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  1. I'm not holding out on a box set being anything overly astonishing. The Wachowski brothers have made it quite clear they are not keen on discussing the films in depth via the means of audio commentary or even in interviews. The films, from their point of view, are just meant to be out there and taken for what they are, which I respect. I could see a three pack still having a good deal of new extras of course (+ the existing fluff from the Matrix and Reloaded DVDs, and the Revisited disc), there must be a lot of good b-roll stuff to put on there, but again the question is whether the Wacho
  2. Yeah, basically the fact is, importers of Region 1 DVDs here in the UK (or anywhere else outside of America/Canada) have no real reason to stick to US/Canadian R1 street dates. You'll find most big stores in the US have Reloaded sitting out back already, they're just under contract not to put it out until they are meant to. If they break that contract, they can get into big trouble. So, because our importers technically are not meant to have region 1 discs to sell in the first place, there's no contractual obligations of any kind to adhere to, and so we are able to have the discs two to t
  3. This is so high on my wants list it's not funny. It's such a brilliant idea. Dan
  4. Well, The Matrix Reloaded DVD arrived this morning. I've been out all day so I've not had the chance to play with it as yet but I shall report back with my thoughts over the weekend. My Indiana Jones set is processing now too. The madness of autumn DVD releases begins! Daniel
  5. I'd like to see how the X-Box ones performs once out, notably in terms of its presentation (5.1..etc) and controls. Really, Pacific Assault is the next MOH game I will look to when I need my next fix of WW2 based multi-player. Looking forward to Pacific Assault more than I am Rising Sun. Daniel
  6. I was going to suggest if you make it over for my early extended Two Towers DVD screening, you, me and Rob could have quite a bashing at the ol' box version but I see the UK version does not street until the 14th of November. Dan
  7. Well I don't have any friends..... so I'll just get the X-box version. :green: Dan
  8. Blast..... well it's rather a moot point actually Mike as it seems the UK never even got Pro Skater 2x..... How evil.... Dan
  9. ?Good news everyone!? Warner ARE going ahead with their crazy simultaneous global ?exact same time? screenings for The Matrix Revolutions on the 5th of November. A press released confirms: "Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures will unveil THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, the final explosive chapter in the blockbuster MATRIX trilogy, at the exact same moment in time in every major city around the world on November 5. This unprecedented distribution scenario will make the highly anticipated film available to fans simultaneously at 6 a.m. in Los Angeles, 9 a.m. in New York, 2 p.m. in Lo
  10. Hosted by TheOneRing.net. http://img-nex.theonering.net/movies/ROTK_...Steaser_med.mov Really impressive. Visually it's such a complete night and day difference between this and The Two Towers game. The detail, the scale, amount of characters on screen, character animation.... I'm really very impressed. Daniel
  11. Were there ever any significant enhancements on X-box pro-skater 2 over the much loved Dreamcast version? Pro Skater 2x is rather cheap. Dan
  12. Do you have ANY idea what in the hell was going on? It was an utter mess all that traffic. It was building up in every direction. Was it an accident? Dan
  13. The thought of the Grey Havens has been on my mind an awful lot lately. I can't help but think the scene will reduce me to the state of a two year old child who's just lost their favourite pacifier and just can't hold back the tears. I don't deny I am a Samwise fan. When I was very young, he was the first character to ever trigger an emotional response in me from reading a book, be it having to part with Bill the pony, or at the Grey Havens. I'm always praising Astin's performance in the role, and when Fran Walsh and Philipa Boyens start deeming his Grey Havens performance as oscar worthy
  14. I agree. I am a big fan of the series, but lord am I rubbish at 4. I need to give it a good deal of my time. I do enjoy playing it, and it's one of the games where when you finally do pull something off, you feel like you're on top of the world until you come to face the next seemingly impossible challenge. Pro Skater 2 remains my favourite of the series. Daniel
  15. So fly over and watch it with me this weekend. It's THAT simple.... Dan
  16. I agree. Romier was quick to turn my attention to this not long ago. That said, I do fear it may be something that works best as a trailer. Who knows.... It is very funny, and most lovingly done. Daniel
  17. Psst. Hey, Architect! "Matrix Reloaded (2003) (US Version) Shipped" How'dya like dem apples? :green: Dan
  18. Is it me or does anyone else feel they have to watch the trailer everytime they fire up the PC? Daniel
  19. http://dondavis.filmmusic.com/home.html This time round, the score gets a better (official) treatment with over an hours worth of goods on the released CD in November, with a little over 40 mins of that being score. See the link above to the official Don Davis site for full details. There really aren't any songs in the third film to speak of. Daniel
  20. Ok, NOW that link is dead. One ring.net is hosting a mirror for the 19mb one here Daniel
  21. Not dead, but under a huge amount of strain to be sure. Wish New Line would pull their finger out and get stuff up on the official site already... Dan
  22. Large Size Quicktime Trailer (19mb) *note*: above link is now dead Daniel
  23. Oh it's the Gondor theme, all right, as we discussed last night. We can trace this theme all the way back to its apperances in Fellowship of the Ring. Upon repeat listenings though I remain convinced it is a sythesized demo of said theme however, indicating it was either done for this trailer, or it was one of the synth demos done for an actual cue in the film itself which is currently being recorded here in the UK as we sit here typing! Stunning trailer, and I just can't wait for the high resolution one later today. I should have the trailer when I go to the cinema this Friday too (Disney
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