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  1. One week early to the DAY for you out of interest, Glen? My birthday is on the 14th so it'll be precisely a week early for me (although given shipping time from the US to the UK it should arrive closer to my birthday).
  2. The Megadrive/Genesis version of Aladdin was great. I did enjoy the first Earthworm Jim and MDK. They were all so long ago now...
  3. That's my birthday present to myself sorted then.
  4. I never knew about the comics either. Might have to see if any dealer in London can get hold of them for me. When I was last there I ALMOST bought a replica of the Mansion sign from one of the stores on Main Street. You press it and it plays a bit of Buddy Baker's music followed by a bit of Paul Frees' vocal intro. Brilliant it was.
  5. Oops, hold on a second. Toshiba has spoken on the interactive compatibility issue regarding the first gen HD DVD players. They will actually be fully compatible...at least with everything the interactive technology can do at the present time. They have said: "Toshiba's first HD DVD players will support the advanced content features called for by HD-DVD," said Junko Furuta, a company spokeswoman. She said the firmware upgrade will come into use when new features that aren't yet part of the interactive system are added. "While our players will provide support for current HD-DVD advanced content from the start, we anticipate that the industry may add to these capabilities as HD-DVD continues to develop. Toshiba's players can be updated to support future applications and services, which may include downloading supplemental audio and video content, disc related online shopping and other features yet to be imagined." http://www.macworld.co.uk/news/index.cfm?NewsID=13889&Page=1&pagePos=5
  6. We should add upon what you linked to in the PS3 thread yesterday about AACS actually - in case people missed it. Here's what Videobusiness Online had to say on the matter: http://www.videobusiness.com/article/CA6308373.html This should now mean HD DVD can launch in late March as planned. It has also been reported that the initial Toshiba HD DVD players will not have full compatibility with the interactive iHD software, but will be able to at a later date via a firmware upgrade.
  7. Shock! A good game at the top of the UK gaming charts! http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=14852
  8. Well they're doing away with everything that has come before given the film is set in the present day (though hopefully they're not going to re-make all the books again after this). She was a good M. It's likely to confuse many, but I'm quite happy she's back.
  9. To my surprise the PS3 delay and cost rumours have made it to the BBC. I just happened to catch a report on it on television by chance about ten minutes ago. Thankfully they had Ellie Gibson, a news editor for Gamesindustry.biz, in the studio so it wasn’t their typical report of misinformation. She was able to accurately lay out the situation of HD DVD vs Blu Ray, and what is known about the manufacturing of the Cell processor and Blu Ray drives. The presenter did carry the interview with a look of “what in the hell are we talking about?” on her face, but did alright, even acknowledging the Nintendo Revolution which is rare, as any previous TV news report I have seen on the Playstation 3 only ever bothers to mentioned the 360 alongside it.
  10. The initial Gamesindustry.biz report on this had me laughing as I'm sure it would have for anyone from the UK familiar with an alternate Dave Perry, journalistic imbecile and king of making a prat of himself on 90s television show Gamesmaster. They've since posted an amusing disclaimer:
  11. A favourite little known character actor of mine, Jeffrey Wright, has been cast a Felix Lighter in Casino Royale. The film so far seems to have an awful lot going for it which is really rather encouraging. Eva Green, who's also a wonderful actress, has been cast as Vesper Lynd.
  12. The BAFTAs were last night. You an see the list of winners here: http://www.bafta.org/site/page287.html BBC continue to do the insulting thing and not air them live, cutting out some of the “minor” award winners. Still, Steven Fry continues to makes the proceedings tolerable to watch each year. David Puttnam’s speech was very odd. He started going on about a scene toward the end of The Sixth Sense. This appeared to have everyone reduced to a blubbering wreck and for the life of me I couldn’t tell if they were in tears because of the point about cinema that Puttnam was trying to make, or whether they were simply just thinking about that scene from the movie.
  13. It might be easier for the PS3 if it were to work in an Xbox Live dashboard update type way... Standalone players, and the note in the news you linked to stating the first HD DVD players will lack the full interactive features without a firmware update may be harder to implement amongst all users. That said, an update could be hidden on a movie disc and install it automatically if a disc detects that a player's features are not up to date.
  14. Nice link... and so begins the discussion of 'firmware upgrades' for players. Dun, dun, duuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn.
  15. My last two visits to California saw the Mansion down for rehab. Great shame. It's my favourite ride too. I'm obsessed with it. Ah I see... Thanks. I'm not loving what I am hearing about the additions to Pirates I have to say. Does anyone know if this had any involvement whatsoever from anyone at Pixar? I'm hoping now the Disney deal went through that those responsible for the film will at least have a say in the Finding Nemo submarine voyage given how slowly progress on that seems to be coming along (although I see they're busy fitting a new track right now).
  16. HD DVD will probably surface in April or May now that an agreement on the final AACS spec has been delayed yet again. The first Blu Ray players were due around May or June as stated. The apparent delay to the AACS spec will probably put the release of both formats even closer together.
  17. Out of interest, when does Space Mountain re-open?
  18. New preview at 1up. http://www.1up.com/do/previewPage?cId=3148117&did=1
  19. Pfff. Some people know nothing of overactive role playing.
  20. I just like the idea of shouting "Move, move, moooooooooooovvvvvvveee" into the Live headset amongst friends...
  21. A certain somebody provided me with that video. It's fantastic. I'm glad the single player is looking so good. That said, I do hope some of you are still playing this on Live whenever I get a 360.
  22. Blimey that's rather brilliant to see Powerstone resurrected!
  23. There's a new trailer out, the first I have seen for the US version. It looks as breathtaking as ever, if not more so. http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=867 (trailer 5) The Official Japanese website has been active for a while too. Very nice, with little hidden itneractive elements. http://www.o-kami.jp/
  24. I had three Ikea CD towers to build last night after dinner. By the time I'd done those and some other chores it was gone midnight when I finally switched off the lights, plugged some headphones into the TV and fired up Colossus. I'm utterly in love with this game. It's like some majestic childhood fable. I spent my first go basically getting to grips with everything, and I am happy enough with the controls at the moment. I'm not finding them as fiddly as some had reported, though I've only killed two Colossi so far so whether future encounters see the use of controls become more tricky I'll have to wait and see. I do feel incredibly sorry for attacking these things though. They're just going about their business yet I am left to skewer them in the head. I’m reminded of the Itchy robots in that Itchy & Scratchy Land episode of the Simpsons. “I wish they didn’t scream like that”
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