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  1. Paramount still control the existing Indy films. We're safe there.
  2. I was holding off posting this but the probability of it being true is looking quite high. There's a poster on Blu-ray.com who seems quite clued up on what Disney are doing, claiming to work in home entertainment and regularly crossing paths with colleagues from various other studios (he shared information about the Hocus Pocus and Home alone discs many weeks before retail began to list them. Incidentally he's also said Blade is coming from Warner, though there's no retail hint of that just yet). Anyway, most recently he has shared that Hocus Pocus and Home Alone will basically be the last live action catalogue discs from Disney and Fox, with a handful of possible exceptions in future like titles from a director with enough clout to make them happen (i.e James Cameron). He said plans Disney were floating for discs of Speed and Roger Rabbit, where the 4k/HDR masters have long been completed, have been scrapped and that all live action catalogue titles going forward will be digital only. Animated catalogue titles from Disney are still likely. Though bear in mind he routinely pinches his "inside" information from the Blu-ray.com forums anyway, Bill Hunt/Digital Bits is now claiming to have checked with multiple sources that this is indeed true. What is interesting about Hunt's little editorial piece is that all studios have seen an increase in home entertainment revenue except for Disney, seemingly owing to the fact that Disney largely abandoned any kind of home entertainment strategy (which feels true, given the noticeable decline in their output even on Blu-ray in recent years, hiding a lot of their titles behind their Disney Movie Club subscription scheme and early indications at retail that a lot of Fox catalogue Blu-rays will not be re-pressed and are being left to go OOP). We really have to hope Disney becomes more liberal about licensing catalogue to some of the niche labels in future as this encapsulates why I hated the idea of Disney acquiring Fox in the first place.
  3. iMac reviews seem very good. It's going to be so interesting to see the Apple silicon models of the more powerful computers in the lineup like the 16" MBP and 27" iMac. I'm assuming it's going to take them longer to work on the chipsets for those which is why we're being told to expect Macbook Air 21" iMac (allegedly 24") and possible 13" MBP updates first, so we may not see a new 27" iMac (or what I am hoping will be 30") until 2022. This latest model is interesting as it sets a baseline in performance with both CPU and GPU and Apple would have to match/better in future in comparison to whatever the Intel and AMD offerings are at the time. GPU performance is the thing I am most curious about on the Apple SoCs. It really looks like the relationship with AMD is ending along with the Intel one, so I am eager to see what Apple have to compete with AMD on the bigger iMacs and 16" Macbook Pro in future, and how much of that power can now trickle down into smaller form factors like the Mini and 13" Macbook Pro. You'd think that those two shouldn't be hampered by lack of space/cooling for a dGPU anymore since everything's going to be on a single chip going forward, but we'll have to see.
  4. I really do like the look of this one. Those inverted modes look like a really well executed way to encourage multiple play throughs.
  5. Which one of you asked for this? Show yourselves! Nov 3rd. I'm assuming Sony think it'll be well pitched to the PS5 crowd.
  6. I could probably injure myself with a slice of bread rather than the knife I'm slicing it with though, so... Worst thing about the Dell mishap was having to then immediately lower the asking price I had original planned to sell it for. I was at least lucky in that the scratch was RIGHT at the very bottom of the screen, and actually just outside of the pixel display area just above the bezel, but still... 😫 I also managed to scratch my Pioneer Plasma with a micro-fibre cloth way back when.
  7. Quick reminder that 'Howard,' the documentary about Howard Ashman, hit Disney+ today. It's just as good as I had anticipated. A must watch.
  8. I've been enjoying watching some let's play videos of this (Easy Allies had a fun one). I'm really not into multiplayer games, but there are a small handful of exceptions and this one has a very similar appeal as Tetris 99 to me, plus the cute and colourful art direction is very much to my taste. Shame I will have missed it on PS+ but I'd like to buy it someday.
  9. I guess part of the problem is they probably know they can actually trust Microsoft and the content on xCloud/Xbox, but if they give way to MS then they'd have to give way to other apps and services that might be less trustworthy? I think Apple will re-think the strategy somehow, but maybe not for a good while. From Microsoft's perspective, if they really want xCloud to be their next big service, then they really need to be on both Android and iOS.
  10. Context: I scratched my pristine Dell monitor while CLEANING IT with a duster when prepping it for photos to upload onto eBay because... me.
  11. Nano texture iMac comparison from The Verge: https://www.theverge.com/21356416/apple-imac-27-new-webcam-nano-texture-screen-impressions-test-hands-on?scrolla=5eb6d68b7fedc32c19ef33b4 It looks so nice. The only thing that worries me about the nano texture option is Apple's strict insistence that you use their special cleaning cloth and nothing else or risk damaging the display. As someone who's occasionally accident prone I fear I'd develop paranoia over maintaining it.
  12. This is either brilliant or rather disturbing depending one how one looks at it. I wonder if they will have to scale back the dense population of NPCs in the VR version of the environments.
  13. It's definitely something I will need to think about whenever I am ready for an iMac. If I owned a place I'd rip up the floors or cut into the walls and wire for 10gb ethernet. That'd be nice someday. My storage management is a headache with just a Macbook Pro. I don't mind the thought of drives being plugged into a desktop at all (especially those T5 drives that are so light you could just velcro them to the back of the computer out of sight), but drives, and cables all over my desk with a laptop is a mess and I hate a messy workspace. I have two WD drives, which I should probably replace soon as I have had them a long time, plus my 1TB Samsung T5. The WDs are backups, and the Samsung is my working drive. I still only use about 200GB of the 512 internally on my MBP.
  14. No, you can install from outside the app store. No sign of that practice going away thankfully.
  15. Do the app store restrictions preventing xCloud on iOS extend to the App store on Macs? It would be nice at least if xCloud could run on those (might even be particularly beneficial once Intel macs are phased out and the lack of Bootcamp takes away the opportunity to play more games natively).
  16. What time frame are we putting on Big Sur for launch? Early/mid October? I'm going to prep for a clean install this year as I have a lot of junk files on my drive.
  17. Comes back to the problem where these studio decisions to treat other markets like their domestic ones risk obliterating the international market permanently, yes, and with the type of products they churn out Disney remains by far the #1 studio who benefits consistently from the typical release models of cinema > download/physical > streaming.
  18. They are, but people are still being cautious as it's not exactly like anyone is eager to flock back to cinemas in decent numbers (cinemas in France are doing relatively well apparently. Low attendance, but high enough to keep most venues operational). New Zealand is arguably the safest place to be right now, and the country where Mulan was filmed no less, but it's still going to Disney+ there next month.
  19. I'm really not sure how much storage I'd want internally in an iMac. I priced up the new 27" model with a 2TB SSD, which seemed like a safe choice. Everything else I'd offload onto desktop raid storage over thunderbolt I think. A Macbook Pro I might think about differently, depending on what I anticipated doing with it and where I anticipated taking it, as if travelling and doing photo and video work it might be nice to max out storage on a laptop knowing you can offload your media to it (that's basically how I approached my iPad Pro purchase, so I have a little room to dump content from a couple of 64GB SD cards onto it if I need to reuse the cards while away from home). I do worry about RAM on the future iMacs though as I've pretty much convinced myself that Apple are going to take the little access panel away and force people to pay the disgusting prices they charge. I simply do not trust them to do the right thing and let us change it once the desktops have switched to the new silicon. That's going to make things devastatingly expensive. I'm genuinely anxious about that happening. If the 21" is to move to 24" and become the first desktop model with the new SoC (and the lack of update this week might suggest such rumours are true), then it will be interesting to see if they have the decency to let users access the RAM. Of course, if they didn't on the smaller model it might not necessarily mean they won't on a bigger version down the road since historically the smaller iMacs have always denied such a "feature," so we'll see. I always assumed it was locked out on the smaller models due to the smaller body requiring more things to be soldered down, so now that so much will change internally, particularly on the power and cooling front, that may not be an issue preventing RAM access anymore (the roadblock would most likely be apple's obsession with making everything thin and little else).
  20. Microsoft are terminating xCloud testing on iOS devices and will not be launching on iOS devices in September as they are at loggerheads with Apple and some of their app store policies. https://www.theverge.com/2020/8/5/21356274/microsoft-xcloud-ios-apple-iphone-ipad-testing-ends-apple-app-store-policies
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