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  1. I still need to get round to trying the first one. I have it installed on Game Pass so can hopefully see how it controls on a console soon.
  2. A Director's Cut has been revealed to be coming to PS5 on the Game Fest stream. Keighley added that we'll be seeing more in the coming weeks, which presumably means Sony's summer event stream can't be far off. I forgot I hadn't even played this yet, so this and FF7 are the two big PS4 releases I still have to catch up on.
  3. Yeah from an account that regularly falsifies information and cover art for clicks.
  4. I had an email through with a pre-order bonus this evening too which gave me the pixelizer gun and the Carbonox Armour (from Going Commando). Equipping the latter is a quick way to get one of the silver trophies.
  5. Game Fest stream begins in fifteen minutes.
  6. I had to manually check for an update to get the day one patch after the disc had installed, so be sure to check and do the same if required.
  7. Mastered for iTunes has long been Apple's term for their lossy AAC encodes. They just haven't typically slapped a logo on things until now.
  8. My brain can't comprehend how it's throwing these visuals around at 60fps. It's mind boggling. I've made it as far as Sargasso and will resume later tonight or tomorrow night. It's just breathtaking stuff. The music might just be the best in the series to date too. I spent an age just soaking up the atmosphere and that tune playing in the club.
  9. I'm assuming the PlayStation Police won't smash down the door if I begin playing it a day early...
  10. The original disc was Atmos. Isn't the iTunes? Even the 1080p Blu-ray had Atmos. The addition of the original 2.0 mix is the only audio change on the physical version of this re-issue. It's got me thinking that Sony may well do the same for Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 at some point when they're ready to cash in on Afterlife as when they did re-issues a year or so ago on Blu-ray they added new extras and the theatrical mixes, but the UHDs themselves remained the same so there's an opportunity to put the original audio on the UHD discs, add the DV metadata as well, and put those new bonus features from the Blu-rays onto the UHDs.
  11. More detail from Keighley on what to expect today. No Alf this year, but Jeff Goldblum!
  12. Console announcement finally incoming this week? GameStop Ireland has a pre order listing with a release date for next Tuesday (15th).
  13. He seems to be promising "lots" of world premieres today so I'll be tuning in this evening and will hop into Discord if anyone is around. 11AM PT / 2PM ET (7PM for UK despite the Youtube channel saying 6PM)
  14. OK, despite the thread title I'm willing to concede that console war rhetoric of old still exists in the minds of braindead arseholes.
  15. After Tsushima I think this will be the last PS4 biggie that I have left to catch up with. I'd definitely like to fit it in before the year is out. Since we now know some PS games have been bumped to 2022 I should certainly have room to fit it in after the summer. I take it the cheapest way to get it for PS5 is still going to be buying the PS4 disc on sale, then just spending £9 on the DLC to turn it into Intergrade?
  16. The Tiki Room is one is how I found out about them. I should have put that one last actually as it's the most recent one he produced and there's a slight chronology to them with the tension between the ladies. I particularly love Marge's blissful innocence. His John Hench in Plazza video is hilarious too.
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