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  1. Announced today, DUHD on line 2 (February) of the list above turns out to be Argento/Bava's Demons 1&2 (UK only) It's good to see they're not shy about doing some real cult titles in UHD.
  2. That was fun. I liked the planet. Some nice world/galaxy building.
  3. Some more backward compatibility evaluations: I still want to get Ace Combat. It's in the current sale, but only the standard edition. I've read that some of the season pass missions are worth having so the deluxe edition seems to be the better one to buy (it's been £20.99 in previous sales). Shame its resolution was always capped at 1080 though, but good to see it locked to 60 now which brings it up to performance parity with the XB1X version, and you get the benefit of the VR stuff on the Playstation.
  4. We're going to need a cypher to work out what's coming from Arrow in 2021: One of the DUHD's is surely Dune. BRUHD might be Battle Royale. I've long expected Arrow to revisit that. WWS on line 5 (May) is not Wolf of Wall Street according to the replies. I'm not sure if the list is just Arrow Video 2021 titles or both Arrow Video and Arrow Academy releases for next year.
  5. I wouldn't say my drive is distractingly noisy, but it is certainly obvious when installing and then later at random points during gameplay when it needs to briefly spin up in order to verify that a disc is still present.
  6. Amazon have been price matching Argos on some game deals in the UK. £24.99 for Last of Us 2, £13.99 for Death Stranding and others. I'm wary of buying either right now until we know whether they will get PS5 upgrades/unique releases.
  7. Was hoping there'd be some added deals on PSN credit but sadly not. ShopTo are still running their PSN credit discounts that have been on sale for the last couple of months, although I think they've increased their prices a little.
  8. I was surprised myself. My first attempt was 1min 17 or thereabouts. I got very lucky on my timing on my final run once I knew the layout of the course.
  9. How much work would it actually take for them to just let all copies of something like that and Last Guardian run at 60 with a patch?
  10. The PS5 version at least got the the new lighting for the next-gen consoles as noted in the patch, but I see where you're coming from as far as anything else is concerned. I was actually thinking less about the fact Series X has 120hz and more that XB1X and SeriesX run it at native 4k and what it would take to bump that up on the PS5 (not that it doesn't look lovely as it is having tried it last week). The "improved visual quality" for PS5 alongside the lighting note is pretty vague.
  11. It's curious why they can't bring the PS5 version up to parity with the Series X.
  12. Fellowship of the Ring's green tint from the Blu-ray is seemingly no more.
  13. 3.0 patch seems to be rolling out today: General Added Fostar Haven as a map to Dogfight and Fleet Battles (Solo/Co-Op vs AI and PvP) Added next gen improvements The game now supports up to 120FPS and up to 4K on Xbox Series X|S Added an option for players on the Xbox Series X|S to prioritize enhanced visuals or enhanced performance Improved visual quality and lighting on PS5 Variable frame rate support added for TVs and monitors that allow it Fixed an issue where the game could crash while changing loadouts
  14. I think, having also bought Dreams, the only other sale title I am going to get is Control and put it to one side until the PS5 patch is available. I'm curious too see what ends up in the December/Christmas sale as a lot of the year's big titles are in the Black Friday offer.
  15. Damn. I knew I was bad at games but it turns out I'm bad at consoles too! Anyway, Speed run done. That's everything.
  16. I think your best bet is to do what I'm planning. Since like me you also own Hitman, wait for the Gold edition of II to be on sale again around the time you expect III to get a discount, then you've got all the missions enhanced under one roof to play through. It doesn't make sense for me to grab II right now when I'm unlikely to have the funds to buy III on release.
  17. I just have the speed run trophy to get and then I'll have the Platinum. You definitely need a guide to find out what some of the obscure hidden trophies are.
  18. I'm tempted to grab Hitman II Gold Edition in the PSN sale right now and put it to one side, but given I am not sure how soon I will buy III I can probably leave it until a time when I can get both II and III at a discount.
  19. Latest firmware update released today reports to fix the controller USB charging bug. I'll try it later and see for myself. This system software update improves system performance. An issue where installed disc versions of games were sometimes deleted was resolved. An issue that prevented the PS5 wireless controller from being charged while in rest mode when connected to the PS5's front side USB Type-A port using the USB cable included with some PS5 consoles was resolved. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/hardware/ps5/system-software/
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