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  1. I wish Cmdr accounts were multi-platform as I'm going to have to start all over again when I properly dive back in on console.
  2. We forgot about this game from Keighley's Xbox pre-show. I thought it looked really nice. So far it's only been announced for SeriesX, XB1 and PC (steam).
  3. I'm still very interested in trying this. Of all the games I have missed out on since parting with the PS4 this might be the one I'm sad I did not get to support with a purchase, because as I've written before, if nothing else I love that it exists. I need to get a lot better at time management if I am to play something like this though, or get back into games like Elite and Planet Coaster. My personal interest is still a desire to try and make animated short films within Dreams, which is absolutely possible, though I am not sure if you can export footage into dedicated third party editing and vfx software on a computer to polish things up further. It will be interesting to see if this gets any kind of PS5 enhancement. You'd think that it's a title they're really like to ensure carries over nicely into the next gen.
  4. I didn't know Moon had fixed a lot of Will of the Wisps problems on the X (mentioned by John in the DF video). That's good news. It's often so difficult to track these things, or which third party titles run best on what console in the medium to long term, because after the initial examination videos we don't always see them go back to provide updates on what's changed (which is not a complaint about DF. It'd be a lot of work to do that, but I wish there was a written resource that keeps track of these things. I'm not aware of anything).
  5. Just as I'm about to head to bed... The nerdy bastards. Will catch up in the morning (it's an hour long).
  6. I agree! It shows a lot of promise. Again, I hope this is where Bloober really get to prove themselves. I like the music there a lot too.
  7. Ah I miss this game and surprises like that.
  8. "LOOOOK AT THAT! That is a big old doggie! Big old doggie hold a tree in its tail. Yes he does!" That was very similar to my response on seeing that creature for the first time.
  9. Like Sony and Microsoft, the pandemic has really messed up Nintendo's plans both from a marketing and development perspective, so we've had all these mini Directs spread out over several months drip feeding us little bits of information. I'm hoping we'll get a bigger one soon because the slate for the second half of the year is empty so far. I'd love to know what their show floor game was supposed to have been at E3 (Paper Mario would most likely been left for the Treehouse). We should definitely get something soon. I really hope we get a Direct in August. Metroid could be next year, but I'm thinking early 2022 may be more likely. It was only in January of last year that Nintendo announced development had been scrapped and Retro had come on board as the new studio to lead the project. I very much doubt Bayonetta 3 will surface this year. It would be a crazy surprise as we've still not seen a frame of gameplay.
  10. Yesterday's new trailer: I really love the visual style and the lighting for this game.
  11. I've probably rewatched the new trailer the most out of everything shown yesterday (I'm obsessed with the cute giant moustachioed beaver dog thing that brings down the tree with his tail). I was thinking that if it's online in the sense that Journey is online, it could be a rather beautiful experience. Like, if it wasn't possible to harm other players in any way, and if you wanted to go it alone you absolutely could, that would be something I could get behind. Likewise, as with Journey, no voice chat or user ID's above players heads would be lovely, and there only being limited means of communication like sounds or gestures. I'm probably setting myself up for disappointment, but hopefully not. If they can think up gameplay that's as engaging and beautiful as the art direction then this could be special. It's been so long since I loved a Rare game.
  12. Tech Writer/Editor at Windows Central/Windows Central Gaming for whatever it's worth:
  13. What happens if you've bought a game like an earlier Forza instalment that's been delisted from the store, but you haven't got it downloaded onto your console's local storage. Are you out of luck at that point, or will it always be downloadable for you via your list of purchased games?
  14. I really think coming in with the lower price on the SeriesX is the only way they can turn a lot of heads on the hardware at this point, given the way they undersold it yesterday, but then Spencer's said that given COVID economical factors they're not hugely focused on sales in the short term, so I'm still juggling with that incentives they might have to come in with a surprising price when they're becoming so service based anyway. This could well be the last Xbox console we see before the brand shifts itself to the cloud.
  15. It's interesting. I'm not a Netflix person at all. It has no long term value to me, so I will subscribe for a month off an on when I please if there's some Netflix exclusive content that I am interested in watching, then let the subscription lapse until the next time. I''l typically just sub for one month in the year. Like you, with movies I just know what I am interested in watching. It's never a matter of searching for a film for want of a distraction for me. With games though, it's precisely the simplistic want of a distraction, with the matter of who made a game and whether it's exclusive or not, being far less of a deciding factor for me anymore (the value I get from Nintendo being an exception).
  16. I've said as much before, but Game Pass just seems tailor made for me. I don't invest in gaming like I used to, it's simply not where I prioritise disposable income (it never was in fairness, that's always gone on movies and books first and foremost, but it's been particularly true over the past decade). Still, I'm keen to have more games to play. I really don't even think of things in terms of "do I want those Playstation exclusives to play, or do I want those Xbox exclusives, or third party titles" anymore. Just give me some good games, the more colourful, fantastical and downright gamey the better. Having deliberately parted with the ability to play some major end of generation PS4 exclusives that I had, and still have, an interest in playing, something happened that I was not expecting. I thought distancing myself from such things, and deferring them to play via backwards compatibility on a PS5 someday, would only enhance my anticipation and desire to play them. The reality is that fifteen month passage of time has only served to show how little any of it really matters to me. I don't honestly care whether it's another two months, two years, whatever, before I play something like The Last of Us II. If there's opportunity to simply play more games, to happily distract myself for as long as I need the distraction, and for a negligible outlay (because I already have enough expensive hobbies), then it feels like a safe space to hang my gaming hat these days. I'm looking at the list of current titles on Game Pass at the time of writing and, even if I ignore first party games, there are at least a dozen or so that I can name that would have been (and indeed once were when I had my PS4/XB1) on a list of titles I'd have been interested in buying. Then there's a handful more that I either have a passing interest in, or am willing to take a chance on because... why not?
  17. I think I'd feel exactly the same. I'm not expecting Nintendo to throw us that kind of curveball, but I am still wary of a slim possibility. I think Zelda will be Spring at the earliest though, probably late 2021 in all likelihood as I would expect some kind of Zelda compilation, and/or the port of the Wind Waker remaster or something beforehand. I also think COVID-19 has been particularly tough on Nintendo development as business life in Japan does not seem well suited for adapting to work from home. I could still go another year with just my Switch to be honest, but I feel ready to partner it with another system and broaden my choice of games again. I hope we get confirmation on a Mario collection soon. I'm holding off on Paper Mario for now as if I get that, and then the 3D Collection becomes a reality, that's going to be an awful lot of Mario virtually back to back for me. Much as I love the little guy, I'd like to space things out a little, even though I respect the fact that Paper Mario's gameplay style and writing style are unique. In the meantime I just need to clear a few more games from my backlog and SD card before I start buying anything else, and certainly before I entertaining buying one of the next-gen consoles.
  18. Holiday 2022 probably. It's usually a minimum of two years after the debut of an all CG teaser for a lot of big games isn't it?
  19. Zelda's 35th Anniversary is in 2021, so I am expecting the BOTW sequel to come as part of that celebration next year. Assuming it's real, my expectation is the Mario 3D collection for the holidays this year, and that's it. I'd be OK with that, though if they also want to surprise us with a new Pikmin game I'd take that too.
  20. They are indeed on sale here, but without active Gold or Game Pass subs right now I can't really take advantage (I could maybe grab a £1 Gold trial, but money's tight this month to buy anything on sale really). I suspect the same offers will resurface in the end of year sale (hope so anyway).
  21. Seem to recall some quips last night that the opening Halo cinematic was reminiscent of Westworld.... well funnily enough it was done by the team who did the Westworld opening titles as part of Infinite's ad campaign. https://www.adweek.com/creativity/inside-the-cinematic-incredibly-detailed-rebirth-of-halo-marketing/
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