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  1. Fair point, plus Hagrid's crowd hysteria was in the height of summer pre-pandemic which somehow manages to simultaneously feel like yesterday and ten years ago. It's weird to think that Rise, now almost 2yrs old, has yet to face off with busy summer crowds on either coast yet (next year... maybe?).
  2. A24 are releasing another beautiful bespoke UHD, this time for The Last Black Man in San Francisco: 4K UHD Blu-ray 2160p 4K Ultra High Definition with HDR DTS-HD® Master Audio 5.1 16x9 Widescreen Presentation (1.66:1) Rated R 121 Minutes English SDH and Spanish Book contents include: Foreword by Charles Burnett Essays by Alicia Garza and Danny Glover Drawings from Mont's notebook by David Jones An oral history of the film's development Disc extras include: Director's commentary 3 deleted scenes Joe and Jimmie’s original concept trailer and Kickstarter video Available to order now ($45) https://shop.a24films.com/products/the-last-black-man-in-san-francisco-collectors-edition Be sure to select the 4k edition from the options before adding to cart. I'll need to research how friendly they are sending items overseas as i'd love to get this. Nice to see them do another release as it's only their second UHD after Midsommar. I keep wondering why they haven't given The Lighthouse this treatment yet, but there's perhaps a very good chance that Criterion have acquired that from them (if so, at least we can be happy in the knowledge Criterion are finally on board the UHD train).
  3. Colossal difference in quality between the Unbreakable UHD and Blu-ray: https://caps-a-holic.com/c.php?d1=16495&d2=16315&c=6170 There are so many Touchstone/Hollywood titles from Disney that similarly hit Blu-ray with dated source masters which could be enormously improved with a UHD release. I'll cheer anything we get but it remains deeply frustrating that they're so slow in showing interest in getting more titles out (and showing zero interest licensing to smaller labels).
  4. It's weird as I'm just not impressed at all by the photo and videos they've trotted out in all the promotional material. I think it's the processing going on under the hood more than the sensor or the lenses themselves. The macro images I've seen look excellent for a phone though.
  5. I don't honestly remember. You're more on top of things like that than I am, so they probably did suggest as much before. What's frustrating is because driving games are the kind of thing I will go to for a brief twenty/thirty minute pick up and play session, they lend themselves more to being a downloadable purchase than physical for me, but in this case that may mean sitting GT7 out even longer because PSN sale prices on PS5 games are laughable.
  6. It's good to know that one of the better (best?) dining proprietors on property runs the restaurant. OK, yes, it means higher pricing, but I think it would have been a shame had it been more about the special effect of seemingly being able to dine in space than the quality of the food.
  7. Nintendo have announced a 40 minute Nintendo Direct for tomorrow: That's surprisingly late time scheduling for those in Europe (11pm for the UK and midnight on the continent). The emphasis on games "launching this winter" is disappointing given how much we already know of the winter slate, but hopefully there will be room for some decent reveals of 2022 titles. At the very least we'll hopefully get confirmation of that Gameboy news.
  8. I'm going to be that old man yelling at clouds again, but it would have felt so ideal were it an extension of Horizons or a modern re-imagining of Horizons. The "space station" you're dining at is even named the Centauri which is a Horizons reference. I like little touches like this: Apparently you can also catch a space tourist floating around in space playing with a toy X-Wing. I don't like that so much.
  9. Funny. I remarked to Iain privately yesterday just how much I loved the pristine digital B&W aesthetic in this instance. I've no reason to suspect that such a creative decision was dictated from on high by Apple however. It would be purely down to Coen and Bruno Delbonnel in this case, just as it was Sofia Coppola and her cinematographer's choice to shoot On the Rocks (another A24/Apple co production) on 35mm. I haven't found anywhere to check but I suspect they shot Macbeth on an Alexa XT given the aspect ratio, and possibly even the little used model with a B&W sensor. The sharpness would probably suggest Zeiss or maybe even Leica glass. There doesn't seem to be any pro-mist filter diffusion there or anything. They just embraced digital for what it is and I kind of love that. I think it looks incredibly striking and manages to feel cinematic, theatrical and ethereal all at the same time. Lots of companies do have a certain technical standard that they require cameras to adhere to in order for them to be considered suitable for use on their productions (the BBC has pretty much always been that way, Netflix is similar), but I've never known it go so far as to encroach upon creative choices. A lot of Netflix stuff seems to be embrace a 2:1 aspect ratio, but again I can't imagine that's a choice being forced upon the creative talent they hire (I think we're just living in a time where 16:9 is the dominant display format and Vittorio Storarro is having the last laugh having predicted 2:1 as a happy compromise decades ago). I think Marvel are one of the few corporate entities where one could make a reasonable argument that the wings of the creatives hired are being clipped at an executive level in order to meet a very fixed visual style, aesthetic and palette. It's why, in hindsight, the very idea of an Edgar Wright Ant-Man movie was probably always too good to be true. Circling back to On The Rocks briefly, that's getting a Blu-ray release in the coming months via way of Lionsgate which perhaps suggests all of the A24/Apple partnerships will be eligible for physical release at some stage. Here's hoping someone might grant The Tragedy of Macbeth a 4K disc in future.
  10. I'm still going to be playing Horizon 5 by the time this comes out, so it was never going to be a launch purchase for me (and the arcadey nature of Horizon will always appeal to me more than a straight sim like GT, which I absolutely do enjoy, but don't get the same entertainment value from). It's also a turnoff that there's no cross-gen price parity between PS4 and PS5 versions as the former will retail for £59.99 here, while the latter will retail for £69.99. Consequently, Sony also confirmed in their blog that anyone wishing to upgrade their PS4 copy will be charged a $10/£10 premium to do so. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/09/21/gran-turismo-7-pre-order-items-and-25th-anniversary-edition-detailed/ GT Sport went on sale very quickly, but that was largely driven by it starting off more as an online focused experience I think. Its first discount came shortly before the rollout of more single player aimed expansions which is when I dove in, and they did a good job with that expanding it over time. I certainly got value out of the purchase, though Driveclub was still more to my liking. It's going to be a long time before I get round to picking up GT7 I think.
  11. My disdain for this is so great it's why I couldn't even bring myself to give it a dedicated thread last week. What's sad is I'm sure there's a small studio out there who could probably do a great console Wipeout game. Even Nick Burcome has said in the past that he'd love to take a crack at it if Sony would be willing to share the licence out.
  12. The Space 220 Restaurant at Epcot is open: I must admit that looks pretty old school EPCOT. That's presumably as close as those not willing/able to pay up for the Star Wars hotel will get to the "windows into space" concept too as I assume it's the exact same method being implemented here.
  13. I'm gradually getting there setting out Focus Modes on my iPad. They're pretty much going to be the default way in which I use the device now. It just makes everything so much more clean and er.... focused... *cough* On the phone I may not find them quite so useful, though that's mainly because my phone isn't much of a productivity or media consumption device like the iPad is so there's less to separate. I've only set up a Fitness Focus on the phone so far, but will do a couple more for work and probably a night time/evening mode once I finish everything on the iPad. My only complaints are that there only seems to be a convoluted method requiring you to create a shortcut script if you want to change the background home screen wallpaper for each focus mode, and that you can either sync all Focus modes between devices, or not at all rather than select to sync individually which I think I'd find useful
  14. I'm liking IOS15. Some nice refinements to various apps (Weather in particular, on the phone at least. Seriously, would it hurt to actually give us the full app on iPad too?). I like little aesthetic changes like the rounded edges of notifications. I plan to sit and dig into setting up Focus modes later today as that's the big change I was really looking forward to. It's very nice to finally have widgets and app library on iPad. It was absolutely pathetic that they didn't have that last year and still makes me question their commitment to iPadOS. The refinement to accessing multi-tasking windows is certainly welcome too, making it much easier to remember how to access that function and to be reminded that the feature even exists in the first place. App extensions in Safari is a great addition.
  15. It honestly seems to be precisely what I expected. I'm looking forward to playing it at some point.
  16. Standard editions of Arrow's Dune and True Romance will release on 18th October in the UK.
  17. There appeared to be some clarification on timed exclusivity on PS5 from the Senior Game Designing on the remake last week:
  18. I'm at chapter VI and am really enjoying it. It's a lot more gruesome than I had anticipated. I'd really not seen much media on the game, and only knew of its reputation through good worth of mouth, so it's interesting to see the story unfold. I've found that switching to actually playing the game in French also enhances the experience greatly.
  19. I missed the news that the Superman Animated Series will be getting a Blu-ray release on October 19th in the US (18th in the UK):
  20. Ahhhhh. I forgot about that lens. I don't like the front ring of that one, and the body seems to be leaning towards "how close can we get to copying vintage Leica lens design without infringing patents" rather than them going for a more modern design. OK all is forgiven. Zeiss' 28mm 2.8 Biogon is nice:
  21. I'm definitely going to pick it up. It just looks and sounds very "me." The music really is beautiful. Are there any other places to purchase the OST outside of Steam?
  22. Apparently this is the M11 battery: Fits in with the rumours of a Q/SL type design following word that the M11 will be the first M to ditch the removable baseplate. I suppose it makes sense that it's not going to actually be the same battery as the one in the Q and SL given the space requirements. I assume the brilliant removal mechanism will be just like that of the Q/SL though.
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