. Interesting to see that The Haunting of Hill House is to receive a Blu-ray in October with three extended Director’s Cut episodes. Paramount are handling the three-disc set for general release.
  5. I couldn’t get through all of the WDWMagic thread on it. My head began to hurt. It was hard enough following the back and forth over the weekend on Twitter (particularly as, outside of some Imagineers, I don’t follow that many ‘DisTwitter’ people). There’s also a whole debate over why Al would come out of the woodwork to write one article putting down Galaxy’s Edge and, more specifically, putting so much of the blame on Chapek, and whether there’s now anything to the timing of that shortly preceding the former accountant (seemingly with an with an axe to grind) claiming Parks & Resorts has been exploiting a loophole that’s allowed them to grossly exaggerate their revenue. It's all a little... I will say this though. Until this past week I had not even thought about the name Al Lutz or thought much about MiceChat in general since the ancient 'SaveDisney' days when everyone was shitting on Eisner. If nothing else all this has been a major blast from the past.
  6. Of course it does! Disney are the single most dominant force in a fractured studio system that is haemorrhaging opportunities to compete on a level playing field. You can be damn sure that’s a factor in Sony pushing back. I’d be surprised if they don’t figure something out, but social media leaping to Disney’s defence here is deeply depressing. People still don’t realise the reality of what the Disney/Fox acquisition has meant for the industry as a whole, or worse, they don’t even care.
  7. Disney absorbed a competitor, altering the box office landscape dramatically, and is currently boasting about having five separate billion dollar grossing movies in 2019 with Frozen 2 and Rise of Skywalker still to come. I honestly can’t think too badly of Sony for telling them were to shove their want for 50% of Spider-man’s box office receipts, especially if it’s true that Sony offered some concessions that Disney rejected (as is claimed by an update to the Deadline story).
  8. Keanu and Carrie Anne Moss are reuniting with one of the Wachowski’s for a new film.
  9. Some reports are saying Deadline jumped the gun and that discussions are ongoing. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the reports that this is allegedly all because Disney wants more money out of the deal. The fucking nerve of their studio division is frankly grotesque.
  10. That basically the Disney fan community was manipulated as a means to strengthen a sinister Iger plot to oust Eisner and replace him. The finer details of it are just batshit insanity I just can’t bring myself to believe. Whether that story and the accountant’s whistleblowing story are true or not, there’s perhaps a story in itself with regards to why both appear to be co-ordinated hit jobs on the company ahead of D23.
  11. The Rocketeer is fucking brilliant.
  12. Soooo, should we talk about that absolutely wild Medium article about the Al lutz/Iger stuff, and yesterday’s news of a former Disney accountant claiming that the company has been cooking the books for years to show exaggerated Parks/Resorts revenue to the tune of billions of dollars? The Medium article I am struggling to believe. It’s absolutely insane.
  13. All these damn services need to provide advanced notifications for when things are scheduled to leave.
  14. Sure. The prime target audience here is arguably those who have already played it and are attracted by the handheld novelty. It’s crazy that it exists and I kind of love it for that reason alone. Far too big of a game for me to want to revisit though.
  15. Didn’t want to let this get lost in the Switch or Indies threads. New game from Fast RMX developer Shin’en looks really interesting:
  16. Disney announced that Disney+ will launch in Canada and the Netherlands on 12th of November with the US. A week later it will launch in Australia and New Zealand on the 19th. So that's a UK launch very likely off the cards for 2019 (short of a launch closer to Christmas), but their aim is to cover all of western Europe by the end of March. The App has been confirmed for AppleTV, iOS, PS4, XB1, Android based devices and Chromecast. Nothing on an agreement with Amazon for now.
  17. There's apparently notice of new case types buried the latest build of WatchOS beta so there's definitely a refresh coming, but whether it's new Watch 4 casings (ceramic and titanium) or an actual Watch 5 is still unclear.
  18. 1080/60 docked and 720/60 handheld according to the director at Moon Studios on Resetera. https://www.resetera.com/threads/ori-and-the-blind-forest-announced-for-nintendo-switch-launches-sept-27-published-by-xbox-game-studios-up-1080p-60fps-docked-720p-60fps-portable.135759/post-23717007
  19. A port of the Definitive Edition has been announced for Switch next month. 🙂
  20. It’s another thing that seems so obvious in hindsight when I saw a comment that they probably should have made an effort to cover the marketplace in the Florida version. That would have been a good use of space to get people out of the rain and lure them into spending money while taking shelter. I would not have liked to have seen a ceiling, but large overhead canopies would have made sense, and light could have still been allowed to come in from the sides. This too: Hopefully they’re just teething problems limited to the Annual Passholder opening period.
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