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  1. Here's Josh D'Amaro confirming the pay to ride option for Rise of the Resistance on top of the virtual queue. "...there are some attractions that use the Lightning Lane queue—which you can purchase individually—which is the ultimate in flexibility. Think about Rise of the Resistance as an example. It’s a highly demanded attraction. Guests show up in the morning and they try to get into the virtual queue. We get as many people on there as we can, but inevitably someone is disappointed. Now there’s another option on top of the virtual queue so if Rise of the Resistance is the reason you’re at Disneyland or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there may be an option for you to purchase Rise of the Resistance. So again: flexibility, optionality, better guest experience overall" https://d23.com/exclusive-disney-parks-experiences-and-products-chairman-josh-damaro-details-what-guests-can-expect-from-disney-genie/ Len Testa has already said he'd been hearing Disney were throwing around figures like $50 for that attraction, so it will be interesting to see what it actually turns out to be. The Virtual Queue concept seems good on paper but broken in practice as it's effectively a lottery system. That sounds like a miserable task and unless that improves I could genuinely see people breaking down to pay a premium to get a chance to ride (I'm sure Disney know that too). The question then becomes, just how much of capacity are they looking to allocate to Lightning Lane Selections as there's only going to be x amount of slots up for sale on any given day, and those pay per ride slots will also be reducing the number of available places to those trying to get on via the Virtual Queue. Also factor in that Virtual Queue slots and Lightning Lane Selection slots become available at 7am so the scramble to get on the bloody ride is likely to remain, and perhaps even become more competitive than it already is. Also, Rise remains quite unreliable, so what happens if you paid and it breaks down?
  2. Kino recently announced Mystery Men as a Blu-ray (from a new 4k scan), but have now revealed their release has been upgraded to an actual UHD release. It's another Universal licence for them. I wonder what changed their original plan as it's not exactly a film with any kind of esteemed, or even highly cult following. I actually have a bit of a soft spot for that movie though, mostly for Greg Kinnear's Captain Amazing. Geoffrey Rush hamming it up is great too.
  3. So the one added perk for resort guests (at any tier of hotel) is that you get 7am booking access for Lightning Lane Selections, while outsiders are left waiting until they can get on property closer to park opening. I'm still not sure that's a good enough incentive to stay at a Disney hotel vs staying off site, making significant savings and budging a fraction of those savings to go towards some FastPass purchases (particularly if you are a family on a tighter budget). I really want to see just how high those Tier 1 access premiums could stretch to on the busiest days. It's good that they've already flagged that rides like Thunder Mountain and the Haunted Mansion will fall into Tier 2 as the classics are typically more efficient at churning through guests. If, and it's a BIG "if," all this does somehow manage to reduce standby times, and allow visitors to be more spontaneous about what they can ride and when, then I would consider that a plus as it would benefit those opting not to pay any of the upcharges.... but it's the fact it would benefit those not wanting to pay any upcharges that leaves me skeptical however. It's good that they pulled any plan to copy Paris' return standby pass system at least. I think that would have been a colossal mess at the US parks (and frankly I'm not convinced it will stick around in Paris either). I wonder if they will offer any option to get a minor discount on Genie+ if you book it with your holiday through Disney. Say you book a seven night stay, and the booking page gave you the option to commit to applying Genie+ to your park tickets for every day of your stay and give you 5% off or something. I could see that happening as it'd be a sure fire way to encourage guests to lock themselves in to Genie+. Am I understanding it correctly that you don't have to have paid the $15 Genie+ fee to access the option for the Lightning Lane Selection premiums? I genuinely thought they'd be so greedy as to lock you into that $15 before you're granted the opportunity ("wish") to pay even more to skip a queue on a biggie like Flight of Passage. So that's.... good?... I guess. That's honestly what I dislike about the concept. Perhaps it will be genuinely helpful for some, but absolutely the main reason this even exists is to have algorithms on the back end monitoring your spending habits and perhaps even being able to monitor whether you're particularly drawn to one specific franchise or character more than others. They've been accumulating that kind of data through MagicBands and their apps for years already, and now they can weaponise it. Many people took Chapek's gleeful comment about there being "substantial commercial opportunities for us (Disney and shareholders)" re: Genie in the earnings call the other day as being a direct reference to paid FastPass, but I took it to be hint of all the other Genie related revenue opportunities that they've conceived. It's kind of twisted that the whole thing is named after an enslaved character. What I also dislike about the concept is, assuming the whole Genie system is stable and works for so many thousands of guests flowing through the parks daily, it runs risk of encouraging people to spend more time looking at their phones rather than soaking up the atmosphere and appreciating the details of things around them, not to mention that it's putting more demand on your phone's battery (which is already exacerbated by the Florida and California heat). Did they start charging for fuel rod batteries replacements on site yet? If not, I dare say it won't be long until they do. It's especially bad for international guests too since data plans don't typically carry over when travelling to other countries, so there's potentially added costs there short of relying on Disney's wifi which I can't imagine is particularly responsive or reliable when you need it to be. Of course, we look at this from the point of view of those who know a lot about the rides and the parks. We're oddballs. If Genie lets a family of first time visitors answer questions about what kind of rides they like, gentle rides, thrill rides...etc, and even what kind of food they like, and tailored a plan of recommendations for them, then (again if it works) I could see the benefit.
  4. Repeating myself after the debut reveal of this earlier in the year, but this really does look like the most interesting thing Disney has done with Star Wars since they came to own it.
  5. Absolute fire from Universal Orlando's official Twitter following the announcement that The NBA Experience at Disney Springs will be not re-open:
  6. Well if we're extending things to commercials, then the Rik Mayall Nintendo ads from the 90s are very dear to me: And this SEGA Megadrive ad: Playstation's UK commercials: And David Lynch's UK PS2 commercial:
  7. Paramount have formally announced The Addams Family for November 9th: Special Features: EXTENDED CUT OF THE FILM with an extended version of the dance number THEATRICAL VERSION OF THE FILM NEW Introduction to "More Mamushka!" version by director Barry Sonnenfeld NEW Filmmaker Focus: Barry Sonnenfeld on The Addams Family Archival Featurette That's great to see it include both the theatrical and new extended cut. I really hope they do Values next year.
  8. UK only yes. The bonus discs are the soundtrack and a 1080p disc of the 2011 movie though, so there's nothing exclusive of any significance that can't be had elsewhere. What really interested me was that they designed the set to match the Studio Canal wave of John Carpenter sets that were released here, despite the fact this isn't a Studio Canal release but Universal. It's so rare to see one studio be so thoughtful of another studio and collectors and look to make something match in that way (Warner Bros are selling it on their web store because they distribute Universal's discs in Europe now). Universal even hired the same artist who did the cover designs of Studio Canal's sets from 2018. I'm curious to see what they do with A Hard Day's Night as the Japanese UHD is SDR, so someone's either got to pay up for some extra work for the HDR or their release is going to end up being SDR as well. If they still have the UK rights I'd really love Second Sight to do their own release of that here (they did the old UK Blu-ray) as it'd be interesting to see what they'd do. With Criterion now on board I'd actually love it if it did push Second Sight to do UK upgrades for Walkabout and A Hard Day's Night actually.
  9. Criterion's release of Mulholland Drive will be available on November 16th, with Citizen Kane and Menace II Society following on November 23rd. All three will feature Dolby Vision HDR. In the 4K UHD edition: New 4K digital restoration, supervised by director David Lynch and director of photography Peter Deming, with 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack (4K UHD disc only) In the 4K UHD edition: One 4K UHD disc of the film presented in Dolby Vision HDR and one Blu-ray with the film and special features On the Blu-ray and DVD: Restored 4K digital transfer, supervised by Director David Lynch and director of photography Peter Deming, with 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack on the Blu-ray Interviews from 2015 with Lynch; Deming; actors Naomi Watts, Justin Theroux, and Laura Harring; composer Angelo Badalamenti; production designer Jack Fisk; and casting director Johanna Ray On-set footage Deleted scene Trailer English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing PLUS: A booklet featuring an interview with Lynch from the 2005 edition of filmmaker and writer Chris Rodley’s book Lynch on Lynch MSRP: $49.95 New 4K digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack In the 4K UHD edition: One 4K UHD disc of the film presented in Dolby Vision HDR and three Blu-rays with the film and special features Three audio commentaries: from 2021 featuring Orson Welles scholars James Naremore and Jonathan Rosenbaum; from 2002 featuring filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich; and from 2002 featuring film critic Roger Ebert The Complete “Citizen Kane,” (1991), a rarely seen feature-length BBC documentary New interviews with critic Farran Smith Nehme and film scholar Racquel J. Gates New video essay by Orson Welles scholar Robert Carringer New program on the film’s special effects by film scholars and effects experts Craig Barron and Ben Burtt Interviews from 1990 with editor Robert Wise; actor Ruth Warrick; optical-effects designer Linwood Dunn; Bogdanovich; filmmakers Martin Scorsese, Henry Jaglom, Martin Ritt, and Frank Marshall; and cinematographers Allen Daviau, Gary Graver, and Vilmos Zsigmond New documentary featuring archival interviews with Welles Interviews with actor Joseph Cotten from 1966 and 1975 The Hearts of Age, a brief silent film made by Welles as a student in 1934 Television programs from 1979 and 1988 featuring appearances by Welles and Mercury Theatre producer John Houseman Program featuring a 1996 interview with actor William Alland on his collaborations with Welles Selection of The Mercury Theatre on the Air radio plays featuring many of the actors from Citizen Kane Trailer English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing PLUS: Deluxe packaging, including a book with an essay by film critic Bilge Ebiri MSRP: $59.95 👀 New 4K digital restoration of the directors’ cut of the film, supervised by cinematographer Lisa Rinzler and codirector Albert Hughes, with 7.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack In the 4K UHD edition: One 4K UHD disc of the film presented in Dolby Vision HDR and one Blu-ray with the film and special features Original 2.0 surround soundtrack, presented in DTS-HD Master Audio Two audio commentaries from 1993 featuring directors Albert and Allen Hughes Gangsta Vision, a 2009 featurette on the making of the film New conversation among Albert Hughes, screenwriter Tyger Williams, and film critic Elvis Mitchell New conversation among Allen Hughes, actor and filmmaker Bill Duke, and Mitchell Interview from 1993 with the directors Deleted scenes Film-to-storyboard comparison Trailer English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing PLUS: An essay by film critic Craig D. Lindsey MSRP: $49.95 If Fidelity in Motion do the encode for Studio Canal's UK/EU release of Mulholland Drive then I'll opt for that version. It hasn't been formally announced yet. Interesting that The Battle Over Citizen Kane documentary hasn't been licensed by Criterion as that's been a fixture of every release since DVD. I'lll hold on to my old Warner Blu-ray release in which case as that included a DVD of the documentary. It's possible they opted not to include it as there may be too much crossover with the BBC documentary (I can't recall whether I've seen that or not).
  10. I can't leave those out. Always thought it was wild how the debut Last Guardian trailer used the theme from Miller's Crossing of all things.
  11. This was nice to revisit. I remember how much I loved this trailer when it first shown: That game still possesses one of the best video game music scores I've ever heard.
  12. They're unlikely to rank as the "greatest" as I suspect most people have forgotten all about them, but the absurdly expensive cinematic story trailers for Star Wars The Old Republic are still quite striking to watch: And the Wipeout 2048 intro cinematic which was also a trailer at one point:
  13. God. It really is as if anything nice in gaming can't be free from being slathered in dogshit these days, isn't it?
  14. Is this a good trailer? I don't know. It was on an old Playstation Magazine demo disc and it left me seriously hyped though. This one was absolutely electric. There are clean versions on Youtube, but it's this one with the E3 crowd reaction that makes me smile the most.
  15. How the hell did I miss the Amiga 500 Mini announcement last week? Included games: Alien Breed 3D Alien Breed SE'92 Arcade Pool Another World ATR: All-terrain Racing Battle Chess Cadaver Cannon Fodder Gods Kick Off 2 Mego lo Mania Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight Pinball Dreams Project-X SE'93 Qwak Simon the Sorcerer Slam-Tilt Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Super Cars II SuperFrog Super Stardust The Chaos Engine Worms: The Director's Cut Zool: Ninja Of The 'nth Dimension That's a really good lineup. Shame Sensible Soccer couldn't make it on there, and Batman was always going to be even more of an unrealistic expectation, but if you should be able to add those via.... options (it was possible on the C64 Mini I believe, which was also made by Retro Games). It'd be good to throw Elite, Populous, Ghostbusters II, Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2 on there as well.
  16. I've seen the Panasonic 820 hard modded for region free BD support. Took a long time to hack the Panasonic players but someone finally managed it. If you can find anywhere doing that in the US then that's the best bet really, or failing that you should be able to find the Sony players modded for region free BD support too.
  17. I'm in a weirdly random mood to play Skyrim on Game Pass. Just thought I'd share that with you all.
  18. They do in London, as well as ex-display items, but even then it's not like they price stuff competitively. The 24-90 is a beast. Beautiful lens. I'd like to check out their new 24-70SL lens though I dare not (it's very reasonably priced too. Same price as Canon's RF 24-70), though there seems to be some indication it's a re-badged Sigma lens which is VERY interesting.
  19. Dangerous for the wallet too. I'll do everything I can to stay away from the vicinity of the London store when the M11 surfaces in a few months. ☺️ Bug aside are you liking the CL? I'm surprised a CL2 hasn't surfaced yet.
  20. Those truly elaborate and imagineer driven deluxe hotels of the Eisner era are just so unique. Wilderness Lodge had not long been opened when I was last there in 94, but we took a drive over there to check it out and it really was quite something. We did ask about moving our stay there for the final few nights of the trip but they were completely booked. If there's any knock against it I suppose it's simply location. I just ran a hypothetical booking for next May into Disney's website and was kind of stunned to see Wilderness Lodge priced higher than the Grand Floridian (albeit not by much. £8582 for 14 nights against £8372 at the Grand. Both prices absurd short of having money to burn, obviously. Interestingly it flips when I change dates to the end of August 2022 and the Grand comes in at £8624 with Wilderness Lodge trailing close behind at £8400). I've only done two deluxe resort stays. The most memorable one was The Yacht Club in 1990 or 1991. I love the entire build of the Yacht and Beach Club. Great pool, really relaxing atmosphere, good proximity to the Studios and Epcot, plus Beaches & Cream . It would be nice to think of staying at the Beach Club on a return, but I'd still be looking at what is, right now, a mind boggling £7500 for fourteen nights. I actually uncovered some photos just recently that reminded me I had in fact stayed at The Contemporary, which I always had a vague memory of doing, but a photo showed me looking out from the balcony of a room in one of the Garden wings which possibly explains why I don't remember it as vividly, even though I remember dinning in the main building several times (but I could never remember if that was because we stayed there or whether we just liked visiting because my dad and I loved the building so much). We definitely weren't there for the full length of that year's trip though. I'd have liked to have stayed there again but I'm kind of astounded that they applied that tacky Incredibles overlay to every damn room in the hotel. I always figured they were only going to do that for a select few back when it was announced. Our only other on site visit was our last, in 94, which was at Port Orleans Riverside (as it is now known). That's out of the way for easy access to the parks too short of relying on the busses or driving, but questionable though the backstory of that resort was, it's beautifully landscaped and still looks to be one of the best moderates in that regard. I'd definitely want time to visit a lot of the classic deluxe hotels if I ever get back out there, even if I don't get the chance to stay at one. When Chapek roars about making things "more Disney" he sees nothing more in the company beyond its character IP, failing to recognise things like Disney and Imagineering's once great grasp of architecture as one of their great strengths. Iger lacked that boldness of vision and genuine passion for design too. That's why I get a little frustrated when people relentlessly dig at Eisner. Yes, things fell apart when he didn't have Wells to lean on, but nevertheless, as CEO I saw and still see a man who had sincere interest and fascination in what Imagineering was capable of, and he pushed them to explore things they hadn't done in a way his successors have failed to do since. Joe Rhode's been sharing so much on Instagram lately, specifically about what makes an environment, and spaces within that environment, how it affects visitors on a psychological level...etc It's no wonder he decided to quit this year when you see him writing so passionately about such subjects that no longer seem compatible with Imagineering/Disney.
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