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  1. Maybe fast recharging for the new model? Like it charges while you take a shower or something?
  2. Thinking about getting my son a MacBook Air for high school. I know that if I were getting a new Macbook, I wouldn't get less than 512GB storage... But does a high school student need much storage? I can get the base with 128GB storage for $999 with education pricing. Alternatively, I could hand down my 2016 MacBook Pro and get myself a new one, but that would certainly cost more...
  3. I've wondered this as well. Also - as she was growing up, was she wondering why that creepy old guy was always winking at her?
  4. So... What timeline will the upcoming Spider-man movie take place in? Based on the trailers, I did not notice all of the characters looking 5 years older. I would think we would notice a 5-year time jump for characters who were originally in high school...
  5. I had a really good experience with Apple support this past week. I made an appointment at the Apple Store for last Thursday because some of the keys on my late 2016 MacBook Pro were either sticking or repeating when I typed. I hated to turn in my laptop for repair, as I use it all the time. They took my Mac at about 2 pm and Thursday, it was shipped to Apple, repaired on Friday, and back to the Apple Store by Saturday morning. Fast turnaround!! Because of the modular design of the laptop, the keyboard, trackpad, and battery were all replaced. I'm pretty sure it is now the 2017 model's keyboard, and you can never do wrong with a new battery!
  6. I'd love it, but I wonder how much the average movie goer knows about Batman Beyond. Granted, not a lot probably know about the Spider-verse, and that movie was great.
  7. I liked Into Darkness for the "throwbacks" it gave to Wrath of Khan the first time I saw it, but I don't think it holds up well on repeat viewings. That and the fact that the whole Khan's blood thing seemed like lazy writing. I'm a bit concerned over the lack of movement on a sequel as far as what it means for the future of the movie franchise... but I guess we'll see.
  8. Yeah - I thought season 3 was great, but the finale left me a little meh. I hope we don't have to wait so long for season 4.
  9. I also wonder if this means anything for Daredevil or Jessica Jones. I've liked both of those series.
  10. No - I kind of agree with you. I had no real interest in seeing or owning Hermione and the Buffalo. On the other hand, Beauty and the Beast was never one of my favorite Disney movies. I liked Aladdin, but I'm still not crazy about the live action remakes. We'll see. Maybe the kids will want to see it and I'll like it.
  11. Please, please, please do a PROPER Atmos track on this Disney....... It really is only worth buying if the Atmos track is decent.
  12. I could maybe understand people being hopeful that some other game studio would pick up the rights and finish it, but expecting out of work developers to finish it for free. WTF??
  13. Dims the lights and turns on Barry White?
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