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  1. Encountered a cloud sync error and lost a good chunk of my final progress and... I'm not even mad. 😄 Any other game and I might be really annoyed, but just getting to replay that ending again was a treat. From both a gameplay and emotional level it's remarkably satisfying. I did have to redo a few collectible and app missions though, but that left me wondering. Does anyone know if the ending is slightly different depending on your progress with side quests up to a certain point?
  2. I may try that tomorrow. it completed it's charge via my iPhone adapter, so at least I know I can charge it fully.
  3. My controller stopped glowing after about 90mins connected to Switch dock, so I fired up the PS5 and it showed two bars on the pad, so it still wasn't fully charged despite the light going out but it's a step in the right direction. I then used the console's cable with an iPhone adapter into the mains and it resumed the orange charge glow... 🤷‍♂️ We'll see how that goes and whether it bumps it to 100%.
  4. Seems to work both ways as it should. I just tried the packaged cable plugged into a wall charger and, now that I am not playing anything and the PS5 is switched off, it does show the orange light suggesting a charge, but I'm going to run it for a couple more hours before turning the console on again and seeing whether the controller is actually charged or not. No matter what I had it hooked up with to charge while the console was on and I was playing, the pad just wasn't charging. I wonder if the Dualsense has a firmware bug.
  5. Trying something else. It definitely didn't seem to charge when plugged into other sources WHILE still playing a game, so I've currently got it plugged into the Switch (using the Switch USB cable). It's pulsing orange suggesting a charge so we'll see how it is in a few hours I suppose.
  6. 30/Fidelity mode as answered above. I finished the story at lunch and I really loved the experience visually. It's absolutely a PS4 game, but there's a more than respectable degree of polish on top with the PS5 version. Insomniac are masters when it comes to 30fps as I feel the previous Ratchet and Spider-man games on PS4 proved too. I might as well run New Game+ at 60 though to see the difference (it seems you have to replay in New Game+ in order to obtain a Platinum anyway), and I'll equip all the Spider-verse bonuses for good measure. The loading times and fast travel speeds of the PS5 vers
  7. I realised I'm having the Dualsense charging problem, but it extends beyond the console's USB port. It doesn't seem to charge over anything. I've plugged it into a phone charger, and the Switch dock, and the charge icon in the UI menu just cycles and cycles and cycles. The charge never goes above one bar and it isn't long before the PS5 tells me the controller battery is low.
  8. I think I am close to the final story missions so will spend today working on more of the side stuff and collectibles. While I've more to do, I can probably agree with Adam at this stage on a lot of points. This is a game displaying huge confidence from Insomniac coming off the back of its predecessor. The spectacular rendering of the city and the Spider-man animation is even more polished, and the story and characters have been wonderfully engaging. If there is anything bad to say about the game it's definitely that re-model of Peter. A friend of Miles talks about how there was a
  9. Really? I'm more interested in playing with Dreams as an animation tool, and many seem to favour the Move sticks for sculpting. I will probably grab it on sale nevertheless, as it's the cheapest it has ever been (£17.49 here) right now, so I'd hopefully be able to find the controllers sometime in the new year if I feel that I do need them.
  10. I went with Fidelity Mode. I wanted to see all the bells and whistles, and I'm also perfectly happy with a solid 30fps for cinematic games.
  11. Do Sony still manufacture Move controllers? They seem very hand to find. I'm interested in getting Dreams on sale but would really like the move controller as well.
  12. More Black Magic (6k) Raw testing on the Air... Choppy, but amazing it is still that useable. I just want to fast forward in time to see the 2020 chips.
  13. EU Black Friday sale has begun! 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim PS4 £33.49 A.O.T. 2 PS4 £24.99 A.O.T. 2 Deluxe Edition PS4 £42.49 A.O.T. 2: Final Battle PS4 £38.49 Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown PS4 £15.99 A Fisherman's Tale PS4 £5.99 Amnesia: Rebirth PS4 £17.99 Apex Legends — Bloodhound Edition PS4 £11.69 Apex Legends — Lifeline Edition PS4 £11.69 Apex Legends — Octane Edition PS4 £11.69 A Plague Tale: Innocence PS4 £13.49 Arizona Sunshine PS4 £12.20 Arizona Sunshine — Deluxe Edition PS4 £18.49 Ark: Survival Evolv
  14. Nothing quite as satisfying as being Spider-man again. I'm loving this.
  15. It honestly put a smile on my face at every turn. I really didn't play much else at all this evening and completed every level. I'm determined to get the Platinum.
  16. Yeah. That's one I wanted to see tested in some videos. I'd like to know more about that as far as graphical setting are concerned. Gives me hope that desktop M chips will have no problem running it optimally though. It would be wonderful if that got a native conversion.
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