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  1. Nice behind the scenes video with Dawn French and Richard E Grant: I'd picked up on Dawn French's voice being in there before, and had wondered if that was indeed Grant in one of the previous videos but wasn't 100% certain. This game just keeps getting better and better.
  2. There seems to be a pretty quick shift over to native Apple Silicon support for a lot of apps occurring which is great news. Obviously all of Apple's Pro and productivity apps are ready to go, Serif's Affinity apps...etc, but amongst others Black Magic have announced that Da Vinci Resolve is now in beta for Apple Silicon too so we should be able to get a much better idea of how demanding software like that adapts to the new architecture without having to see running under Rosetta (if enough reviewers with the new hardware sign up to the beta at least).
  3. Yes. I wonder if combining them would have lessened my feeling that the series as a whole kind of feels like watching a video game. When you break it down it's structured like an RPG and I feel rather detached from it all.
  4. Biggest standout with Big Sur right now are the control and notification centres. With the Control Centre it doesn't appear as if you can customise it, which is infuriating as I like to calibrate my display and really don't want the screen brightness toggle anywhere where I might accidentally nudge it. In the Notification Centre I miss there being a widget for the calculator. Very strange to have taken that away as I used to make good use of it. I also think notifications themselves, notably for emails, are a big step back. Before I could see an e-mail notification and if it was a
  5. Installed Big Sur. I forgot how tedious it is to make a USB boot drive. It's been said that Apple Silicon + Big Sur will usher in an age of much quicker OS updates in future, which I hope is true because my old MacBook Pro really struggles with this sort of thing now. Really like the OS so far. It does seem to have solved that NVIDIA bug by default thankfully, so I don't need to mess around with anything.
  6. I expect Panic Button will patch the patch at some point, or Playground will step in themselves.
  7. "Lost" Mmmm... "Sorry we misplaced your GIGANTIC item". If it really fails to show up for the weekend then you should push for a little more than a refund for that level of incompetence.
  8. What the hell? Would that mean you're left waiting until they next have stock available?
  9. I've noticed that Microsoft Store seem to be getting random refreshes of stock every now and again on both sides of the Atlantic. Might be worth keeping an eye on things there above everyone else, but I would expect some stock back to retail in time for the holidays (though who knows how much). It's probably going to be a case of right place/right time until earlier next year.
  10. Serif, who make the fantastic Affinity apps, and Microsoft Office have native apple silicon versions of their software ready for launch. Serif on the transition: https://www.macrumors.com/2020/11/12/serif-updates-affinity-apps-for-m1-chip/ That's precisely why I am so fascinated to see how the unified architecture applies to more demanding applications.
  11. I watched that Digital Foundry interview video over lunch and there's no way I can ignore this game, it's just a question of when I want to try and tackle it. It won't be this side of Christmas, but I will definitely get it next year. I was thinking of playing something like Jedi Fallen Order first as a means to ease myself into these game mechanics on a basic level as I never really had enough time with Dark Souls on PS3 when I played it, and I felt immediately out of my depth when I briefly tried Bloodborne.
  12. Really quite excited thinking about everything I intend to play that I'll have waiting for me next Thursday. Miles Morales Astro's Playroom Bugsnax (PS+) Hollow Knight (PS+) Star Wars Squadrons (purchased recently) Shadow of the Colossus (purchased recently) Resident Evil 2 (purchased recently) Days Gone (PS+ Collection) Monster Hunter (PS+ Collection) Persona 5 (PS+ Collection) Crash N'Sane Trilogy (PS+ Collection) Yakuza Kiwami (leftover in my PS+ backlog) No Man's Sky (to revisit with the PS5 patch) Cap those
  13. I'd really keep expectations relatively low for the M1 GPU. Remember, the M1 is there to serve the Macs that never had dGPUs to begin with. It would trash the old NVIDIA 750M dGPU in my 2014 mbp without question, but we're probably a year away from seeing what Apple have to match/better whatever serious present day AMD solution they'd otherwise run with in higher end Macbook Pros and iMacs, and it needs to be amazing because eGPUs are not compatible with Apple Silicon Macs so Apple's in house solution will be the only option going forward. Apple's claimed the GPU performance of the
  14. The early benchmarks are appearing and the M1 in the Air is outperforming the 2019 16" MBP on multicore, and outperforming every single iMac on single core performance, including the 10 core i9 in the 2020 iMac: Single core: Multi: https://www.macrumors.com/2020/11/11/m1-macbook-air-first-benchmark/ While benchmarks only tell us so much until we can actually see these things under load and real world use, as I wrote recently the CPU performance was never really in any doubt given what we know from the iPads and iPhones. GPU is re
  15. Yes, from what I've been reading it's pretty solid. I just need to check Capture One 20 is OK as I'm probably not upgrading to 21 this year due to the PS5 expenses, so that's the only biggie. All the other major apps I use seem to have confirmed compatibility already. I found the instructions for re-writing the OS if I should be hit with that Nvidia bug again. If I can clean up and sort my backup data out in time then I'll look to installing over the weekend.
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