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  1. Are you assuming based on past episode history, or you know from the books what's coming? Either way....
  2. It's been announced that Brian Tyler (composer on Iron Man 3 and Thor 2) will score Avengers: Age of Ultron. Sad not to see Silvestri return as it will likely mean another Marvel sequel with no musical consistency with a predecessor. I'd have preferred Henry Jackman over Tyler personally as I liked his Cap 2 score a good bit (where he himself replaced Silvestri). Tyler did have a nod to Silvestri's Cap theme in Thor 2 mind you, so perhaps he will honour Silvestri's Avengers theme. Meanwhile Tyler Bates is scoring Guardians, who I am not a fan of at all.
  3. Definitely. That's been such a great relationships throughout the run of the series. Most frustrating we have to wait a year after the next episode.
  4. I keep revisiting that Oberyn scene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7n79tN6Fpw I do believe these are what people call... feels? Perdo Pascal really is exceptional.
  5. CVG has more on the Rare situation and confirmation on the layoffs, sorry "methodology changes," from Microsoft: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/464142/rare-cuts-senior-staff-in-studio-methodology-change/ I hope the staff all go on to better things. I'm surprised Sutherland and Price lasted as long as they did. It's not only insulting enough that Rare could not work on its own IP (Killer Instinct) but that they were made to develop a title for a doomed peripheral and now staff have to suffer the consequences of its inevitable failure.
  6. It's still going to have to get some truly excellent feedback from players and some review sites for it to regain my interest. I'm curious to see what some of you make of it when you pick it up.
  7. Major Nelson is claiming Microsoft will be doing something that's never been done before at E3. Makes me wonder about simultaneous online demos for XB1 owners whilst press play the titles on the show floor or something. Between that kind of hype and some major pre-E3 reveals I'm certainly getting the impression that Microsoft will deliver a focused and satisfying show. Let's face it, they can't afford not to.
  8. It's clever that the last image shows you can log into LCVG and read Whooter's posts.
  9. It's shots like that though, and a great many others in the film, along with the restrained build up to the biggest moments, that really elevate it well above the level of mediocrity to me though. It's a rare summer beast this day in age where such thought has been put into some of the films most iconic moments and for the viewer to be left walking away remembering individual shots. I'm a lot more defensive of the human element than most. It's true that in a movie like Jurassic Park, amongst the monster chaos, you have a great verity of personalities thrown together which made their predicamen
  10. Lost about 3lbs since doing the Yoga it would seem. Definitely feels like it's going to help me reach the ideal weight I've strived for but in the past got close and yet so far to reaching. I'm moving things up to Yoga sessions of five times a week now. Again it is amazing how you feel the difference and notice how you're stretching that little bit further than the previous week. It's so encouraging. Diet wise I am pretty much keeping things gluten free for the most part. I'm not gluten intolerant I don't think, so I cut it out maybe 90% - I will treat myself now and again just as a might with
  11. Can he throw Robin down there as well? Loved Oberyn and Arya in this episode. Also...
  12. Haha. Good times. Would really take an exceptional co-op experience like that to bring me back to multiplayer gaming again (though I am looking forward to drive club, there is something unique about a truly solid FPS co-op experience).
  13. Bah. Lost a close game as the Yankees vs the Dodgers. Damn that Mattingly and his sideburns. No matter how hard I try the ball seems to fly in whatever direction it damn well pleases.
  14. I'm interested in that, especially for another Darren Korb soundtrack.
  15. The movie appears to be on course for something close to $100m opening weekend in the US alone. Worldwide figures should be fantastic.
  16. Ahh I've fond memories of those Halo 3 co-op sessions with you chaps. That remains the best co-op experience I've ever played in a game actually. Great stuff. There's certainly more going for the prospect of an HD Halo collection than a mere Halo 2 Anniversary release I must say. It's perhaps something of a pity for Microsoft to hedge their bets on the Chief both this winter and next though. It would be very interesting if this alleged collection also made it to PC.
  17. I'm not particularly squeamish but my goodness, even to those wise to what was coming that episode was a real test of my endurance. Spectacularly gruesome stuff. I bloody love this programme.
  18. Lucas, as he seemed with many things, was quite contradictory about releasing the originals again. The most pressing interview with him about it that I recall from several years ago was that it just didn't mean enough to him to spend his money on, so out came the half arsed laserdisc rips on DVD. They Harmy de-specialised editions are remarkably good efforts, but will never be any match for a full on digital 4k or 6k restoration. I honestly don't believe that the elements removed from the films in 97 no longer exist or that they've been left to rot. By the power of Greyskull I've found th
  19. The Wind Rises - What Miyazaki has claimed will be his final film is another beautifully captivating piece of work. Perhaps not his best, but nevertheless extremely engaging and heartfelt. Thankfully it was easy to find an original language/subtitled screening. I really do miss classical animation.
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