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  1. If anyone sees any great deals for external SSD for Black Friday or Cyber Monday - shout it out.
  2. Over the past 4 months: Aug: 1289 GB - over the limit Sept: 1011 GB Oct: 1046 GB Nov: 1462 GB and counting - over the limit 1.2 TB (which is recently up from their cap of 1 TB) is ridiculous in the age of 4K streaming and game downloads. Even if you have to do an internet restore on a computer, you are going to likely be over the cap with the rest of your usage. Ugh.
  3. Honestly - I don't know how often I go over, but I was tired of worrying about it.
  4. I pay the extra $15 or whatever it is to have unlimited data. It sucks that I have to do that as their data cap is stupid, but that's where I'm at. You guys who have decent options outside of Comcast are lucky.
  5. Do I have to fire up the game on the PS4 to do this? My PS4 is not currently plugged in...
  6. Answered my own question: https://www.parallels.com/blogs/parallels-desktop-apple-silicon-mac/
  7. Things look impressive so far.... I got my 16" MacBook Pro just earlier this year, so I'm in no hurry to make a move. I switched from PC to Mac back when Apple went to Intel and we had the ability to dual-boot between Windows and Mac. I really don't use a lot of Windows programs anymore, but I still have Parallels on my computer and I like the ability to be able to run things when I want. I wonder if/when there will be virtualization software available for the Apple silicon Macs. On another note - I got the iPhone 12 Pro Max on Friday. So far - not sure how much of an advancement over the 11 Pro Max, but man - it is heavy in comparison!
  8. Stay well. The things I continue to hear from my wife regarding cases she is seeing still concern me.
  9. Yep - I also see people getting restless. Stores with full parking lots and neighborhoods parked up with visiting cars. Especially these gatherings are C-19 hot spots.
  10. Also know of at least a half dozen others (including family) who have had it, but recovered. So weird.
  11. My wife has at least 2 former colleagues who have died now, as well as 2 friends' parents.
  12. Not sure if anyone else has ever brought this up, but - have you ever been jealous of the beautiful scenic screensavers on the Apple TV and wondered why Apple never offered them on the Mac? Well - check out Aerial screensaver: Aerial It has lots of option available, including 4K videos, showing text of where it was filmed, and syncing with your time to switch day/night videos. I've liked it for a while and thought I would share.
  13. We were planning an extended family trip to Orlando in early July. With all the COVID-19 shutdowns and stuff, should I look to cancel now? Or wait and see a bit?
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