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  1. Yes I was curious about Elden Ring and whether it's supposed to be a departure for them or not. I haven't really been keeping up with that one (not that there's much information to go by anyway).
  2. Winter update looks fantastic! You'll finally be able to sit and chill out under tress and take part in activities like yoga! I hope the Thanksgiving festivities don't end with all the animals eating Franklin.
  3. XB1X and Series X gameplay: Reminder that the proper next-gen patch will come in 2021. Already looks great there on the two Xboxes though.
  4. Warcraft is now native to Apple Silicon. I really would love to hear some detail from game developers, large and small, about how easy/difficult it is to port their existing x86 releases over.
  5. I can't answer the last two questions having not yet played it, but as far as the first three are concerned: 1. No it's not on Game Pass/EA Play. It's too recent. 2. Yes, will run perfectly on PS5 and is due an improved lighting enhancement patch (a Series X patch that's also due however goes a step further with improved lighting, 120fps, VRR and native 4k) 2. Yes it apparently defaults to cross play.
  6. So do the Souls games have a lot of replay value would you say? Is there a sense after completion where some might think "damn, I could have done that better," and if so do you think that's something non hardcore devotees would feel as well? What incentives are there for starting over?
  7. There's a 20% off eBay code floating around that can be used via the eBay stores for several games retailers here. I'm tempted, though they've all been a little cheeky and artificially boosted the game's price on their eBay store so the code doesn't quite give you 20% off on most PS5 games. It would still bring Sackboy in at just under £50 though. Code is PURCHASE20 if any in the UK want to make use of it with anything. It's valid until midnight Thursday.
  8. Indeed. I'm eager for some real world testing. I don't think these launch models will be a worthwhile long term investment for a number of reasons (the MacBook Pro in particular), but it's looking like a really promising start on the performance front nevertheless. Let's just hope they can really deliver on desktop performance a year from now.
  9. My copy of King of New York arrived this afternoon, complete with Frighteners postcard.
  10. Really feels like we're on the cusp of something revolutionary. I can squeeze another year of life from my old MBP, assuming productivity in the first half of next year will still be hit by pandemic issues by which time things should be in a very interesting place with the desktops and I can make the final decision on whether to stick with Apple or build a new PC workstation. My ideal Mac would still be identical iMac specs but in a higher end Mac Mini to give me greater monitor flexibility (plus it would be crazy to think I could just take my desktop computer with me to a location or studio a
  11. They emailed me this afternoon to confirm launch day delivery. I just want that charge to come through and I'll breathe one last happy sigh (well, penultimate happy sigh at least. The last can be reserved for taking delivery, hooking it up and finding it all in working order).
  12. Wasn't that one of John's nitpicks in the Digital Foundry overview? I know I saw at least one video two weeks ago where someone called it out.
  13. Amazon UK expected to have a small run of fresh stock for order from Thursday. I know @iainl's sitting it for now, but not sure about @Magness
  14. Some further benchmarking that seems to hint that the M1 gpu might indeed match/best the RX 560 and GTX 1050 Ti. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/apple-silicon-m1-graphics-performance#xenforo-comments-3662289 Another benchmark seems to show that the M1's x86 Rosetta 2 emulation is faster than native x86 performance on previous Macs too.
  15. That's just absurdly amusing (shame it's an Arnold voice impersonator though).
  16. Hah. That's effectively the reverse of my plan which is to binge on Miles next weekend, sell it and recycle the funds into Sackboy in December, and then get Demon's Souls sometime next year.
  17. Haven't been charged yet but my Amazon account earlier today changed to confidently displaying 'Arriving Thursday.'
  18. The music's not just good, it's downright Donkey Kong good. Hopefully they produce an official album.
  19. In my boredom while counting the remaining four days until the console's UK launch, I was just exploring the PS app on my phone a little more and interestingly if you go to settings > push notifications you'll see that there's a toggle option for "Wishlist Updates," so I have to believe that sooner rather than later, we will be able to have wishlist alerts.
  20. It also looks like Arrow have rights to The Frighteners from Universal as it's been one of their recent postcards. Very likely to get a UHD as a distributor in Germany is bringing it to UHD next year too (the fact the postcard is included with Arrow's 4k release of King of New York as good as confirms it will be a 4k disc). There's also an Arrow postcard for True Romance out there apparently, which Arrow acquired alongside Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and Last of the Mohicans after Warner's UK rights for all three lapsed. To date Arrow had only recycled the Warner discs to keep th
  21. Delayed after the recent Blu-ray and streaming releases, Bill & Ted Face the Music is now getting its UK UHD disc on 25th January:
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