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  1. I'm saving a proper viewing of it until we're closer to Christmas but Trading Places looks really nice from the quick look I took at it. Puzzling why it's not received a disc release alongside Beverly Hills Cop and Coming to America though. There's still no 4k Disney on iTunes in the UK. I've seen some speculation that titles going 4k in the US pretty much a year after the launch of Disney+ might not be a coincidence, which could mean those titles for 4k on UK iTunes in March/April. Hopefully that's what happens. I've heard that Roger Rabbit, Black Cauldron and other 4k Dis
  2. I really loved how you have to document the Snax, and regularly refer to the notes about their likes, dislikes and behaviour in order to catch them or to use one bug to help you catch another bug (for example, I couldn't figure out the mosquito bugs initially, but then a thought occurred to me to get them to feed off of another nearby bug and sure enough...).
  3. He was only trying to tell the family that the neighbour's house was on fire. No big deal.
  4. Believe it or not I haven't had the opportunity to play any of their games since the PC release of Max Payne.
  5. That's great. It will be really interesting to see what the SeriesX/PS5 versions add next year.
  6. That's definitely got a lot of what I was hoping to hear. It's still not something I want to play until the next-gen version rolls out however (I just want my first dive into that world to have all the bells and whistles).
  7. Well in the end this did indeed lead me all the way to acquiring an unanticipated Platinum! There was a point where I thought it might be starting to lose me a little, and I began to wonder how much I had ahead of me and whether it was at risk of becoming a repetitive slog, but when I started actually examining my progress I realised just how skilful the game is at guiding you to gain many of its achievements naturally. Catching all 100 snax for example is not as tedious as it sounds, especially if you do the side missions as you'll simply encounter many of the bugs on your travel
  8. Yes HBO Max does not exist internationally, so I suspect Warner are more confident of things being better in Europe, Asia...etc next year (though I could see them still sending stuff to iTunes at a premium alongside theatrical or shortly thereafter).
  9. The (free) next-gen update is rolling out now. SeriesX gameplay:
  10. I'm debating over how much trophy hunting to do with this one. I'm far enough along with side quests to want to finish those up, and I have also reached the point of no return on the story missions, so I think it's going to end up being a situation where the only thing standing between me and a platinum is catching every damn Bugsnack (I have 70% so far).
  11. I know next to nothing about it. Have barely seen any footage of it in action, or know anything about the story. I'm certainly looking forward to playing it once the PS5 version is released.
  12. Tempting, but a fantastic 2hr deluxe edition was released to streaming/FLAC recently. It's such a great score.
  13. I would not have expected anything other than the standard version of the game to be honest. Remember the next-gen update is limited only to the Ultimate Edition of the game (for.... reasons 🤷‍♂️), and it's highly irregular for anything that makes it onto Game Pass to include DLC content. That doesn't even happen for first party titles.
  14. Perfectly put. I tried the image file transfer myself and thought "that's definitely a Nintendo way of doing things." I appreciate any alternative to the social media options that existed before though as I'd hoped for a better way to transfer images to my mobile devices (a chunk of my SD card is probably Animal Crossing screenshots at this point).
  15. These feckless twerps make it so difficult for me to feel at ease talking about how much I love games.
  16. So do we know yet if Rage 2 and Doom Eternal will be permanent fixtures to the Library? Seems like even if we assume they'd be there for 10-12 months the ink will have by then dried on the MS/Bethesda deal to keep them there forever.
  17. The Switch just got a surprising system update with new features including now being able to send screenshots directly to your computer or mobile device, and bypass the social media link up requirements that previously existed: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/News/2020/December/Nifty-new-features-have-arrived-with-the-latest-Nintendo-Switch-system-update--1886319.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=NintendoSwitch|SystemUpdateOutNow|o1|m_id_ksjb2a83udm|1886319|w49
  18. LOVE that Captain Toad is part of the Yoshi ride. I liked Alicia's previous video on the land that took a look at hints that there may be Pikmin hidden around the land. I really hope so.
  19. You're all lucky I deleted the game off of the SSD already... and that I'm naturally bad at games, so any high ranking on a leaderboard is pure dumb luck.
  20. Bugs the hell out of me. Really devalues himself as a professional in my opinion, which is a shame as he is probably the most knowledgable calibrator working in the UK.
  21. Looks stunning. Really is the anthesis of Star Wars Land (which is not a knock at SW land. You can only do so much if you choose to design a land around a series about a galaxy existing under under the iron fist of a fascist regime).
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