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  1. I thought it'd be worth posting the current development roadmap status: So the next free World Update (number VI) will appear at the end of August and will focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The most recent was the pack covering the Nordic regions which was released in June for PC owners (and was consequently a Day One pack for Xbox), so these seem to be coming out every couple of months or so which is nice. With the roadmap so far only going up to the end of the September we could then expect to see an update for the remainder of the year with Update VII in October/November. I can't knock Asobo's commitment to staying engaged with the game's community. https://www.flightsimulator.com
  2. I suspect there's good chance that in the coming years we'll see more and more stories about creative talent auditing studios over circumstances related to films released either directly to streaming, or day and date, during the pandemic. While nobody could have predicted a pandemic, and the sudden and dramatic damage to theatrical release and revenues such an event would inevitably cause, many of the guilds that protect creatives in the industry actually foresaw the growth of download and streaming platforms a good while before the studios did (the WGA in particular). Consequently the deals on residual payouts can be very good, but Warner and Disney seem to be trying their luck at using the pandemic as an excuse to try and find potential contractual loopholes. I know when we see multi-millionaire megastars like Johansson taking legal action in pursuit of more millions it's very difficult to feel sympathy, but should we really care what they earn? The fact is they're part of an industry where success can prove extraordinarily lucrative, and if they're not getting what they've been entitled to it only ends up in the pockets of the multi-billion dollar mega corporations who make all this stuff. At the end of the day she's an employee, and if she's been cheated out of her contract just as many other actors, writers and directors might have been during the pandemic (and just as many have been throughout history thanks to "Hollywood Accounting") then she and many others deserve the right to make their case. I'm surprised nobody involved in Soul or Luca has (as far as public knowledge is concerned anyway) made any legal moves against Disney given both of those were produced with the intent of theatrical release, but in the end were sent exclusively to D+ and not even with Premiere Access. Soul in particular, given Pete Docter's proven history of hits at Pixar, plus known talents like Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey, might have a case, unless in that instance Disney made a substantial payout to relevant parties (like Warner was ultimately forced to do on Wonder Woman 84 after contractual breaches made headlines). I'd be so interested to know how creatives at Pixar feel about the fact Soul and Luca all went to D+ without Premiere Access, while Walt Disney Animation's release of Raya and the Last Dragon did. Likewise Pixar's Onward, although that did manage to have a few weeks in theatres as it opened just as the pandemic hit and went to D+ at no additional cost shortly after it was made available for sale on iTunes...etc.
  3. I'm not sure I was ever aware of their 1.8 primes, at least not in great detail. Did we ever talk about them before? You must have mentioned them. They do look really nice. I'd have no qualms about a 1.8 aperture whatsoever as I've regularly said I've long been happy with f2 as a sweet spot (especially with modern day ISO performance and the fact that I really am not massively fond of razor thin depth of field).
  4. I think they're probably all very similar as far as stills quality is concerned. The R6 will definitely have the best af between that, the RP and Z6II (trade off is the lowest resolution sensor of the three, however, but 21MP is still good). The RP lacks IBIS.
  5. You can type precise coordinates into the search bar that's on the left hand side of the World Map menu which will then whisk you to that exact location. From there you can place down a pin and set it to as your departure point, arrival point or as one of several waypoints on your journey (setting anywhere other than an airport as departure will spawn you mid flight in the sky). What I don't think is possible is to add a new waypoint during a flight, however. In flight map options seem limited to the GPS instruments as far as I can tell.
  6. Played it for an hour or so and I really like it. It definitely has the gameplay feel of something that could have emerged in the 1990s, though obviously not on this kind of visual scale which is immense (and the art direction is superb).
  7. Leica's SL software is built off of Panasonic's S cameras, which isn't great compared to Canon, Sony and Nikon sadly no. The SL cameras lag far, far behind Canon and Sony in particular as far as autofocus is concerned, and Nikon are still better too. The SL bodies are of course best mated with Leica's own L mount lenses, which are wonderful and will offer up the best af on SL cameras compared to mounting Sigma or Panasonic's L mount glass, but they still won't give you anything near as good as the competition. I'm not sure Leica will ever catch up until they move into LiDAR based af (LiDAR being an area where they do in fact have immense expertise in their Geosystems division). There's no real knowing when that might be, but I'd like to think it could debut with an SL3 in two or three years time maybe as I can't help but think that it's the future of af for all manufacturers. A big problem I keep hitting with the mirrorless cameras from other manufacturers is you have great bodies from Nikon and Canon, of a size much closer to that of a 35mm film SLR from back in the day, but the best glass for these cameras regularly continues to come in the shape of enormous, heavy and extremely expensive lenses. I'm still very interested in the R5, but beautiful as those Canon R lenses are, I just don't think I can justify them. Sony still make great technological cameras, and I am still interested to see an A7IV announcement which can't be far off now, but from an ergonomic perspective their bodies are hard for me to love. That said, you can at least mount Sigma's excellent mirrorless DN lenses natively to Sony's cameras. I'm still quite interested in an SL-2S, but certainly not for its af capabilities. I've been eyeing hybrid mirrorless cameras again for a while now as I've been wanting to get some video projects off the ground, and I like the SL2-S for its video (and having owned the original SL I can also speak highly of its ergonomics), but on balance I'm still not sure it'd be worth it compared to Canon, Nikon and Sony. I kind of feel Nikon have struck the best balance for stills and video features amongst all of the competition with the Z6II for a respectable price.
  8. Good for her, and no, it's certainly not the last we'l see of creative talent taking this kind of action (nor is it the first. We've already seen Warner in hot water with their HBO Max fuckery).
  9. One interesting thing I have noticed is the world map in the main menu is more accurate than the one in game. I can find my home precisely on the world map, whereas it's rendered somewhat inaccurately in game. This seems to be entirely down to the 3D mapping algorithm and its frequent inability to gauge the height and shape of some structures can make an area you're familiar with in reality look radically different. Hopefully the AI mapping is something that will improve over time, as it would be great if it got smarter at rendering buildings and their height more accurately. As Iain noted, there are also oddities where structures will be replaced or appear in entirely the wrong place. I'm curious as to what triggers mistakes like that. Again I can only put it down to the A.I as on the world map things look accurate (but then it should as it's your basic top down satellite view). Modelling oddities extend to some airports too. Gatwick for example, which sadly isn't accurately rendered even in the Premium edition of the game, has a small building out near the runway which the left wing of my 747 departures will clip right through due to its bizarre placement.
  10. I think I'm destined to give in too. Not sure when though. It's £70.99 right now to upgrade to Premium Deluxe, so I may wait until that goes down a little in a sale. Some of the third party add ons look quite good too (there's an Enhanced Airport Graphics pack someone made which has a good rating. It's £11.74). You might already be aware, but there's an unlimited fuel toggle which is a godsend when starting out, or if just wanting the freedom to roam around (it's under Aircraft Systems in the Assistance Options menu).
  11. Apparently not quite as bad as its predecessor, which was notoriously awful, but still not said to be great no. I've yet to see any tennis game as good as Virtua Tennis.
  12. A Clockwork Orange finally gets a formal announcement. US release is Sept 21st (Oct 4th in the UK). Best Buy US Steelbook: Zavvi Collector's Ed w/steelbook: Collector's Ed w/standard case at Amazon UK (£35): Not seeing a UK listing for a standard disc only release yet. I think we might only be getting the CE to begin with, then the standard sometime later.
  13. I think with a bit of configuration and practice a player could make it work. The next step would be to add a mouse and use that in addition to a joypad to navigate the UI a little quicker, then the final step would be to graduate to a stick...etc should one wish. I'm honestly not compelled to go that far. I think I can get by with the controller alone once I adapt to the muscle memory of using it and the manual flight settings I want to have activated. I plan to go through the tutorials over time to get a better sense of everything. It will be interesting to see if the devs do in fact revise the UI navigation to better suit a controller over time with the console release. I think there's an opportunity to exploit multi-button commands to get to things a little faster.
  14. I'm honestly finding it comforting in a way I hadn't quite anticipated. The sightseeing is great, and I will turn to the game regularly for short pick up and play sessions to check out familiar places and discover new ones, but I've also just had a long haul flight running in the background here today and the ambience is proving to be very soothing, and it's fun to just dip in and out to check on the flight progress via way of the Showcase camera (just don't set up a long haul flight and forget to tell your Xbox not to shut down after x amount of idle time as I most certainly did not do *cough* ☺️). I knew I missed travelling, and regularly lament how little I've actually been able to afford to fly as much as I'd have liked over the last ten years or so, and the game really does seem to help to ever so lightly scratch that itch. Many of the same things that make me smile when flying in reality are making me smile here, and it's things as simple as gazing out at the sight of nothing but ocean as far as the eye can see, the way the sun reflects off the water and cuts through the clouds. It's an outstanding simulation. Being able to play it on a big screen TV in 4k/HDR is especially wonderful and, for me, more engaging than I think it would be were I sat at a desktop PC. It's miraculous it runs so well on a console. I love that they've made it as serious or accessible as you want it to be too. In my opinion there's truly a good argument to be made for leaving much of it to AI/Auto and enjoying the world as you want to see it as no matter what way you play, you'll be rewarded by a truly unique perspective on flight and geography that feels all the more special because of how accurate you know everything is.
  15. It does indeed look as though Lionsgate will be cloning Studio Canal's forthcoming Highlander disc as there's now a US listing for September.
  16. Interesting. We'll see how that plays out. The free regional map enhancements roll out ever few months it seems.
  17. I think they could improve performance over the even on consoles. To be honest a 1440p option might not be a bad idea to ensure a lock at 30 at large dense airports (it might even be able to expand to a VRR option between 30 and 60). One thing that surprised me is flight plans default to the runway which is no fun at all, so be sure to select departure and arrival gates from the drop down menus so you get the full nerdiness of taxiing.
  18. I still wonder when MS will look to update Bing's 3D mapping. How up to date the imagery is seems to vary wildly depending on the location. Disney World for example I could tell is at least six years out of date as you can see structures there in the parks that are long gone. The mapping tech in general must have come a long way in that time too. A lot of London still has literal counts missing in buildings.
  19. Toggling AI Piloting in the flight assistant menu is what you want. That'll take care of everything and you can just sit back and relax. I'd like to be able to map that to a button but haven't checked if that's possible yet. Pressing Y for regular autopilot will not control your take offs or landings for you. If you don't want to see labeled points of interest on the ground either then be sure to set all POI options in the menu to 'Hard' which will disable them. I should have said last night that you can also kind of do the passenger seat thing in the larger planes too. The external camera 16 and 17 views on a 747 under the fixed camera options for 'Showcase' will put you behind a window with a wing view, but what I'd love is modelled cabins so you can look around the interior, and also have some window seat variety if you don't want a wing obstruction. They could just model First Class cabins of the big passenger planes and interiors of smaller passenger jets (in fact the small jets are already fully modelled). I also wish you could toggle the music on during flights. You do get garbled passenger chatter around you with passenger window view on the 747 though which is fun. It's quite overcast in London this morning and I have live weather on obviously, so I did a quick flight from Heathrow [EGLL] to London City [EGLC] which takes about 13mins. The clouds in this game are so well done. I highly recommend that flight plan if you want a short and sweet sightseeing tour over London.
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