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  1. Oh and I just realised you can in fact toggle spatial audio on/off quickly via the volume tab in iOS the control panel menu if you have Airpods connected (this option does not appear if I connect my PX7's via bluetooth which is why non Apple made wired and wireless earphones/headphones require Atmos to be set as 'always on' in the app settings if you want to hear it). So when I am roaming around with the AirPods I can at least quickly kill Atmos on a recording where I am not liking the effect. I'm really not wrong about the Tchaikovksy suites recording. It's awful in Atmos. All of the presence returns when you flip to stereo.
  2. Does Apple's returns window apply to the AirPods? If so then I really see no reason not to give them a try. I've found when I am out walking or running with them that I can hear just enough of things around me to feel safe. You can of course hold your finger down and they will cycle through the noise cancellation options (on, off or 'transparency'), but even with cancelation on I can still hear passing cars and people just enough for them not to disturb me or drown out whatever I am listening to, but still be aware of my surroundings. Passing cyclists are typically the only thing that might catch me off guard.
  3. I took the tube last week for the first time in over a year, and having purchased the AirPods last summer it was my first time using them when riding one of those clanky rust buckets. I was genuinely surprised how comfortably I could enjoy listening to a podcast at a healthy volume. Some will differ obviously, but personally I don't really feel the need to seek top tier audiophile performance from things like headphones for when I am on the move as bluetooth is lossy and I'm really only using them in environments that simply aren't conducive to optimally enjoy a recording. For what they do, how they perform and the seamless way my Apple devices recognise them when nearby, I just find them to be one of the most convenient lifestyle products I've bought in ages.
  4. I've seen rumour of the regular AirPods being due an upgrade, but things seem quiet on the Pros. Really? That's a shame. I've run (and done sprinting sessions) with mine and they've never once fallen out or started to come loose. That's using the small rubber cones they come with. Have you ever tried any third party cones to see if they offer your ears a more secure fit?
  5. Noted in the small print on the MacOS features page, certain Monterey features will not run on Intel Macs: Portrait Mode blurred backgrounds in FaceTime videos Live Text for copying and pasting, looking up, or translating text within photos An interactive 3D globe of Earth in the Maps app More detailed maps in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and London in the Maps app Text-to-speech in more languages, including Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish On-device keyboard dictation that performs all processing completely offline Unlimited keyboard dictation (previously limited to 60 seconds per instance https://www.macrumors.com/2021/06/09/macos-monterey-features-for-m1-macs-only/ I'd be curious to know what the excuses are there to be honest.
  6. I saw Cameron added 2021 Game Fest events to the event calendar. What's the indication of what to expect with the shows this week? Has Keighley teased much?
  7. I'm not surprised to hear that at all. I genuinely do think the target market for this is people with the devices nearby, listening over headphones (and frankly, why wouldn't it be? That must arguably make up the large proportion of Apple Music subscribers listening habits). If you listen to the original>Atmos side by side demos they uploaded with Zane Lowe, he even tells you to reach for a pair of headphones. That then perhaps creates a debate about whether this should be branded Dolby Atmos at all since we typically think of Atmos as being overhead based spatial audio, but clearly Dolby now want people to think of it as spatial audio in any sense, wether it be full multi-channel, or two channel over headphones...etc. Whether that's watering down the format in the way IMAX pissed on its own brand by reducing their screens by more than half the size, changing the aspect ratio but maintaining the name I really don't know. It's probably too early to say. The more I listened last night I began to formulate a theory that many of the tracks that went up in Atmos yesterday were possibly paid for by Apple and/or Dolby, which would explain why many were individual tracks chosen from albums where the remaining tracks were left alone. Albums presented in Atmos in their entirety are mostly made up of modern albums where they might well have conceivably been mixed with intent by the artist and recording engineers, which might explain why they sound a little bit more pleasing. Similarly, the same might be said of albums that had a previous multi-channel history in the past (again, like Automatic for the People, or the recent John Lennon compilation Gimmie Some Truth which was mixed for multi-channel on release as there was a Blu-ray Audio version. Furthermore, the engineering work that went into older tracks on the Lennon compilation took a lot of time and tlc which really wouldn't have been applied to anywhere near the same degree if my theory about who funded some of the other remixes for individual tracks on Apple Music is correct). The few multi-channel mixes I have heard over the years and enjoyed were presented in such a way that I felt largely worked because they subtly enhanced the effect of stereo imaging rather than taking on the view that "MORE CHANNELS IS BETTER!". We're used to music coming from in front of us at a concert, but in a good venue the acoustics of a room will allow it to resonate around us which is what a great two-channel set up will deliver at home. Ideally I've always felt multi-channel should be mixed with that reality in mind rather than very obviously sending vocals or instruments to single channels. It is certainly fun when you do hear something mixed like that, but I' not sure our brains accept it as being accurate. It's very different to a mix for a movie where a brain interprets the movement of sound in accordance with what is happening on screen. Maybe they really should have focused on stereo spatial audio for headphones exclusively with Dolby Atmos Headphone branding here or something, and not even put it on Mac or AppleTV to allow for the discrete multi-channel presentations (especially with it all again, being lossy DD+). I was genuinely surprised how much of a fan I became of my AirPods Pro last year. I had no real expectations of them when I got them, I just finally gave in because I was fed up of using a lightening dongle and I was getting worried about listening volumes while in the city and on public transport, so wanted a noise cancelling option that I could pack away into my pocket (my B7W PX7's are too cumbersome to take out of the home). I'm sure there are better sounding in ear headphones of their kind out there, but I'm continually impressed by their all round performance and, for the most part, these Atmos presentations do compliment them rather well. It was interesting to me last night how I was probably most underwhelmed by the classical stuff via the AirPods though. Those mixes all sounded rather compressed and boring, which isn't what you want at all as acoustically many classical music venues are far, far better than anywhere where we might see a rock or pop performance. Compare the Berlin Philharmonic album of Tchiakovsky's Ballet Suites. It feels so much more powerful and, most vitally, emotional with Atmos disabled. Atmos sucks the life out of it, muddies the brass and other elements. It would be good if there was an enable/disable toggle for Atmos where relevant on the playback screen in the music app on iOS.
  8. Norwegian retail listings have appeared for UHD steelbook releases of the original Dracula, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man and The Wolf Man from Universal. https://www.platekompaniet.no/blu-ray/dracula-1931-limited-steelbook-edition/ https://www.platekompaniet.no/blu-ray/frankenstein-1931-limited-steelbook-edition/ https://www.platekompaniet.no/blu-ray/the-invisible-man-1933-den-usynlige-mann-limited-steelbook-edition/ https://www.platekompaniet.no/blu-ray/the-wolf-man-1941-ulvemannen-limited-steelbook-edition/ I can't seem to see any indication of a specific release date. I'd be SO happy if these are happening though.
  9. Shipped! Slight chance it could arrive tomorrow. Is the Day One patch literally day one (as in Friday) or have pre-installs been patched already?
  10. Bugsy Malone specs are nice: Hopefully they don't ruin a good thing by adding excessive noise reduction to that new 4k scan (some of these Paramount Presents titles have been hit or miss).
  11. A listing for a Star Trek movie set comprising of The Motion Picture, Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock and The Voyage Home has surfaced on Amazon France with a September 8th release date: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B096TN7QM9?tag=bluraycom05-21 That's very odd that it would only include four films if the listing is accurate however. I wondered if that could mean that they might be splitting the original series cast films into two volumes, but surely that wouldn't be the plan as it'd be really weird to do four in one set and then just two movies in another when a three and three split would have made more sense (and then a third volume for the four next-gen movies).
  12. I've felt for decades that multi-channel music has a lot of potential as some 20 odd years ago I had some demos that won me over, but I'm still a firm believer that a great 2-channel set up is better than a good multi-channel one. There's also the factor that Apple Music Atmos is lossy DD+ which kind of goes against it somewhat, especially amidst launching alongside lossless and hi-res at the same time. The most pleasing spatial demos with headphones for me have been the limited selection of Jazz titles they put up today. Those almost consistently left me smiling from the first note. I really think having noise cancelling headphones goes a long way to helping too, but the Herbie Hancock and Art Blakey albums mixed for Atmos really did make my AirPods Pro invisible as if the performance was emanating from inside my head, and certainly helps create a better sense of separation and detail than I'm used to listening to with other compressed sources. I suspect those without actual 2-channel or multi-channel set ups are precisely the audience Apple are targeting with these mixes anyway and where Atmos music will find a place. The 25th Anniversary Automatic for the People has perhaps been amongst the most pleasing vocal based Atmos presentations I've listened to via the AirPods. That's not hugely surprising as it had multi-channel DVD-A (and SACD?) mix many, many years ago which I suspect was the basis for this release. One issue that seems to affect a lot of vocal Atmos mixes on Apple Music though are that the vocals themselves can regularly get a little lost amongst the detail of the surrounding instruments (Iggy Popp's The Passenger really loses something in that respect, a certain rawness, which is a real pity, but the rock stuff in particular is really where things seem a little questionable, more so if it's an older recording). The Taylor Swift and Weeknd stuff comes over well.
  13. With Days of Play deals ending tomorrow I decided to finally grab a physical copy of this for £26.99. I'll be putting it aside as I have Ratchet next on my schedule, and then Dragon Quest XI, but it will be good to finally dig into this later in the summer.
  14. It will. Just go to Settings > Apps > Music on the device and you'll see the same options as you'll find on iOS/iPadOS for Atmos and audio quality (everyone will need to go here as it will not default to lossless unless you manually select it).
  15. Big fan of John Darko's channel. In his latest video he basically explains why I've been lamenting Apple's unwillingness to open up the Apple Music API so companies like Roon can incorporate it (Roon would actually require a little bit more access for it to function correctly). Right now where much of my music listening at home occurs at my desk, having to use a Mac (eventually hooked up to a decent DAC) won't pose too much of a hassle, but as I move toward re-imagining an entire music system so that I can have everything in one place what they're offering isn't really going to work for me as I like Roon too much.
  16. Meanwhile I have caved in and ordered a copy of Kino's Good The Bad and The Ugly from the US. It was only £18.50 inc delivery. That should almost guarantee Arrow release the entire Dollars trilogy in the UK now.
  17. Another one I had to re-add (THEN reboot the music app for playback to even register correctly), but the Labyrinth soundtrack is 24/96khz. 😀
  18. I hope so. I just had to do it with every bloody New Order album. I'm finding more and more in m library that isn't even lossless on the Apple Music pages either. Don't know what the deal is there. It's either licensing or the servers still catching up.
  19. There are definitely some weird issues that lossless added to Apple Music's list of existing irritating catalogue related bugs. I've had to delete and re-add a number of albums from my Apple Music library that were not showing up or playing back with the new format support, but when I'd go to the album's page on Apple Music they did.
  20. You can. I mentioned this above. When you play the file the little Apple wavy line lossless icon should pop up in the playback/timeline bar up top. Click on the icon and it will show you the data rate.
  21. Just a heads up that there seems to be some delay on shipments of the Indiana Jones set in North America, unless you're going for the steelbook edition, so anyone looking to get it today or this week might not be able to do so. Supplies are plentiful of both in the UK since yesterday, but in the US Paramount have clearly been hit by a manufacturing backlog of some sorts. I actually ordered the regular US set as it was cheaper than the UK one and I don't need the 1080p discs included with the UK set, so I'll be left waiting until Deepdiscount get stock.
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