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  1. The PC version already supported the XB controller. It's perfectly fine for those wanting a more stripped back experience. I would imagine there will be further optimisation for the controller in the console release since it's what the majority of players are likely to be using.
  2. This one just kept looking better and better as the trailer went on. It was definitely a surprise highlight of the MS show.
  3. I may shift my Yakuza play over to Xbox, at least for 7 since it's a new start for the series (likewise Judgement as it's practically a given that's going to end up on Game Pass before the year is out). I still only have Zero completed on PS4, but do have Kiwami in my PS+ backlog and I just can't envision the series staying around on Game Pass long enough for me to be able to work through it all there.
  4. Very much my feeling. Like Returnal, I can see that this is a fabulous game, but my limited gaming budget and unwillingness to give up too much time to going back to the same game repeatedly (when I'm pulled every which way by all the other things people are telling me to play) makes titles like this a difficult investment. So I too must bow to our Game Pass overlords in this instance.
  5. "Microsoft Flight Simulator fully supports Xbox gamepad, keyboard and mouse, Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One, Thrustmaster T.Flight Rudder, and HORI HOTAS Flight Stick for Xbox One. New, Xbox-compatible peripherals will be announced soon, but we cannot share any further details at this time." https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402318233874 I'll be happy with the gamepad personally. All I want is to fly around leisurely with the most barebones controls and pretend that I can travel again (but not feel like the passengers lives are in my hands).
  6. I completely missed this was cross gen by the way. I wonder if the footage shown was PC or Series X. There's a Gameplay livestream on Twitch scheduled for tomorrow:
  7. £40 to bump the Game Pass base game up to to the Premium edition seems like solid value really. I still need to get the Horizon 4 expansions.
  8. 4k/30fps and a 60fps Performance Mode confirmed: Also, it sounds like there's nice evolution of the seasonal transitions from 4: Early Access via purchase of the Premium Edition: https://forzamotorsport.net/en-us/news/Forza-Horizon-5-Coming-to-Mexico
  9. The PC Gaming stream has started. I'm tuning in for the remote chance of a Planet Coaster 2 reveal.
  10. That was very amusing. The first one is yet another in my backlog that I am eager to get round to playing.
  11. The corrupt file issue does seem to be genuine too. Others are reporting the same thing.
  12. True Colours will be released on Sept 10th for PC, new and last generation consoles, while.... strangely... the Remastered Collection then follows a little later on Sept 30th (for PC, Xbox One and PS4). And yes, I spelled colours properly. Deal with it. I've long been frustrated with myself for missing out on this series for so long as I know how critically revered the games have been, so the remastered collection seems like an ideal way to finally catch up.
  13. Pirates of the Caribbean crossover trailer (a free, and by the looks of it quite substantial, expansion): Muppet Treasure Island next, damn it! I really wish this game was more accommodating to solo players.
  14. All of the announcements for today are now available. Great to see more from the Bethesda catalogue added. I can finally get round to playing the Evil Within games.
  15. Embedded trailer (4k on Youtube) I'm hyped I must say. Xbox is going to have a very good 2022.
  16. Yes, sadly it just doesn't look any more compelling than 4 and Guardians, which is to say not very compelling at all. I'll try and hope for the best though. Maybe they're deliberately playing it down right now following the hype last year and the misfire that was its actual reveal. The core emphasis there was the multiplayer too, which many of us have moved on from because we're ancient, so we're still kind of in the dark as far as the campaign is concerned. I will say that I feel confident that Xbox doesn't really need Halo anymore were it finally time to put the series to rest however. I've seen enough from MS now and the studios they have acquired to leave me confident of that. There's still a part of me that would love to see the series hit another 3 or Reach like high though.
  17. This looks really promising. Single player, third person with tactical group combat direction and narrative decisions that affect the story outcome. A pleasant surprise to be sure following Square's initial uninspired venture into the Marvel universe.
  18. That canyon reveal in the gameplay demo video took my breath away. Playground have some serious technical wizardry at their fingertips (Fable is going to be mind bogglingly gorgeous given they can embrace pure fantasy with its art direction).
  19. July 27th for X/S. There's a tease at the end there for free Top Gun expansion dlc coming this fall too.
  20. Gorgeous stuff. I'm so excited. Those landscapes are going to inject so much freshness into the series.
  21. I enjoyed Don and Isla improvising an E3 Show Floor experience:
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