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  1. There appeared to be some clarification on timed exclusivity on PS5 from the Senior Game Designing on the remake last week:
  2. I'm at chapter VI and am really enjoying it. It's a lot more gruesome than I had anticipated. I'd really not seen much media on the game, and only knew of its reputation through good worth of mouth, so it's interesting to see the story unfold. I've found that switching to actually playing the game in French also enhances the experience greatly.
  3. I missed the news that the Superman Animated Series will be getting a Blu-ray release on October 19th in the US (18th in the UK):
  4. Ahhhhh. I forgot about that lens. I don't like the front ring of that one, and the body seems to be leaning towards "how close can we get to copying vintage Leica lens design without infringing patents" rather than them going for a more modern design. OK all is forgiven. Zeiss' 28mm 2.8 Biogon is nice:
  5. I'm definitely going to pick it up. It just looks and sounds very "me." The music really is beautiful. Are there any other places to purchase the OST outside of Steam?
  6. Apparently this is the M11 battery: Fits in with the rumours of a Q/SL type design following word that the M11 will be the first M to ditch the removable baseplate. I suppose it makes sense that it's not going to actually be the same battery as the one in the Q and SL given the space requirements. I assume the brilliant removal mechanism will be just like that of the Q/SL though.
  7. I was forgiving until the slur against 50 APO! 😆 I'd agree the 50 lux is probably a touch more exotic in the looks department, but I think the APO is beautiful in its simplicity (certainly more refined than my 50mm Summicron).
  8. Thanks. I wasn't sure if the online/offline thing was still a factor. I'll be sure to disconnect when I play then. What a weird bug.
  9. I have no idea how well this runs on a Series X and whether it fixes OneX performance bugs but I saw a digital code for the collection very cheap and bought it last night as lately I've felt myself in the mood to revisit the trilogy. I'm not sure precisely when I'll... dive in (*groan*)... but hopefully soon.
  10. Skatebird is cute. It's drawing some negativity for its lack of polish, but it's an earnest little game to pick up and play, and it just makes me smile. The music is great.
  11. The Max is a model I never honestly considered for myself, but weirdly have given thought to doing next year. I wish I knew someone who was a Max owner so I could get some quality hands on time with that size away from just handling one in store though. I seem to be all thumbs when typing away on the standard phone size these days, and while a recent test did not show my eyesight to be deteriorating, I find I am nevertheless growing more and more appreciative of larger displays. Like everything it would require careful thought as to where it would fit into my life and daily workflow I suppose, and that's probably where I'll find myself having difficulty justifying the bigger model. If I didn't get a watch then I'm not sure I'd want the Max strapped to my arm when running/working out...etc, and I also need to ask myself just how much I do on my phone. The answer is not much. I don't care for mobile gaming. I check email, make notes, made adjustments to my calendar and not a whole lot else on my phone these days outside of dropping in and out of Instagram (I keep no other social media platforms on my phone). Would I feel compelled to do more on the larger model by virtue of its added real estate? I'm not sure. Web browsing is the only thing I find infuriating on the 5.8" display of my XS. Whether I'd find the difference between 5.8" of the XS and what is now the standard iPhone 12/iPhone 13 Pro display size of 6.1" appreciable I don't know. I'm still at odds over the watch and may leave it for another year (it's weird that you can't even order a 7 yet so I don't even know what my mobile provider's pricing will be). There's a large part of me that would like it for being able to run without the phone but still have music connectivity with my Airpods, for workouts, for swimming...etc, and I can't lie that I love the idea of using it for Apple Pay in stores and when on London transport. The resistance comes from not wanting to surrender that last part of myself over to Apple however, and the fact I still struggle to find the watch attractive as an every day piece of apparel.
  12. The Creations Shop and Club Cool are, as expected, in keeping with shift to pleasantly bland retail space. I just wish they had some unique character displays to add a dash of whimsy and charm to it all. It's weird that they don't given Chapek's want for making everything "more Disney!" Retail's just the kind of space you'd expect that emphasis, but instead you get something akin to an Apple Store or a Uniqlo. Again, by no means unpleasant, but certainly uninspiring.
  13. I've heard about this, yes. Some have even reported Kino's UHD's arriving with a layer of gunk inside the case and on the disc which is even weirder. To date, if memory serves, I've only ever had Arrival and Jurassic Park freeze up on me on my Oppo 203. I believe a clean of the discs did fix the problem.
  14. That's the thing. People are saying that harshness isn't present in the old Dolby TrueHD presentation from the Blu-ray.
  15. The F mount is Nikon's standard SLR mount dating back more than fifty years now. It wasn't superseded until the mirrorless Z mount was created. What about Voightlander's 28mm f2 Ultron for M mount?
  16. Do you have any opinion on the audio? I've seen some analysis that it's been needlessly level boosted to the point of introducing clipping with noise reduction also making dialogue sound rather tinny, which is weird as it's not a new mix, they'd just mess about with it for... reasons?
  17. Currently £26.99 from Currys in the UK! https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/console-gaming/games/nintendo-switch-metroid-dread-10230630-pdt.html I couldn't say no to that.
  18. Worth noting that it's also the only home video master Deakins has approved (he hated the HD/Blu-ray editions), so there's double the reason lovers of the film should not hesitate to upgrade. It's also 1.85:1 as it should be now too, rather than 1.78:1. I'm glad to see that practice that plagued many DVD and blu-ray releases of 1.85:1 films die a death (Warner were one of the greatest offenders of opening up 1.85:1 to 16:9 in the past but seem to be making amends these days on some, though still not all, relevant titles). https://caps-a-holic.com/c.php?d1=16446&d2=16221&s1=177161&s2=173329&i=9&l=0&a=1
  19. I think that was marked by a very clear shift toward the kind of customers they were probably seeing buy and use the Mini. I got the sense that many adopted it as a second iPad where its size presented very unique possibilities for use compared to its larger counterparts, rather than buying it because it was a cheap entry point. Consequently over time we've seen Apple re-position it to feed into that kind of market instead. If I opted never to have a laptop again, and instead embraced a desktop and 12.9" iPad Pro combination as I am keen to do in future, I could absolutely find place and purpose for the Mini in my life as well. I can't stress how fluid ProMotion on my 11" iPad makes it feel for everything from navigating the UI, web browsing, reading and sketching though, so hopefully that will make its way into the next generation of Mini, or that perhaps they trot out an iPad Pro Mini in future.
  20. I wonder how much it would have bumped the price by had they made the Mini a 120hz display. I was just looking over the webpage for it and that's practically the one thing keeping it from near perfection.
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