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  1. Given how they botched the mini though I wouldn't be so confident. If anything the mini was an indication that they're really not that invested in this, but we'll see. Any means to enjoy older PS1 and PS2 games, enhanced, would be welcome.
  2. I'm expecting PS1 and PS2 bc to be cloud based, if we are to even get it at all that is.
  3. Same, but what good are they to us on a PS5? I've half a mind to hook up my old slim PS2 whenever I get a receiver again.
  4. What proportion of those getting the PS5 are going digital vs physical? It's something I keep coming back to every now and again. Strangely I'd feel perfectly happy with a SeriesX that lacked an optical drive as I really look at the system as a scaled down PC, but most rumours only point to lockhart being the all digital download option in Microsoft's lineup. The PS5 I'm still a touch uncertain about though, but would say I'm leaning 90% for the drive based model. Outside of Last Guardian I have no physical PS4 discs, and that was the last one I bought before buying everything in sales from the PSN Store in the years that followed. The option to buy a game physically and trade it in proved useful to me early in the PS4's life, however, and I suspect it could be again with its successor, but I was buying more games on release then, whereas midway through the PS4's cycle I lost that sense of urgency (so over the time, the saving I'd make back in trading a disc for cash worked out similarly to the saving I'd make just waiting and buying a title on sale on the PS Store). The UK is also now facing the threat of an ill conceived digital sales tax and I'm not sure I'd want to have to put up with that buying digitally across three systems (I've never bought a Switch game physically).
  5. I really don't know how I feel about that. The upside is it's apparently not a blanket lock on a 17 day timeframe, so if something is performing well theatrically Universal will extend the window for as long as they see fit.
  6. I'm surprised PS4 never got an updated Sly collection. They're good games (Sanzaru, who did the HD Collection for PS3/Vita, made the 4th game which I never got to play, though they are now owned by Facebook). With Spyro and Crash collections out there they deserve some attention again, and with that in mind it probably would be safe in the hands of Toys for Bob if they ever wanted to do it and Sony was interested.
  7. I think I've been able to redeem that even without a console to send it to. It now shows that I own the game at least after clicking get, so hopefully it'll be there whenever I next have an Xbox to fire up.
  8. That or Sony UK have a big PS5/Domino's promo tie-in in the works for the holidays.
  9. It's rather embarrassing, yes. These are such basic things this day in age, but a low, low priority for Nintendo for.... reasons?
  10. Do Domino's have a history of being dicks on social media?
  11. That's funny, but kind of shocking seeing a company that big joining in with the pile on. Certainly not want you want from a PR perspective.
  12. The ability to transfer island saves to another system is still to come (🙄), but here's how the backup will work with this week's update: I'd assume having to contact Nintendo to do the restore to a new system if your Switch dies will go away once we can freely load saves to systems ourselves.
  13. Pretty detailed review here: So one major thing to pick up on vs the rumours from the other week is that it does not sadly have S-cinetone colour.
  14. I still only own it on Mac/PC via Steam, so haven't settled on a console edition as yet. Weirdly, AGAIN with my dumb psychological fixation about certain games feeling more at "home" on a specific system, Cuphead feels well suited to Playstation as it makes me think of a PS1 era platformer. I think probably because I'm thinking of something like Mickey's Wild Adventure, which wasn't even remotely close to Cuphead in style and execution, but did seek to evoke memories of old Mickey cartoons.
  15. The second summer update arrives on Thursday and (finally) an island/backup restoration service will go live on the same day.
  16. The game should now be available to purchase on the PS Store. The DLC, though still not dated, will indeed launch on all platforms simultaneously. I wonder if that's when we could see a physical edition too.
  17. Great little video. Really looks like the pad based UI has been well thought out. It's nice that they've even gone so far as to make additional quality of life improvements to the gameplay in general too.
  18. Interesting. I am very much out of touch when it comes to the latest SD card standards. I suppose on a camera like that I'd only record internally if travelling (lol), and would otherwise record out to an Atomos Ninja. Very nice to see full size HDMI on the camera. I'm looking forward to Philip Bloom's review, and for Cinema 5D to test what the true dynamic range is. Much more expensive than I had anticipated for the UK, but I'm not really thinking about anything for video until next summer anyway, so maybe it will be a little cheaper by then and I can get a better sense of what cameras can go on a shortlist.
  19. Somehow Sony have calculated $3500 for the A7S III to equal £3800 in the UK. 😫 Official specs: Newly developed BIONX XRTM image processing engine with eight times more processing powerand a brand new 12.1-megapixel (approx., effective) back-illuminated full-frame Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor, significantly reduced rolling shutter effect[ii] Ultra-high sensitivity with ISO range expandable from 40 – 409,600[iii], and improved image quality by approximately 1 stop noise reductioniv in the middle and high sensitivity ranges Video recording capabilities include 4K 120pi, 10 bit 4:2:2 colour depth, All-Intra recording, XAVC HS format with H.265 codec and more 15+ stop dynamic range for moviesii 4K 60p 16-bit RAW video HDMI output for the first time in the Alpha™ series Fast Hybrid AF system with 759 point phase-detection[iv] AF sensors covering 92% of image sensor Enhanced Real-time Eye AF for movie recording[v] and still image recording New heat dissipating mechanism and dual slot relay recording enables over one-hour long 4K 60p 10-bit 4:2:2 movie shooting until battery ends[vi] 5-axis optical in-body image stabilisation supports handheld movie shooting, with added Active Mode [vii] to support especially difficult handheld movie shooting World’s brightest[viii] and largestx new 0.64-type 9.44 million dot OLED electronic viewfinder Side Opening variable angle LCD screen enhances shooting flexibility Completely redesigned menu system with touch screen interface and touch operation High-speed continuous still image shooting at up to 10fps[ix] for more than 1,000 consecutive uncompressed RAW images[x] with full AF / AE tracking Dual CFexpress Type A card slots that enable high speed data processing while keeping the compact size
  20. I'm hoping the early access will still be around when the SeriesX launches as if I get one this year I'd definitely like to try it. Were you playing alone, or multi? I'm curious how good it is as a solo affair.
  21. I'm curious to know what kind of attendance they are honestly expecting even for late August. In all honesty I suspect disruption to those European release plans as cases have been increasing again. I know studies have been done on air conditioning in restaurants, but has anything been done on its affects of potentially helping the virus to travel in a cinema environment if people were wearing masks?
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