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  1. Playstation blog has revealed more information about PS4 controller and accessory compatibility with PS5: https://blog.playstation.com/2020/08/03/playstation-5-answering-your-questions-on-compatible-ps4-peripherals-accessories/
  2. I think the Gerald Undone video is more technically revealing, but here's Philip Bloom's 75 minute A7SIII review which boasts 100% more cat content: It's really very impressive. Whatever Bloom and Gerald Undone noticed at 16,000 iso is really intriguing as Sony insist it's not a dual ISO sensor. With the useable dynamic range of 13 stops as Gerald Undone measured (using the same methods Cinema 5D use), it does put it ahead of several cinema cameras like the Canon 'C' cameras and the Black Magic cameras. So this would certainly top a shortlist of video cameras that have my interest, next to a Black Magic 4k. The price differential between the two is enormous (£1200 for the Black Magic, and £3800 for the Sony in the UK), but the Sony is certainly more versatile feature wise both internally an externally, even though both would require a number of accessories to kit out for a rig. I think there's good argument for still wanting to partner a Atomos Ninja V with the A7S3, even if not wanting to record out to RAW, at least for those who'd prefer to stick to Pro Res workflows. It's weird that the Sony still opts to drop internal DCI 4K and various monitoring features, but maybe they're assuming people will hook up external monitors anyway (at least for the monitoring. Even my Fuji X100V does DCI 4K so I don't know why the Sony doesn't).
  3. The footage there is just remarkable. Almost worth building an obscene PC for.
  4. They'd definitely need to claw back the losses somehow, and relatively quickly. It would be fascinating to see them drop Gold, and perhaps even more fascinating would be how Sony might respond as they don't have the kind of services that they could possibly leverage against the loss of PS+ subscriptions, so PS+ being much harder for Sony to drop is certainly a greater incentive for MS to drop Gold, but I'm still not convinced they're going to do it, at least not in the near term (nor am I that sure it would pull many customers from Playstation ecosystem if they do drop it anyway). The loss of the annual Gold sub remains a mystery though, unless they really are just simply looking to force more people towards Game Pass Ultimate. I'm hoping this month will give us answers to a lot of questions we still have about both Xbox and PS5.
  5. It seems like a reasonable expectation given there's a more basic form of AI upscaling present in the NVIDIA Shield (they lack the cores that fuel true deep learning acceleration however, but that's not to say a future X1 chip that could power a Switch2 wouldn't have such capabilities).
  6. Right. As great as it sounds, and as compelling a thought it is given Microsoft's image of having consumer friendly services, when you dig deeper it clashes with just how big of a revenue generator Gold is (and I had really underestimated just how big). Gamesindustry.biz just posted an article on Xbox's revenue falling flat, propped up by the service revenue. Given that they will, at best, be breaking even on next-gen hardware (but most likely selling SeriesX and Lockhart at a loss), it's difficult to imagine them cutting of a multi-billion dollar limb like Gold. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-07-31-microsofts-full-year-gaming-revenues-nearly-flat-for-fiscal-2020 I wonder if what we will see however, as Halo Infinite's news may indicate, is first party titles (or perhaps more likely select first party titles) offering free online play, and that they will also drop the paywall on playing the likes of Fortnite online because I was surprised to discover recently that MS are the only ones locking F2P games behind an online sub, and that's really not a good look compared to the competition and, again, the perception of Microsoft offering value for their services. It's a risk to expect dropping Gold would increase Gamepass subs to the point where they can quickly make up the losses from losing Gold I think, particularly when you'd have to assume that in the short term MS would need to refund millions of customers currently under a Gold sub in some fashion.
  7. I'm sure Asobo are aware of it too. The wave physics themselves actually seem rather good.
  8. If true, there's still the massive question of where they expect to recoup the lost revenue over the next several years.
  9. More Highlands flying. They MAY need to do something about water collision detection.
  10. Yes, I like that too. I also personally liked that the pilot was a touch cartoony in the rendering. I have no problem with that stuff at all. I do think that Brute who gave the speech could have done with a better skin texture though. Really it just feels like lighting, reflections, trees...etc, all environmental stuff, is where I'd have liked to have been more impressed, and it's not like I am a graphics snob in saying I won't touch the game until there's some improvement, merely that if there is to be any improvement at all I'd sooner play it from the outset with such changes as it's rare that I revisit games within the space of a few years. The original teaser from a few years ago hinted at a Halo that was really going to be teeming with life, and the gameplay reveal failed to live up to that.
  11. It bugs out on him near the end sadly so he never gets to a descent and landing.
  12. 343 addressed the criticism of the visual fidelity in a new community update: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/infinite-inquiries I'm left with an even greater sense that future SeriesX patches will add more than just ray tracing. I'm perfectly at ease with ignoring the game until that version is more substantially optimised than it is likely to be at launch. It's good that they're taking in some of the criticism, but it still doesn't excuse what a poor visual debut it was for the new console (and for it to then be revealed it wasn't running on console hardware anyway).
  13. Probably a bit of both. We know there's a SeriesX patch coming at a later date (for ray tracing, but probably other elements too), so optimisation for the new system at launch could be relatively basic.
  14. I'd be VERY surprised. I can't think why there'd need to be separate discs for cross-gen titles.
  15. It's the same for cross generation PS4 games with PS5 support, yeah. SeriesX only games, like PS5 only games, can use 66GB and 100GB capacity Blu-ray discs like UHD movies do if they want to, which XB1 S and XB1 X can support too of course, but the old VCR XB1 cannot so on that basis alone nobody could ever do a cross-gen Xbox game on a higher capacity disc. I think that's the problem, the necessary information is too fragmented across the cover.
  16. Possible alteration to future game artwork. Amazon Germany's box art for Halo Infinite now shows a Series X logo in the upper right corner: Seems rather slapdash to me. You've now got SeriesX mentioned three times on there.
  17. Pleasantly surprised to have my Columbia box set arrive this morning, despite the UK release not being until next Monday. There are a few interesting changes to the UK set. No slipcases for the individual discs, and the case sizes vary from film to film. I can only assume this was done because none of the discs in our set are stacked like they are in the US cases, they have flipper trays to accommodate all the discs in the Lawrence and Gandhi cases for example, so in order to retain the same exterior box size globally they had to modify the layout of the internals a little bit. The bonus features disc for Lawrence is also the correct one out of the box here.
  18. Second part of the Quill18 gameplay: Really is lovely. Again, I am so interested to see how the hell the UI translates to a console and controller. He's promising some flights over Scotland soon.
  19. The game will launch on Steam on August 18th. And in bigger news.... VR support is a go! https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/07/ms-flight-simulator-our-yoke-on-look-at-new-features-gorgeous-flights/ Some new videos: Very good 40 min gameplay video of a flight, and look at the UI...etc.
  20. Interestingly I feel like I'm lured toward picking up the SeriesX first for the greater variety of games I could play over the holidays. Even when I look at the PS4 games I've yet to play and would plan to pick up on PS5, it's largely a list of RPGs and several of PS4's many third person action games, so I'm a little worried I'd get genre fatigue quickly if I go for a PS5 this year, whereas on SeriesX I know I can dive into Ori, Forza Horizon 4, Flight Sim, The Medium and a variety of Game Pass stuff. That said, I still can't say I'm 100% on SeriesX at launch. How both systems are priced, and any features we don't yet know about with PS5, could sway me the other way.
  21. Interesting possible insight into UK gamer intentions: Console prices could radically change these estimates of course. It would have been interesting if people had been polled on what price they expect to pay/are willing to pay, for the new consoles in the first three months of release. Halo Infinite just squeaks into the top 5 most anticipated games: https://www.mcvuk.com/business-news/over-half-of-gamers-intend-to-buy-a-next-gen-console-within-three-months-of-launch-with-the-ps5-the-clear-favourite/
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